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Igor (執事 Shitsuji, "Butler") is a butler who works for Lucifer.




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Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle

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Igor appears on the TV

Igor knows mostly everything about blood; he is shown recounting many details about blood to Bulma. He was supposed to take blood from Bulma for the celebration after the Sleeping Princess awakened and the Sun was destroyed, but instead he was defeated by Yamcha, who kicked him after he attacked Bulma with a hatchet.


He is a relatively weak demon as he is easily defeated by Yamcha with a kick. However, he is still strong to lift a Giant Syringe and powerful enough to be a threat to a defenseless girl like Bulma when armed with a weapon.


  • Giant Syringe – Used to collect blood.
  • Hatchet – Used in an attempt to attack Yamcha.

Video Game Appearances

Igor made his video game debut as an NPC in the Story Event "Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle". Unlike Lucifer and Ghastel, he does not appear as a boss character and only appears as a story character.

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