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Idasa (イダーサ Idāsa) is Trunks' first opponent in the junior division of the World Martial Arts Tournament.


Idasa is a tall and thin boy with noticeable pecs and abs. He also has long blond hair with noticeable bangs and white skin. When he fought in the World Martial Arts Tournament, he was shirtless and wore brown pants. He also wore bandages around his forearm up to his fingers and also possessed bandages around his waist while also wearing a pair of black kung fu shoes.


Like his brother, Idasa is cocky and arrogant. He believes he is lucky for getting Trunks as an opponent and before their match insults Trunks by mockingly asking if he's wearing a diaper, though Trunks remains calm and similar retorts by insulting Idasa's hair which enraged Idasa. However Idasa does have enough self control to wait for his match with Trunks, though unfortunately Trunks does not waste time in kicking Idasa off his feet and kicks him into the air before sending him crashing into the ring knocking him out.

However he later gets revenge on Trunks by telling his mother where he lives which leads to her informing Babidi and the wizard threatening the entire population of West City.


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Trunks and Idasa prepare to fight

At fifteen years old, Idasa competed in the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament. He is very arrogant and first taunts Trunks with a missing punch, claiming that Trunks stood no chance at beating him which didn't concern Trunks. However, when in the ring, Trunks defeats Idasa with a sweep and a kick with barely any effort. When he loses to Trunks, his mother is as angry at him as she is at Trunks and she punishes him for losing.

Later, when Babidi is searching for Trunks, Goten, and Piccolo, Idasa tells his mother where Trunks lives and she immediately tells Babidi. Idasa is presumably killed by Super Buu's Human Extinction Attack and resurrected soon after by the Dragon Balls.

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  • Idasa's name is an anagram of the Japanese word "dasai" (ダサイ) meaning lame or out of fashion. According to Akira Toriyama, the name came about due to him thinking Idasa's hairstyle was uncool. This pun is carried over in the Viz translation of the manga, where his name is "Laem".
  • It is unclear if he like his mother was resurrected due to his role in informing Idasam of where Trunks lived which lead to her telling Babidi, endangering the lives of the residents of West City out of petty revenge on Trunks (and his mother). Like his mother, his resurrection would hinge on whether he was considered good enough by Porunga to be worthy of resurrection as per the criteria of the wish. It should also be noted that Idasa is a teenager, while his mother is a grown adult thus more aware of the consequences of her actions (which makes her more evil than either of her sons as she chose to inform Babidi despite knowing full well that she was putting a child like Trunks and his entire family in danger).


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