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This article is about the character. For the technique of the same name, see Icarus (Technique).

Icarus, known as Hire Dragon (ハイヤードラゴン Haiyā Doragon, lit. "Hire Dragon") in the original Japanese version and uncut Ocean dub of Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, is one of Gohan's closest non-humanoid friends.


A young lilac colored dragon. He has large innocent looking green eyes, a set of small wings that despite his overall size allow him to fly at fast speeds, and a set of protruding horns that come out the top of his head and also from the side of his face.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Garlic Jr. Saga[]


Icarus saves Gohan from the Black Water Mist

Icarus caught wind of the Black Water Mist's arrival and manages to find a cave and blocks the entrance to save Gohan from the Mist. Icarus later saves Maron after she is almost killed by the infected Bulma and Chi-Chi.

Trunks Saga[]

Dragon Ball Z Driving School 367

Icarus and Gohan watching Goku's driving lesson

Icarus later appears in the final episode of the saga (he does not appear again after this, possibly returning to the forest he came from).

Great Saiyaman Saga[]

When Goten is playing with a dinosaur, he says that the dinosaur reminds him of Icarus. This means Goten saw Icarus before.

Dragon Ball Super[]

Toyotaro Icarus Illustration

Illustration by Toyotaro of a grown Icarus and Gohan

In an illustration by Toyotarou, Gohan (in his Super Hero attire) is seen petting a grown Icarus. Toyotaro notes he hopes Icarus is alive and well on Mount Paozu.

Film Appearances[]

The Tree of Might[]

The Tree of Might - Gohan pets Icarus

Icarus lives in a forest near Goku's House. Icarus first meets Gohan when Gohan saves him from being smashed by a falling tree. Later, when Shenron is summoned to restore the forest back to normal, Icarus is scared and tries to attack him. Gohan stops him and Icarus lets go of his fear and becomes grateful when Shenron restores the forest.

Icarus follows Gohan home but the latter's mother Chi-Chi prevents this, to their sadness. However, Gohan's father Goku makes a home for Icarus in a nearby cave which allows the two to stay together as a grateful Icarus licks Goku who states it's no problem.

He also later calmed Gohan down even after being turned into his Great Ape form by Turles. Icarus is then blasted away by Turles, which infuriates Great Ape Gohan. After the battle is over, Icarus becomes a part of the group for the Z-warriors but hisses when Oolong tries to pet it.

Lord Slug[]


Icarus in Lord Slug

Icarus is dancing with Gohan while Piccolo was meditating at the beginning of the movie. He later went to the place where Lord Slug's Planet Cruiser was with Gohan and Oolong after Slug's wish for youth was granted.

Cooler's Revenge[]

It is shown Chi Chi came to terms with having Icarus around, though was worried Gohan would be distracted. Icarus along with the others were shocked when Goku ordered him to leave, so Gohan could focus.


Gohan riding Icarus in Cooler's Revenge

During the events of Cooler's invasion of Earth, Icarus went camping with Goku, Oolong and Gohan. When Cooler's Armored Squadron was picking on Gohan, he was ready to try and attack the force despite being of no match to them, with Oolong, who wants to flee as soon as possible, trying to get him away before Goku shows up. He also found Goku and Gohan in a cave beyond some rubble that was caused by the Armored Squadron bombarding the general vicinity with Full Power Energy Barrage Waves in order to ensure Goku is dead, and alerted Oolong and Krillin who were searching for them while hiding from the Armored Squadron. Icarus later helps Gohan bring Senzu Beans from Korin Tower which Goku needed to survive after being hurt by Cooler's Darkness Eye Beam, flying high enough to prevent the Armored Squadron's scouters from detecting him. When returning, however, Icarus and Gohan were ambushed by Armored Squadron, with him being shot down by Salza's Finger Beam despite Gohan's attempts to defend him. He survives, however, and arrives at Goku's area after Cooler's seeming demise.

Icarus and the others were about to be attacked by Salza, who survived Goku's assault, only for him to be killed by Piccolo via shooting a Special Beam Cannon from far away.


  • Hikou - The ability to fly without the use of ki through the use of wings or special mechanisms.
  • Pure Heart - In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Icarus is stated to be a purehearted character in the description for the CC Mascot Icarus (Flying Nimbus Colors).

Video Game Appearances[]

VRVS - Gohan's Ending

Gohan riding Icarus in Gohan's ending in V.R.V.S.

In Budokai Tenkaichi 2's option menu, there is an image of Gohan riding on Icarus.

In Attack of the Saiyans, Icarus is featured as one of Gohan's moves. Icarus comes and heals Gohan and his allies, and then flies away.

Dokkan Battle Wings of Wonder Gohan (Kid) card (Story Event Lord Slug - Icarus & Kid Gohan)

Wings of Wonder Gohan (Kid) card featuring Icarus in Dokkan Battle

In Dokkan Battle, Gohan (Kid) riding Icarus appears as a character. The Wings of Wonder Gohan (Kid) card represents Gohan and Icarus from the Lord Slug film which can be unlocked through the "Lord Slug" Story Event, while Innocent Friendship Gohan (Kid) represents Gohan and Icarus from Cooler's Revenge. In battle, both versions of Gohan will ride on Icarus' back. In addition, a support item featuring Icarus is obtainable, reducing damage received from enemies for a few turns when activated.

"A small dragon who befriended a young Gohan in the forest. Though Chi-Chi opposed their friendship, she eventually allowed it. He likes to dance whenever someone whistles a tune."
Icarus CC Mascot Vote description in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Icarus was among several characters featured in the CC Mascot Conton City Vote beginning April 4, 2021, and ending April 30, 2021. Ultimately, Icarus won and was added to Xenoverse 2 during the Summer 2022.

Voice Actors[]


  • Icarus is the only character that Shenron ever attacks when he attacks Shenron out of fear in The Tree of Might.
    • While they are both dragons, Shenron and Icarus' designs differ as Icarus' design resembles European depictions of Dragons while Shenron resembles Chinese/East Asian depiction of dragons. Additionally, Shenron is an Eternal Dragon, a divine species of sentient wish granting dragon which is in sharp contrast to Icarus who is apparently an ordinary species of dragon native to Earth.
    • Interestingly enough, he shows the contrast of how dragons were perceived in different cultures; European dragons were typically depicted as evil, destructive, and even being Satanic, whereas Asian dragons were associated with wisdom, fortune, and even advice. However, Icarus never commits any malicious actions, and his only actual violent action was motivated more by self-defense. He also came very close to trying to recklessly attack Cooler's Armored Squadron in Cooler's Revenge, though his motivation was more to protect Gohan while he was being abused by them rather than any genuinely malicious intent.

The dragon in Kosuke & Rikimaru

  • Icarus looks very similar to Taxi Dragon, a dragon who appears in Akira Toriyama's previous manga series, Dr. Slump. He also looks like the dragon in Kosuke & Rikimaru - The Dragon of Konpei Island, an anime movie made by Toriyama in 1988.
  • Icarus's English name is a reference to the Greek mythology character of the same name, who developed wax wings and flew around until he flew close to the sun in a fit of arrogance, causing his wings to melt and ended up falling into and drowning in the ocean. Ironically, Icarus suffered a similar fate to his namesake in Cooler's Revenge, with the only differences being that Icarus flew within range of the scouter's ability to detect lifeforms, and Icarus survived the ordeal.



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