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The Iberian Spanish dub of the Dragon Ball anime started airing in Spain. It is the one of the Spain language dubs, along with Basque, Catalan, Galician and Valencian which are famous in the Spain, but not to be confused with Latin American Spanish dub.

Dragon Ball

Dovi S.L. de Esplugues de Llobregat bought the first 26 episodes of Bola de Dragón from AB Distribution from France and translated it with English script from Toei into Spanish. In 1988 broadcast began on Canal Sur, the theme song and ending were even dubbed from Japanese too. The series was popular so Canal Sur wanted to continue the series. Videotake SUR from 1990 began buying the episodes from 27 to 153 and started translating them from French to Spanish straightly which meant that the translation was less accurate than in the first 26 episodes. Also, the cast changed after the first 26 episodes as well, to the current Spain cast.

Telemadrid aired all episodes again around 1990/1991.

In 1997, Antena 3 began re-emitting Dragon Ball. In 2004, Toonami Spain began re-emitting the anime series.

Unlike most of the Spain language dubs, Goku's voice actor actually changes when he becomes an a teen in the Piccolo Jr. Saga.

Most of the names in the series are the same, other than some minor changes, like Yajirobe is called Yajirobai, and Master Shen, aka the Crane Hermit, is known as Maestro Cuervo (Master Raven, it because Raven as a type of bird, so it makes sense). Also, some attack names have been changed, such as the Kamehameha, becoming the "Onda Vital" (vital wave).

Some names are iterations of the original names, like Master Roshi's name is kept as Muten Roshi (though as one word: Mutenroshi) and Kami is actually called Dios (which translates to God), instead of Kamisamam, like in the Latin American Spanish dub. But unlike the Latin American Spanish dub, Chi-Chi is referred to as her original name, instead of Milk like in the Latin American Spanish dub, for some reasons.


  • Son Goku - (kid) - Juana Molina (eps. 1-26), Ana Cremades (eps. 27-132)
  • Bulma - Ana Palleja (first 26 episodes), Nonia de la Gala (rest of the series)
  • Oolong - Alberto Diaz (first 26 episodes) Jaime Jimenez Velazquez
  • Yamcha - Jordi Ribes (first 26 episodes)
  • Yamcha (rest of the series), Goku (teen) - Adolfo Martinez
  • Lunch - Marilo Seco
  • Mutenroshi - Antonio Crespo (first 26 episodes)
  • Mutenroshi, Pilaf - Mariano Pena
  • Mai - Ana Wagener
  • Shenron - Daniel Palacios
  • Narrator - Jorge Tome
  • Krillin (Krilín/Crillin) - Fransesc Figuerola (first 26 episodes), Angeles Neira (rest of the series)
  • World Tournament Announcer - Felix Benito (first 26 episodes)
  • General Blue - Alberto Hidalgo
  • Commander Red - Idilio Cardoso
  • General Black - Mauro Rivera
  • Baba - Carmen Prats
  • Upa - Maria Sarmiento
  • Abuelo Son Gohan, Bora - Mariano Fraile
  • Torunament Announcer, Yajirobe, Senbei Norimaki - Antonio Villar
  • Arale Norimaki - Ana Fernandez
  • Ten Shin Han - Alberto de Luque
  • King Piccolo (Piccolo Daimaoh), Shuu - Antonio Inchausti
  • Piccolo Jr., Chaoz - Luis Fernando Rios
  • Mr. Popo, Tao Pai Pai - Manolo Solo

Dragon Ball Z

In 1991, Canal Sur began broadcasting Dragon Ball Z. In the same year, Telemadrid also began broadcasting Dragon Ball Z. Videotake SUR continued to buy episodes from France and translated into Spanish. The series was popular so the episodes were recorded very quickly. After episode 104, it turned out that there are no more episodes in France and AB Distribution has no more episodes yet. So it was decided to buy more episodes from Japan, and the other Spain dubs have no choice but to follow this suit. The broadcast ended at episode 146 because Canal Sur received protests from some viewers at the end of 1993.

Telemadrid continued broadcasting and Alta Frecuencia began translating episodes 147 to 167. In January 1994 the broadcast unexpectedly ended. At the same time, Basque, Catalan, Galician, and Valencian dub (until episode 213 due to complaints from various protests) were continued to dub the remaining 124 episodes.

In 1997, Antena 3 began re-emitting Dragon Ball Z. After episode 167, Comunicación Sur bought the rest of the episodes from France and translated them into Spanish.

Dragon Ball Z was again broadcast in Spain by Cuatro since 2006, Cartoon Network since 2007, and Boing since 2010 and 2011.

The first intro that was created from the clips of the first few episodes and was translated from the French version and uses the name Bola de Dragón Z. In episodes 105-146 it was replaced by a translated Japanese intro, and from that moment the name Dragon Ball Z was used. From episode 148, the French intro returned, however, it is not the same as before episode 105, but the melody and clip are exactly the same as in the French version.

In this version, for some inexplicable reason, the character of Son Gohan is renamed as Son Gohanda (pronounced "Gwanda"). Perhaps like the Japanese term "Son Gohan da!" Maybe the translators got confused. But, he is always referred to as that name for reasons unknown. Also, Krillin is called Crillin, and Gotenks is called Gotrunks, though this is slighly more understandable.

Also, the Saiyans are renamed "Los Guerreros del Espacio" (the Space Warriors). So, a Super Saiyan is a "Super Guerrero" (Super Saiyan).


  • Narrator, Kami, Mr. Satan - Jorge Tema
  • Son Goku (adult) - Adolfo Martinez, Jose Antonio Gavira (1st substitute voice), Miguel Angel Montero (2nd substitute voice)
  • Vegito (Vegeku) - Miguel Angel Montero
  • Raditz, Bardock (ep. 86) - Jose Antonio Gavira
  • Son Gohan/Son Gohanda (kid/teen), Goku (kid; flashbacks), Son Goten (kid) - Ana Cremades
  • Gohan (Adult) - Miguel Angel Montero, Alberto Albaiceta (substitution)
  • Goten (Teen) - Maria Jose Roquero
  • Bulma - Nonia de la Gola
  • Chi-Chi - Julia Oliva
  • Chi-Chi (substiution), Lunch, Bra - Marilo Seco
  • Master Roshi (Mutenroshi) - Mariano Pena
  • Krillin (Krilín/Crillin) - Angeles Neira
  • Ten Shin Han, Majin Buu (Bubú) - Daniel Palacios
  • Yamcha - David Arnaiz
  • Piccolo, Future/EoZ Trunks - Luis Fenrando Rios
  • Kid Trunks - Pilar Valdes
  • Gotenkd (Gotrunks) - Gracia Carvajal
  • Piccolo -Antonio Inchausti (the Iberian voice of Piccolo Daimao/King Piccolo; subsititution only)
  • Vegeta - Alberto Albaiceta, Alberto Hidalgo (substitution)
  • Shenron, Nappa, Frieza (Freezer) - Angel Corpa
  • Android 17 (C-17), Mr. Popo - Manolo Solo
  • Android 18 (C-18), Pan, Gohan (Kid; substiute) - Ana Fernandez
  • Cell (Celula) - Alejo de la Fuente
  • Videl - Mercedes Hoyos

Dragon Ball GT

In 1997 Manga Films began distributing Dragon Ball GT on VHS. One cassette contained three episodes that were to be released monthly. The tapes were bought again from AB Distribution but due to the anime series weren't yet to be dubbed in French, so Alta Frecuencia translate the episodes from the original Japanese version. Later the series was broadcast on Antena 3 in 1998 and then Toonami Spain in 2006.


  • Son Goku (kid) - Ana Cremades
  • Narrator, Syn Shenron (Ih Shinron) - Jorge Tome
  • Goku (Adult/SS4), Son Gohan, Krillin (Krilín), Baby - Alberto Albaiceta
  • Pan (young) - Pilar Valdes (voice of Old Pan; unknown)
  • Trunks - Jose Manuel Seda
  • Vegeta - Alberto Hidalgo
  • Son Goten - Paco Cardona
  • Oob - Manolo Solo
  • Bulma, Bra - Nonia de la Gala
  • Chi-Chi - Julia Oliva
  • Videl - Mercedes Hoyos
  • Piccolo - Antonio Inchausti
  • Android 18 (C-18), Maron - Rosa Bernal
  • Android 17 (C-17)/Super 17 - Paco Lozano
  • Shenron - Jesus Prieto

Dragon Ball Z Kai

Although Dragon Ball Z Kai appeared in some regions in Spain, no Spanish-language station broadcast it despite the fact that Arait Multimedia has distribution rights.

Dragon Ball Super

In June 2016, Alta Frecuencia announced that they would translate and record the Spanish version of Dragon Ball Super. At the end of 2016, it was announced that the series would be shown by Boing. Since February 20, 2017, the series aired on Boing (with censored version). Some name changes are reverted back to the original names, such as Gotrunks becoming Gotenks, and Vegeku becoming Vegetto. Also, the Kamehameha, were reverted back to the original name, instead of Onda Vital. Gohan, is called Son Gohan instead of Son Gohanda, so, it's slightly more accurate. Saiyans were called "Guerreros de Espacio" in the old dubs, now it's the international name "Saiyan". So, this series is more accurate than the old dubs.


  • Son Goku, Goku Black/Black Goku, Vegito/Vegetto - Pablo Dominguez
  • Vegeta (first 52 episodes), Copy Vegeta - Alberto Hidalgo
  • Vegeta, Vegito/Vegetto - Paco Prieto
  • Narrator, Shenron, others - Jorge Tome
  • Son Gohan - Alberto Albaiceta
  • Son Goten, Android 18 (C-18), Maaron - Ana Fernandez
  • Kid Trunks - Pilar Valdes
  • Bulma - Nonia de la Gola
  • Chi-Chi - Julia Oliva
  • Lord Beerus (Lord Bills) - Manolo Solo
  • Whis, Future Yajirobe - Paco Cadorna
  • Frieza (Freezer), Frost - Angel Corpa
  • Krillin - Angeles Nera
  • Piccolo - Luis Fernando Rios
  • Videl - Mercedes Hoyos
  • Ten Shin Han, Majin Buu (Mr. Boo) - Daniel Palacios
  • Yamcha, Jaco, Shin - David Arnaiz
  • Future Trunks - Bernabe Rico
  • Caulifa - Rosa Bernal
  • Kale - Christina Pena, Lucia Hoyos (Berserk mode)
  • Jiren, Senbei Norimaki - Carlos Jose Perez


In the 90s Manga Films released Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z films on VHS. Some Dragon Ball films were broadcast on television.


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