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"This is the stance!... I continue to improve."
— Hit upon using the technique in Dragon Ball FighterZ

I Keep Improving (俺は成長を続けている `Ore wa seichō o tsudzukete iru') is a Super Special Attack that is used by Hit in Dragon Ball FighterZ. It is his most powerful attack as it requires three ki bars to use.


Hit shows his stance then lunges toward his opponent at an extremely fast speed. If the lunge hits, he will employ his Time-Skip to rapidly attack his opponents' vitals from many different angles, effectively making this technique a vastly improved version of Time-Skip/Molotov. As the Time-Skip ends, the combined force of the blows will knock the opponent away as he muses to himself about his continued improvement.

As this move freezes time while Hit performs it, any enemies or allies that are on the field during the attack will be stopped in place, although the target is the only enemy that will take any damage. The halting of time also stops the effects of Sparking Blast while the move is being performed.

Video Game Appearances

In FighterZ, ending a match with this move will result in a Destructive Finish!.

In Dokkan Battle, this technique appears as Hit's Super Attack albeit under a different name (Cage of Time).

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