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"Y-You kicked my beautiful face…! Blood?! A nosebleed! This high-class and proud general… …has a nosebleed…! I’m the absolute worst! The worst! My image has been tarnished!"
General Blue in the Japanese version of "The Pirate Treasure"

I'm The Worst! is a Power Up used by General Blue.



"I'm The Worst!"

Blue activates the ability by gripping his shoulders as if hugging himself, and then proceeding to scrunch down and tighten his hands.


General Blue uses this when Krillin kicks him in the nose, making it bleed, causing Blue to become angry and use this power up, right before using his signature paralyzing technique called Psychic Eyes. Krillin, while witnessing the power up, also was left baffled and shocked at Blue's rant over a mere bloody nose. In Japanese version of the anime only, between the powerup and Blue's use of psychic eyes, Krillin attempts to bait Blue by demanding he act on attacking now as well as derisively call him a "flaming homo" (the English dub tones this down to have Krillin merely dare Blue to give his best shot), which backfired.

Video Game Appearances[]

I'm The Worst! was named in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3, where it is one of Blue's Blast 1.


  • In Akira Toriyama's later manga Kajika, the evil Gibachi (ギバチ) uses a pose similar to that of I'm The Worst! after drinking the Dragomin-laced blood of a young dragon turned him into a powerful, but ugly, dragon-man.
  • General Blue's rant up to committing the power up slightly differed between sources. In the English dub of the Anime, he was ranting over the bloody wound due to it messing up his handsome appearance. In the manga and Japanese anime, he was instead upset that he even got a combat wound, especially something like a bloody nose, at all due to it betraying his rank as General and thus betraying his combat skills.
  • The name of the technique is most likely derived from what Blue says during the "self-hug" portion of the power-up in the Japanese version, where he beats himself up over letting himself get injured by yelling "I'm the absolute worst!"