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"Humanity's End" (じんるいぜつめつ Jinrui Zetsumetsu, lit. "The Extinction of Humanity") is the two hundred ninety third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the four hundred eighty-seventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


Super Boo lands on Kami's Lookout and insolently says "Thought so". Piccolo expects to be killed, but Boo simply says "Come out". No one understands him, so the enraged Boo shouts "COME OUT!!!". Piccolo asks what Boo means, and the monster replies that he wants to fight someone that can challenge him, as he has sensed a strong power on the lookout. Chi-Chi, Bulma, Videl and the Ox-King run outside to see what has happened, only to recoil in horror when they see Super Boo on the lookout. Boo is getting impatient and Piccolo asks him to wait, since the hidden fighter is not at full power yet. Boo hates waiting, so Piccolo tells Boo to go and kill some humans to pass the time. Boo suddenly smiles and walks around the top of the lookout as everyone looks on in fear, wondering what he's going to do. Boo then returns to Piccolo and gives him a smug grin before raising his arm and firing a barrage of energy blasts up into the air. The blasts then arc down to Earth, and each one kills exactly one person. Dende collapses at the sight of so much death. Boo smiles and says that everyone on Earth is now dead. Realizing that Boo will kill everyone on the lookout if he's not satisfied, Piccolo gives in. However, since the fighter is now sleeping, it will take one hour for him to be ready. Boo asks how long one hour is. Piccolo creates a hourglass full of sand, and says that the fighter will be ready before all of the sand reaches the bottom. Boo studies the thing and answers "No way". Piccolo then reveals that Mr. Satan's daughter, Videl, is on the lookout with them. Boo recognizes Mr. Satan's scent and concedes, but states that, if the fighter is not ready within 1 hour, he will kill Piccolo, Videl and everyone else on the lookout. Boo then sits down to watch the sand fall. Piccolo tells Krillin to get Trunks and Goten into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In there, 1 hour will last 15 days, hopefully giving the boys enough time to master the Fusion Dance in order to defeat Boo. In the mountains, Chiaotzu and Tien Shinhan are wondering what it was that just tried to kill them. Mr. Satan is walking in the countryside with his puppy Bee, and he wonders what all the fireworks were about.

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