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This article is about the general term. For the Dragon Ball equivalent of real-life humans, see Earthling.

Human or Mortal (人間 Ningen, lit: "Human") is a general term used in the Dragon Ball series to refer to any being who is not a god, or does not possess god-like ki. Mortals occupy the living world in each universe. Upon death, they proceed to the Other World and are confined either to Hell or Heaven, depending on their actions while alive.

Mortals can however attain the rank of a god such as in those who attain the position of Guardian or even God of Destruction if they are a sufficiently powerful individual. Mortals can also hold the position of Attendant Supreme Kai as shown by Future Trunks who became Future Shin's apprentice in the Dragon Ball Super manga and Xeno Trunks who became the assistant to the Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa. Some mortal beings can even obtain the ability to use Godly ki through either transformations or through training under the supervision of an Angel. Saiyans for example can gain it via the Super Saiyan God or Broly God form. A Saiyan beyond God can transform into a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, with mortal Saiyans taking on the Super Saiyan Blue form, unlike Saiyans who are actual Gods, who take on the Super Saiyan Rosé form. Even with the power of a god, mortal Saiyans are generally still viewed as mortals by proper deities, with some deities even showing fear that mortals could even acquire such power.

Angels are by Angel law supposed to remain neutral in the affairs of mortals and any Angel who violates said law they will be completely eradicated. Though the punishment may seem harsh, given their power an Angel's power could potentially upset the natural balance and interfere with the growth of said Universe's mortal population. This is shown in the case of Merus, a Trainee Angel who uses his true power while assisting Goku in his fight against Planet Eater Moro. However after Moro's defeat, Universe 7's Supreme Kai Shin requests that Merus be revived which is granted by the Grand Minister, though Merus is revived as a mortal with a definitive lifespan though Merus is okay with this and takes on the mortal identity of Merus Ikanoichiyabosshi returns to his role as a member of the Galactic Patrol. This shows that divine beings such as Angels can become Mortals.

Mortal Level[]

During the Tournament of Power, each Universe was ranked in terms of average power of its mortal population as the true motive behind the organization of the tournament was because Zeno wanted to test if mortals from the lower universes could change their ways, using the tournament and Super Dragon Balls as a means to determine the nature of mortals. Any Universe with a mortal rank over 7 is exempt from the tournament resulting in Universes 1, 5, 8, and 12 being spared due to power of their mortal populations. Despite the presence of powerful fighters like Goku and Vegeta who had obtained godly ki, Universe 7 mortal rank was only 3.18 as powerful warriors like them were not the norm for Universe 7 as the ranking reflects the Universe's entire population of mortals. The mortal level can be increased when the Gods of Creation and Gods of Destruction do their job diligently.

It should be noted that Power Levels are just one attribute that effects Mortal Level as there are other factors such as number of inhabited worlds, number of civilizations, along with cultural and technological level of said worlds. As a result, the Mortal Level essentially reflects the overall quality of said Universe.

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