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Hovercars (エアカー Eakā, lit. "Aircar") are one of Earth's more common vehicles. Throughout the series, hovercars are a common sight in city traffic alongside regular cars, and they are very fast compared to their wheeled counterparts.


A tireless car that levitates using anti-gravity tech and is propelled via jet engines. As it doesn't touch the ground, it is capable of being driven over water. They can also ascend to very high heights.[1][2]



The Silverstar 4

Hovercars have chronologically first appeared sometime after Jaco's visit to Earth, with their hover technology reverse engineered by Dr. Brief from Jaco's Spaceship.[3]

The first hovercar seen in the series is Ox-King's hovercar. Ox-King gave his hovercar to Bulma, Goku and Oolong as a replacement to their previous car, destroyed by Goku trying out the Kamehameha. Followed by Yamcha and Puar in their own hovercar called the Silverstar 4 (銀星4型 Ginsei Yon-gata, lit. "Silver Star Type-4"), the Dragon Team used Ox-King's hovercar to travel all the way from the Mushroom Forest to an area just outside of Pilaf's Castle where the car was destroyed by Shu in a Pilaf Machine. Hovercars are regularly used by the police.[4]

Hasky owns a burgundy hovercar that she uses to fly after stealing Goku's Dragon Balls. The Red Ribbon Army Headquarters is protected by soldiers driving hovercars.


Chi-Chi driving her father's red hovercar

In Dragon Ball Z, it is shown that Ox-King has a red hovercar[5][6] and that Krillin owns both a hovercar and a normal car. Chi-Chi uses Ox-King's red hovercar when she goes to Kame House with her father in order to ask Master Roshi about her son Gohan (who was training under Piccolo at Break Wasteland).[6][7] The hovercar used by Capsule Corporation comes with emergency food, as seen in the Frieza Saga, when Bulma was traveling with Captain Ginyu (who was in a Namekian Frog's body at the time). When Yajirobe is not at the Korin Tower, he is using his hovercar to deliver Senzu Beans to the Dragon Team. In flashbacks that accompany King Kai's story of the Saiyan-Tuffle War, it is shown that the Tuffles had Hovercars similar to those found on Earth.


Yamcha's new hovercar arrives at Capsule Corporation

Future Android 17 uses a red hovercar to kill humans in Purple City. While this happens, Future Bulma is driving a blue hovercar which Future Trunks leaves upon hearing that the androids are in Purple City on the radio.[8] Shortly after Kid Buu's defeat, Yamcha gets a new hovercar, which is red in color.[9]

In Dragon Ball Super, Carmine chauffeurs Magenta in a limousine style hovercar.

In Dragon Ball GT, Vegeta is seen driving a hovercar home after taking his daughter Bulla shopping. Though the hovercar was damaged when they are attacked by Gohan possessed by Baby, Bulla uses it to go home so that Vegeta could fight Gohan. Krillin and his family have a yellow hovercar that is damaged when Android 17 attacks them. Later during the Super 17 Saga, Bulma and Bulla are seen traveling in a race hovercar.

Film Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball: The Path to Power, a black hovercar serves as the head of Staff Officer Black's Battle Jacket.

In Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, Android 14 cuts a police hovercar in half.

In Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, Men-Men uses a hovercar to take Mr. Satan and Android 18 to Mei Queen Castle.

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Carmine chauffeurs Magenta in a limousine style hovercar with a dome over the driver's side to accommodate his pompadour.


  • Driving School Hovercar - A type of Hovercar designed for training new Hovercar drivers. As a result, they are designed to be more durable than normal Hovercars. Used by Goku and Piccolo in the anime when they took their driver's tests. Named in Kakarot.
  • Legene Hovercar - A type of Hovercar utilized by Kettlean members of the Frieza Force in Dragon Ball Online.

Video Game Appearances[]


Oolong in Ox-King's hovercar in DB: Origins

Hovercars are used by the Red Ribbon Army in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden, Dragon Ball: Advanced Adventure, and Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans.

Ox-King's hovercar and Yamcha's Silverstar 4 appear in Dragon Ball: Origins.

Hovercars are seen in West City in Dragon Ball 3: Gokuden, in the Urban Area battle stage in the Budokai series, and in the Eastern Capital in Super Dragon Ball Z.

Kettlean Combatants use Legene hovercars in Dragon Ball Online.

Many overturned hovercars can be seen in the background of the West City stage in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Hovercars are among the many vehicles used by the inhabitants of Earth.


  • In the manga, Ox-King's hovercar is stated to run on Planium (プラニウム Puraniumu), which is a reference to Ultraman Joneus.



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