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"Hope Runs Out" (いそげ!そんくう Isoge! Son Gokū, lit. "Hurry, Son Goku!") is the twenty third chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred seventeenth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter is Nappa clenching his fist, smiling in a smug manner.


Nappa powered up

The chapter begins with Nappa, after he finishes charging (as seen in the previous chapter). Nappa looks around, trying to figure out he would like to kill first. In a snap decision Nappa charges at Tien Shinhan. Nappa jumps at Tien with incredible speed, Tien manages to block his attack, however. Next, Nappa uses his Arm Break technique on Tien, punching Tien's arm clean off. Nappa then pulls his fist back in an attempt to deliver a fatal blow to Tien. Tien manages to avoid the attack, jumping in the air before he is hit. Tien then begins to charge his Tri-Beam technique, but is interrupted by Nappa, who flies in the air and kicks Tien to the ground. Out of anger, Krillin then attempts to charge at Nappa, who easily blows him back with his Exploding Wave technique. After the explosion, Chiaotzu is nowhere to be found.

Nappa's punch rips off Tien's arm

The Z-Fighters are worried, hoping he did not get caught in such a strong blast. It is then seen that Chiaotzu has hopped on Nappa's back. Nappa struggles, in an attempt to get Chiaotzu get off of his back, but fails to remove him. Chiaotzu then uses Telepathy to say goodbye to his best friend, Tien. Chiaotzu then uses his Farewell, Mr. Tien, putting all of his energy into one blast, causing Chiaotzu to explode. It is then seen that Nappa was completely unaffected by Chiaotzu's technique, meaning his death was all in vain. Tien is devastated by the loss of his best friend, but Piccolo then comes up with a plan to attack Nappa. Piccolo suggests hitting him in a moment when he leaves himself wide open. Vegeta overhears this, and compliments that it is a great plan while smiling confidently. Nappa charges Tien once again, giving Piccolo the perfect moment to strike. Piccolo then smacks Nappa, followed by Krillin punching Nappa to the ground. Piccolo then shouts at Gohan to blast Nappa, but he admits he is too afraid. Piccolo and Krillin then attempt to blast Nappa, but it is too late as Nappa easily dodges. Still mourning the death of his best friend, Tien decides to put the remaining energy he had into one blast.

Major Events

  • Nappa rips Tien Shinhan's left arm off with his Arm Break attack.
  • Chiaotzu dies for the second time, blowing himself up in a failed attempt to kill Nappa.






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