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"Now to unveil my grand power... Holy Wrath!"
— Fused Zamasu shooting it for the first time in "Final Judgement? The Ultimate Power of an Absolute God"

Holy Wrath (聖なる逆鱗 Seinaru Gekirin) is a combination of the Black Power Ball and God Splitter. It is Fused Zamasu's ultimate attack.


Fused Zamasu creates a small sun-like energy sphere on the tips of his index and middle finger and then throws it at his opponent, expanding it into a huge energy ball roughly the size of a skyscraper. In the manga he instead raises both hands into the air (much like the pose used for the Spirit Bomb) and throws it forward.


Fused Zamasu uses Holy Wrath in the manga

Fused Zamasu uses this attack in a beam struggle with Vegeta and Future Trunks' Father-Son Galick Gun, and then with Goku's Kamehameha. Fused Zamasu in his Half-Corrupted form uses a slightly modified version fired from the palm of his hand at the start of his battle against Vegito Blue, whom the latter of which easily blocked and destroyed the attack with one hand.

In the manga, Fused Zamasu uses this technique while fighting against Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku. However, Goku manages to toss the attack away after a struggle.


Video Game Appearances

The Holy Wrath first makes an appearance in Xenoverse 2. In it, there are two variations: The first one being a small ki under the name Holy Wrath that serves as a Super Attack in which the user can charge it up to three levels to increase its size and damage while being able to move, and the second variant being a huge version similar to Grotesque Fused Zamasu's variant named Divine Wrath: Purification. This is also usable by the Future Warrior.

Fused Zamasu uses Holy Wrath as one of his Super Attacks in FighterZ under the name Divine Wrath.