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The History of Japan (FNS27時間テレビ にほんのれきし Efu Enu Esu Nijyūnana Jikan Terebi Nihon No Rekishi) special is a 27 hour long special released on the 9th through 10 September. The special included several Dragon Ball Super sections.


Program starts

Goku briefly appears at the start of this section, interacting with a dinosaur.

Prehistory section

Gohan reads a book about prehistory.

Elsewhere Goku and Whis encounter a wooly mammoth, and Whis notes these creatures were tough opponents for humans in the past. Goku wants to fight the wooly mammoth after hearing what Whis says. Goku sees Yajirobe (as a caveman) running from the mammoth, then a section is shown with Yajirobe as a caveman and how they lived in these ages.

Gohan continues talking about how small villages united to form a country (with Goten and Trunks as villagers), and about Himiko (who is depicted by Bulma).

Azuchi-Momoyama section

Whis explains this part of history to Goku. He drops the Time Scroll with the history on it while flying, but Goku catches it and the two use it to look back at this period.

Vegeta depicts Oda Nobunaga. His death due to Akechi Mitsuhide (depicted by Frieza) is shown.

Roshi depicts Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and walks past Goku and Whis as they are eating. Mr. Satan depicts Ishida Mitsunari, Korin depicts Tokugawa Ieyasu - with the two in conflict with each other.

Dragon Ball characters featured

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