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Hirudegarn (ヒルデガーン Hirudegān) is the main antagonist in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon. He is an enormous Phantom Majin that destroys everything and kills anyone in its path.

Concept and Creation[]

The character's name comes from the movie's co-producer, Seiichi Hiruta, who did not like the original design of Hirudegarn. After he demanded that they redesign the character, his jaw dropped when he saw the new design. The sound effect for a "jaw-dropping" in Japan is gaan (ガーン), so they named the character "Hiruta gaan" (蛭田ガーン).[1]


Hirudegarn is a towering behemoth with a vaguely humanoid appearance. Its head is shaped like a human skull, and it possesses a long tail. After metamorphosis, the creature gains shoulder blades, horns, and insectoid wings.


Hirudegarn has displayed no other emotion other than hatred and rage. It seems to obey its master's will until it accidentally kills him. Without anyone to control it, Hirudegarn's only focus appears to be mindless destruction. However, it's implied that prior to the Kashvar transforming him into a Phantom Majin, he had some degree of benevolence, due to his original role being to purify the Konats inhabitants of any evil Ki.

In World Mission, it is able to fight alongside Dabura (Villainous Mode Majin), Pui Pui (Villainous Mode Majin), Spopovich (Villainous Mode Majin), and Yamu (Villainous Mode Majin) of the Organization of Babidi due to their alliance with the wizard Hoi (who this time ironically survives the battle while Hirudegarn is slain along with Pui Pui).



Hirudegarn was a Demon God who placed his spectral body into a statue on Planet Konats, he would watch over Planet Konats and purify people's hearts, sucking up evil ki. However, sorcerers of the Kashvar race transformed him into a Phantom Majin, and he broke free from the statue and began rampaging.[4][5][6]

WotD - Hirudegarn statue

Hirudegarn as a statue

According to Tapion in the Funimation dub, Hirudegarn is a "phantom of mist and shadow" who "consumes its victims and imprisons their life-force" (similar to Cell but on a massive scale). He was apparently turned to stone with the use of an enchanted sword and a pair of enchanted ocarinas, and sealed away in a temple by Tapion's and Minotia's ancestors, until a group of star-traveling black magicians known as the Kashvar arrive on Konats and use their dark magic to bring the monster back to life with the intent of destroying the Konatsians and all races in the universe different from themselves. In Fusions he is referred to as a Phantom Majin created from an energy filled statue.

Hirudegarn went on a rampage, killing everyone in his path or who tries to get in his way, and devastating the planet. Tapion and his brother Minotia manage to freeze the monster in his tracks by each playing a pair of enchanted ocarinas found in the wraith's temple, giving a wizard the opportunity to cut the monster in half with an enchanted sword. However, this action only badly injures and handicaps Hirudegarn, as opposed to killing it.


Hirudegarn falls after being cut in half

Since Hirudegarn cannot be killed at the time, his upper half is sealed in Tapion and the other half in Minotia and in this way the brothers became legends. However, fearing that the Kashvar would try to revive the monster again someday, the brothers are separated, each sealed in a music box by the wizard, and are then shot into opposite ends of the farthest galaxies, far away from each other by the Konats war council, with the music box holding Tapion landing on Earth. The wizard vows to release the brothers once the Kashvar are brought to justice, and it is assumed that the Kashvar are hunted down over time.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

Supreme Kai of Time Saga[]

SDBH 41 10

Hirudegarn vs. Hit

An incarnation of Hirudegarn appears as an intruder in the Super Space-Time Tournament. In the anime, when the tournament starts, he faces off against Hit. In the manga, Hirudegarn appears in a forest, knocking out General Blue and other fighters in the process. He then fires an Evil Flame which hits Broly while Jiren was saved from it by Hit's Time-Skip.

Film Appearances[]

Wrath of the Dragon[]

A thousand years later in the present, the last of the Kashvar, Hoi, has vowed to resurrect the monster to cleanse the universe of all who are not Kashvars. He releases Hirudegarn's lower half on a distant planet and easily disposes of Minotia, who is crushed under the foot of the monster. Upon Minotia's death, Hoi seals the lower half inside himself to summon at his leisure. On Earth, however, he switches to a more tactical plan and spies on Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyawoman, as they fight crime. Both are summoned from their school again to rescue Hoi, who is pretending to be suicidal to gain their trust and sympathy. Hoi then tells the two about the legendary warrior, Tapion.

Both are anxious to see who this Tapion is. However, neither they nor Goten, Trunks, Goku or Bulma (using her scientific expertise) are able to open the seal. Seeing no other alternative, the fighters of Earth collect the Dragon Balls so they can summon Shenron and wish for the seal to be broken. Shenron succeeds and Gohan, Videl, Goten, Trunks, Goku, Bulma, Krillin, Oolong and Master Roshi along with Hoi (who may have encountered Tapion as far back as during the original Hirudegarn crisis on Konats a thousand years ago), meet Tapion for the first time. However, Tapion is very upset at them all, because it is a bad idea to release him. He demands that he be sealed back again, but by his release, the Oracle has shattered, so this proves impossible. Trunks, however, is determined to bring him food and drinks, as he sees Tapion as a brother.


Gohan and Videl encounter Hirudegarn's lower half

Shortly after Tapion's release, Hirudegarn's lower half (summoned by Hoi) starts destroying Satan City. Gohan and Videl arrive at the scene to investigate, but shortly after they arrive, they are almost swept away by the monster's tail. After executing their Great Saiyaman poses, Hirudegarn's tail throws the two each to a side of the street. Gohan immediately sets up a counterattack, with Videl supporting him. After the short battle, Videl thinks Gohan has won however, Gohan said it is not over yet. Both then hear the same ocarina melody that they heard when Tapion was released, and they notice the monster is gone.

Later, as Tapion sleeps, Hirudegarn's top half temporarily escapes, but Tapion is able to imprison it before it does any significant damage. The next night, Tapion explains everything to Bulma: about how Hoi had been a member of the Kashvar, how he was involved in the attempted genocide of the Konatsians and how he helped unleash Hirudegarn on the people of Konats, ultimately revealing that Hoi had deceived them all. He explains how Hirudegarn had been given a major impedimenting injury but ultimately survives, how the halves had been sealed within him and Minotia, how they were further sealed within the music boxes and then sent to opposite ends of the universe. Bulma is angered at hearing it, and she decides to create another oracle. She finishes it by the next day.


Hirudegarn transformed

That night, Hirudegarn's lower half is summoned by Hoi to once again wreak havoc, as he drew seven men and two women into his tail to devour their life energy. Hoi directs his power to release the upper half of Hirudegarn. He finally succeeds in this, and with the monster back together, nothing can stop him. However, the Dragon Team resist magnificently. Goku, Gohan, and Goten are the first ones to launch a counterattack, but just as Gohan is being crushed in the demon's fist, Vegeta throws himself into the line of battle after saving Gohan. Goten and Trunks decide to use the Fusion Dance to become Gotenks after even Super Saiyan 2 Goku is overwhelmed. As a Super Saiyan 3, Gotenks attacks the monster with his Continuous Die Die Missile. Although apparently successful in crippling the monster, it is soon revealed that Hirudegarn survives the onslaught and subsequently breaks out of his heavily damaged husk.


Hirudegarn is ensnared by Goku's Dragon Fist

In his new form, Hirudegarn mows Gotenks down to the ground, smashes Gohan and Videl into a building and throws Goku into some rubble. Tapion plays the Hero's Flute again and manages to seal Hirudegarn inside himself. He then orders Trunks to kill him with his sword, which will destroy the trapped monster. Due to hesitation, Trunks fails to kill Tapion, resulting in Hirudegarn breaking free and Tapion's Hero's Flute being destroyed in the process. Hoi, who has been watching the whole fight, mocks Tapion for being so foolish but is killed when Hirudegarn crushes him underfoot. At this point, Goku arises as a Super Saiyan 3. Nevertheless, Trunks tries to fight Hirudegarn with Tapion's sword and manages to cut off the monster's tail. Goku taunts the monster and uses his Dragon Fist to pierce through Hirudegarn when he becomes solid, obliterating the monster completely.

Other Dragon Ball Stories[]

Dragon Ball Fusions[]

"A Phantom Majin created from an energy filled statue. 1000 years ago, it destroyed Planet Konats in the South Galaxy and was split in two."
Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

Baby Hirudegarn

Baby Hirudegarn in Dragon Ball Fusions

Baby manages to infect Hirudegarn while inside the Timespace Rift becoming Baby Hirudegarn and comes into conflict with Tekka's Team (Tekka, Kid Trunks, Kid Goten, Kid Goku, and Pan) with a team of his own. After being defeated, Baby is forced out of Hirudegarn and escapes, freeing him from the Tuffle parasite's control. Interestingly, his boss profile description makes no reference to Baby.

Xenoverse 2[]

"Nrgh...! N-No. It's Hirudegarn... He stirs! The beast's lower half must be nearby! Wait-no! Hirudegarn... is responding to the dark energy pervading this place. His return will spell certain doom for this world! The evil energy must be dispelled. Will you aid me?"
Tapion requesting the Time Patrol's aid in preventing Hirudegarn's return in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Though Hirudegarn doesn't appear physically, he plays a key role in New Parallel Quest 116: "A Hero's Duty". In a Time Fragment timeline, Tapion is keeping Hirudegarn's upper body contained in his body when evil energy emitted by Golden Frieza, Meta-Cooler, Cell, Kid Buu, Janemba, and Broly in their Supervillain forms cause Hirudegarn to stir and attempt to break free. Tapion enlists the aid of the Time Patrol in defeating the villains to stop the dark energy that is affecting Hirudegarn, however, he will lose health due to Hirudegarn once to timer reaches certain points thus, they need to defeat the villains before Tapion loses too much health and Hirudegarn breaks free. Clearing the quest in 9 minutes results in an Ultimate Finish where Dabura and Supervillain Omega Shenron appears. Dabura notices Hirudegarn's energy emanating from Tapion and identifies it as belonging to a Majin different from Majin Buu. Dabura fearing that Tapion or someone else seeks to revive this Majin decides to eliminate him before Hirudegarn can revive to remove any competition, while Tapion realizing Dabura seeks to unleash a similar evil swears to protect the Earth from Hirudegarn or any monster like him. Eventually, Tapion and the Time Patrol defeat Dabura and Supervillain Omega Shenron quelling the evil energy and Hirudegarn for the time being.

World Mission[]

Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2 - "Hero Town in Danger!"

"How gleefully fascinating! Your dark Ki is resonating with Hirudegarn. Soon, the leviathan will be among us! Resistance is futile before the fathomless might of the world slayer!"
Hoi in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

In the Story Mode Boss Mission "An End to an Ambition!", Hirudegarn of the game world is freed from Tapion and Minotia by resonating with the dark evil ki of the Villainous Mode empowered Dabura, Pui Pui, Spopovich, and Yamu who had joined forces with Hoi to release both Hirudegarn and Majin Buu.

"At last! The phantom beast is whole! Now the cosmos, in all its vastness, will be mine to rule! Ya ha ha!"
Hoi gloating in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission

Hoi is pleased and gloats that he will now rule the cosmos. However, Beat refuses to back down and Great Saiyaman 3 communicating from Hero Town orders Beat and Note to work with the Legendary Heroes of Konats to defeat the phantom beast noting he must be contained at all costs. Despite support from Dabura and his underlings, the heroes defeat the villains and Hirudegarn is slain. After the battle, Tapion and Minotia thank the two Dragon Ball Heroes for their assistance in destroying the beast saving Earth of the game world. Note starts crying as she speaks to them and tells Beat to keep it secret after he notices. After the brothers bid them fair well, Beat asks Note why she was crying, but Great Saiyaman 3 asks if it has to do with Minotia surviving as a side effect of the anomaly as in the original history he was killed by Hirudegarn's lower half. Note admits while it may be unbecoming for a Time Patroller, but she's happy to see something good come from the anomoly.



Prior to transforming Hirudegarn was capable of trading blows and gaining the upper hand over several Z Fighters like Super Saiyan 2 Goku,[7] Super Saiyan Vegeta,[8] and Ultimate Gohan before seemingly being overpowered by Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks and emerging into a more powerful form.

In this new form, he was powerful enough that with one blow he was able to defeat Gotenks by knocking him to the ground, and easily restrain Gohan when he wasn't paying attention. Even after Goku managed to severely drain his energy by making him feel intense emotion (his weakness), he still did serious damage to Super Saiyan 3 Goku until Goku used Dragon Fist, killing Hirudegarn once and for all.

Statements by authors and guidebooks

According to the Toei website, Hirudegarn is equal in power to Super Saiyan 3 Goku. The site goes on to state that Super Janemba is stronger than even Hirudegarn since Hirudegarn was destroyed by Super Saiyan 3 Goku while Super Janemba could beat back Super Saiyan 3 Goku, and notes Janemba was the strongest of the original thirteen movie villains, with Hirudegarn as the second strongest of them.[9]

It was stated by Takao Koyama, that when making Dragon Ball movies was that the next movie villain that Goku fought would always have to be at least stronger than the previous villain Goku fought. Thus, according to this statement by Koyama, Hirudegarn is the strongest of the original thirteen movie villains, contradicting his previous statement that Broly was the strongest of the original thirteen movie villains.

Video Games

In World Mission, the game world incarnation of Hirudegarn is defeated and killed by Beat, Note, game world Tapion, and game world Minotia, despite support from a Villainous Mode empowered Dabura, Pui Pui, Spopovich, and Yamu who had joined forces with Hoi. However, this is not surprising as Beat and Note as a team are strong enough to defeat an anomalous Super Saiyan 3 Prince Vegeta (Attack of the Saiyans Era).


  • Flight – In his final form, Hirudegarn is able to fly using his insect-like wings.
  • Fire Balls – Hirudegarn shoots big, reddish-yellow balls of fire from his mouth, with long, flaming tails. They explode on contact with anything, able to inflict high damage and destroying things.
  • Chou Makousen – Creates a massive, blue energy beam from the mouth, that scans over a large area, giving it a good blast radius.
  • Survivability - The ability to survive horrific injuries and still function. Like Frieza, Hirudegarn can survive being cut in half, though similar to Cell and Majin Buu, he can control his separate halves. Due to this ability, the Konatsian Wizard had to seal Hirudegarn's two halves in Tapion and Minoitia to prevent Hirudegarn from reviving completely when the two halves merged back together.
  • Explosive Wave – Creates a weak burst of energy for protection, with himself serving as the nexus. If anyone comes in contact with the wave, they will be knocked away, and receive minor damage.
  • Super Explosive Wave – Hirudegarn charges a lot of ki energy to create a giant explosion, with Hirudegarn himself serving as the nexus. It will protect him from almost anything, but it takes much of his energy, so it does not last very long. Anything caught in the energy wave will be destroyed.
  • Gigantic Flame – Hirudegarn charges all his energy up to unleash an enormous storm of pure fire that demolishes anything in its path, due to the incredible heat generated from all the ki energy in Hirudegarn's body. Upon contact with a big point, such as a building, the flame creates a gigantic explosion. This attack serves as his ultimate attack in several video games, his version being called Phantom Demon Flame Cannon (幻魔火炎砲 Genma Kaenhō) in the arcade game Dragon Ball Heroes. In World Mission, Phantom Demon Flame Cannon is localized as Phantom Beast Flame. Additionally, the "Phantom Beast Flame" CAA Special Ability allows the Hero Avatar to Subspace Summon Hirudegarn to perform Phantom Beast Flame on the enemy.

Hirudegarn (transformed) crushing Gohan with his tail

  • Dark Eyes – Hirudegarn can turn into ectoplasm[1] to prevent damage and reappear in front of the enemy for a surprise attack. This move seems to be reflex, making Hirudegarn invincible due to his intangibility. This technique can only be bypassed when Hirudegarn is physically attacking, which makes him briefly tangible as he needs to be tangible to hit something. In the dub, Hirudegarn's energy is drained when it experiences intense emotions, such as anger. Due to the emotion's intensity, Dark Eyes can't be used.
Vegeta's Late

Hirudegarn crushing Gohan in his hand

  • Crushing in Hands – Hirudegarn crushes his opponent in one of his hands. He uses this against Gohan.
  • Tail Attack – Hirudegarn can perform strike attacks as well as a technique similar to the Crushing in Hands using his tail. He uses this against Gohan.
    • Mystic Attack – In Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, Hirudegarn has the ability to greatly elongate his tail.
  • Drain Life – Hirudegarn has the ability to absorb people's energy with his tail, much like Cell does. He raises his gigantic tail, open it and trap his victims with threads. He then sucks their energy out of their bodies, growing stronger.
    • Evil Ki Consumption - An ability inherited from Hirudegarn's time as Konats' Demon God, he has a strong affinity for evil or dark ki. In Xenoverse 2 and World Mission, the ki emitted by Supervillain and Villainous Mode is shown to cause Hirudegarn to stir within his hosts Tapion and Minotia. If left unchecked, Hirudegarn can use said ki to free itself as shown in World Mission and reform its body completely transformed.
  • Regeneration – Hirudegarn has regenerative abilities in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z.

Phantom Majin Hirudegarn

The Demon God of Konats was transformed into the Phantom Majin Hirudegarn by the Kashvar wizards.

Hirudegarn squeezed


Hirudegarn's original form, which was created from a devil statue. After being easily defeated by Gotenks, he transforms into a more powerful state. This form appears for the first time in a video game in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in God Mission 8.


When sealed, Hirudegarn was split into upper half and lower half. Both sections of Hirudegarn could function independently, with the upper half emitting a trail of ectoplasm in order to fly around.

Dragonball Z - Movie 13 - Wrath of the Dragon 203 0001

Hirudegarn transformed

Hirudegarn is able to morph by evolving inside a cocoon. While in his transformed state, he gains more strength and the ability to take flight thanks to the wings he has in his transformed state. In the movie, Hirudegarn creates his cocoon and morphs after Gotenks attacked him with his Continuous Die Die Missile. This form becomes a playable character when Tapion releases him from his body and takes his place in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in God Mission 8. In Dokkan Battle, this state is referred to as Hirudegarn (Perfect Form).

In World Mission, it is shown that if his halves are freed from Tapion and Minotia by Hirudegarn resonating with the dark evil ki of Villainous Mode, his body will reform fully transformed.

King of Destruction
Babidi's Counterattack Saga Mission 7 - 1

Destruction King Hirudegarn in Dragon Ball Heroes

King of Destruction Hirudegarn is an unplayable boss character in Dragon Ball Heroes, making his debut in Jaaku Mission 5. His eyes turn white while in this form.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission - Face Icon - Hirudegarn (Ultimate)

Ultimate Hirudegarn in Dragon Ball Heroes

Ultimate Hirudegarn (真・ヒルデガーン) is an unplayable boss character in Dragon Ball Heroes that made his debut in God Mission 8 where he transforms from his Pre-Transformation state into this form. In this form Hirudegarn's body and eyes glow.


In Dragon Ball Heroes, Hirudegarn gains the Transcended form after gaining power from Dark King Demigra.

Baby Hirudegarn
Baby Hirudegarn

Hirudegarn infected by Baby in Dragon Ball Fusions

Baby Hirudegarn is a boss character in Dragon Ball Fusions. While inside the Timespace Rift, Baby manages to infect Hirudegarn and uses the Phantom Majin's power to take on Tekka's Team but is ultimately defeated and forced out.

Due to Hirudegarn's giant size and power, he is the ideal host for Adult Baby, as Adult Baby was only able to possess Vegeta while in his Golden Great Ape form, according to the original Japanese dub of Dragon Ball GT.

Video Game Appearances[]


Hirudegarn card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Due to his monstrous size, Hirudegarn is primarily featured in Dragon Ball games as a non-playable boss character, though his debut appearance in Budokai Tenkaichi 2 started him off as playable alongside the rest of the cast.

In Dokkan Battle, Hirudegarn first appeared in both forms as the Giant Form for Phantom Majin Sealed Within Tapion (Hirudegarn), marking it the first-time pre-transformation Hirudegarn was a playable character. Later, The Phantom Majin of Fear Hirudegarn was introduced and debuted pre-transformation Hirudegarn as his own character, separate from Tapion.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Hirudegarn appears while infected by Baby as a non-playable boss character.

DBXV2 Artwork (Loading Screen) Artwork 101 (DBZ Wrath of the Dragon Tapion VS Full Power Phantom Majin Hirudegarn - anime style)

Post-Transformation Hirudegarn depicted in Loading Screen Artwork 101 in Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2, as part of the Extra Pack 1 DLC, Hirudegarn is mentioned during New Parallel Quest 116: "A Hero's Duty" when Tapion has trouble containing his upper half due to the evil energy produced by nearby enemies utilizing the Supervillain form, forcing him to team up with the Time Patrol to defeat the villains to keep the seal from breaking. However, they are ultimately successful thus Hirudegarn does not appear. Post-Transformation Hirudegarn is depicted in Artwork 101 which depicts a scene of Tapion playing his ocarina before a roaring Hirudegarn. As part of the Conton City Vote Pack DLC, Post-Transformation Hirudegarn is also depicted in Artwork 250 which depicts Hirudegarn overlayed with images of Tapion, Trunks (Kid), Super Saiyan Vegeta, & Super Saiyan 3 Goku's Dragon Fist based upon scenes from Wrath of the Dragon.

Voice Actors[]


  • Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation) vs. Konatsian Wizard
  • Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation) vs. Minotia
  • Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation) vs. Gohan (Great Saiyaman/Ultimate) and Videl (Great Saiyawoman)
  • Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation) vs. Tapion
  • Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation) vs. Goku (Base/Super Saiyan 2), Goten (Base/Super Saiyan), and Gohan (Base/Ultimate)
  • Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation) vs. Vegeta (Base/Super Saiyan)
  • Hirudegarn (Pre-Transformation/Post-Transformation) vs. Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3)
  • Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation) vs. Gohan (Ultimate) and Videl
  • Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan 2)
  • Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation) vs. Tapion
  • Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation) vs. Goku (Super Saiyan 3) and Trunks
Super Dragon Ball Heroes
  • Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation) vs. Hit
  • Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation) vs. General Blue, Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan), Hit, Jiren and others
  • Hirudegarn (Post-Transformation) vs. Xeno Trunks (Super Saiyan God) and Tapion

List of Characters Killed by Hirudegarn[]

  • Konatsians - Half their population was slaughtered by Hirudegarn during his attack on Konats.
  • Minotia - Killed when Hirudegarn stepped on him.
  • Earthlings - Numerous people were killed during Hirudegarn's rampages through Satan City.
  • Hoi - Killed when Hirudegarn accidentally stepped on him.


  • Hirudegarn has a few similarities with Cell due to his insectoid features and his ability to drain life energy via his tail. However, his size resembles Cell-X who was created after Hirudegarn's film appearance.
  • Hirudegarn is the last movie villain/antagonist who does not speak, as the antagonists of the two films that followed him, Beerus and Frieza both speak.
  • Hirudegarn is the 6th and final giant movie villain in a Dragon Ball Z film, the 1st being Dr. Wheelo, the 2nd being Great Namekian Lord Slug, the 3rd being Meta-Cooler Core, the 4th being Culture Fluid Gigantification Bio-Broly, and the 5th being Pre-Transformation Janemba. However, he and Dr. Wheelo are the only movie villains who remain giant sized throughout both of their films.
  • Hirudegarn's former roles as the Demon God of Konats who would cleanse the Konatsians of evil by absorbing it is similar to the Soul Cleansing Machine used by the Ogres in Other World to cleanse souls before they go to Hell.
    • This makes the Demon God of Konats similar to the Saike Demon (who was responsible for watching the Soul Cleansing Machine) in that they were once good entities who were transformed into powerful monsters that act movie villains, Hirudegarn and Janemba respectively.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 2 Story Missions, Tapion mentions that it was Future Trunks who defeated Hirudegarn in his timeline.



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