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High Speed Rush (ハイスピードラッシュ Hai Supīdo Rasshu) is a combination of many punches and kicks, ending with a powerful downing strike.



Shen's High Speed Rush

The user flies towards the opponent, and upon approaching, the user punches or kicks the opponent to stun, and afterwards delivers heavy but quick blows, performed in rapid succession. The user then performs a finishing strike that sends the opponent down to the ground, inflicting good damage; however, it depends on the character.


The technique was first used by Master Shen when Mr. Popo sends Goku to the past as part of the boy's training on The Lookout.[5] Videl uses it during her fight against Gohan as Great Saiyaman, when she thought that the Great Saiyaman was kidnapping Chobi while he was in fact trying to return it to its parents.[6]

Video Game Appearances[]


Burter's High Speed Rush in Budokai Tenkaichi

High Speed Rush is a Blast 2 Rush Attack in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. The High Speed Rush was unblockable in Budokai Tenkaichi, but it is possible to block it with the Power Guard in the following games. Many characters in the series know this technique, and it is one of the most basic Blast 2 rush attacks in the series. Its more powerful counterpart, High Power Rush, is very similar; the difference is that High Speed Rush is performed quicker, while High Power Rush usually deals more damage, instead of relying on speed.


Teen Gohan's Fierce Ranma in Budokai

Goku's High Speed Rush is named Super Dragon Fist in the Budokai series, Gohan's version is called Fierce Ranma (激絶乱魔 Gekizetsuranma), Great Saiyaman's version is called Justice Carnival (ジャスティスカーニバル Jasutisu Kānibaru), Krillin's version is called Berserk Fist/Valiant Fist (壮絶連打撃 Sōzetsurendaken, lit. "Heroic Barrage Fist"), Tien's version is called Machinegun Fist, Vegito's version is called Dragon Drive/Disdain Blow (ドラゴンドライブ/ディスデインブロウ Doragon Doraibu/Disudein Burō), Raditz's version is called Dynamite Monday, Nappa's version is called Breakstorm, Zarbon's version is called Extra Graceful Cannon (エクストラグレイスキャノン Ekusutora Gureisu Kyanon, lit. "Extra Grace Cannon"), Captain Ginyu's version is called Ginyu Special (ギニュースペシャル Ginyū Supesharu), Future Trunks' version is called Meteor Break (メテオブレイク Meteo Bureiku), Android 16's version is called Finishing SplashSkill (フィニシングスプラッシュ Finishingu Supurasshu, lit. "Finishing Splash"), Android 19's version is called Cybernetic Pain, Cell's version is called Cybernetic Radar (サイバネティックレイダー Saibanetikku Reidā), Mr. Satan's version is called Hercule Ultra Dynamite (サタンウルトラダイナマイツ Satan Urutora Dainamaitsu, lit. "Satan Ultra Dynamites"), Videl's version is called Falcon Rush (ファルコンラッシュ Farukon Rasshu), Dabura's version is called Hate Dancing (ヘイトダンシング Heito Danshingu), Majin Buu's version Innocence Dance (イノセンスダンス Inosensu Dansu), Super Buu's version is called Vice Browning (バイスブローニング Baisu Burōningu), Kid Buu's version is called Savage Rush (サベージラッシュ Sabēji Rasshu), Gokule's version is called Super Dragon Dynamite/Gokule Ultra Dynamite (超龍撃ダイナマイツ/ゴタンウルトラダイナマイツ Chōryūgeki Dainamaitsu/Gotan Urutora Dainamaitsu, lit. "Super Dragon Attack Dynamites/Gotan Ultra Dynamites), Tiencha's version is called Wolf Fang Machinegun Fist/Whirlwind Impact Fist (狼牙マシンガン拳/疾風衝打拳 Rōga Mashingan Ken/Shippū Shōda Ken). Kid Trunks' High Speed Rush is named Final Cannon (ファイナルキャノン) in the Budokai series and Dragon Ball Heroes, and the Saibamen's High Speed Rush is named Saiba Rush (栽培ラッシュ Saibai Rasshu) in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi.