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Hidden Blade (隠し刀 Kakushi Katana[1]) is a Rush Attack used by Mercenary Tao after being turned into a cyborg.


Cyborg Tao disconnects his left hand to reveal a retractable knife, rushes full speed at the opponent, and performs a combination of punches and kicks.


Cyborg Tao uses this attack against Tien Shinhan after seeing that he cannot beat Tien fairly during their match in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Due to his use of this technique, Tao loses the match by disqualification for violating tournament rules banning the use of weapons. Despite being disqualified, Tao continues to fight, admitting that he does not really care if he actually wins the match and that he only participated so he could kill Tien and Goku. After Tien breaks his blade, Tao decides to use his Super Dodon Wave on Tien.[2]

Tao shows his Hidden Blade

Later, Cyborg Tao uses the Hidden Blade in his fight against Mr. Lao in the forest of Chazke Village, in front of the Protective Dome. Tao manages hurt the Mr. Lao's face with a blow of the blade, soon after, he attacks him with some blows and, finally, with the Super Dodon Wave.[3]

Tao's Hidden Blade

Cyborg Tao thought of using his Hidden Blade to attack Goku when the latter arrived at Vodka's fortress during the ten-day wait before the Cell Games, but renounces when he sees Goku catching a bullet fired from the gun of one of Vodka's bodyguards. The blade stepped out of his right arm (instead of the left arm), and its format was a little different.[4]

Video Game Appearances

The Hidden Blade attack was named in the Budokai Tenkaichi series, where it is one of Cyborg Tao's Blast 2.

The Hidden Blade is used by Tao X during his boss fight in Dragon Ball Online