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"Heroes in Terror" (おびえるせんたち Obieru Senshi-tachi, lit. "Frightened Warriors") is the twenty second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred sixteenth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows Krillin, Yamcha and Puar.


Krillin's Scattering Bullet rains down on the enemy

Kuririn fires his Scattering Bullet at the Saibamen and the Saiyans. Three of the Saibamen are blown up, and almost a fourth, and Vegeta and Nappa get hit as well. When the smoke clears, everyone cheers. The Saibaiman who just barely dodged the blast comes at Gohan, but Piccolo grabs it by the arm. He punches it in the stomach, tosses it into the air, and then fires up a mouth blast, disintegrating it. Gohan thanks him, and Piccolo says he wasn’t doing it to save him, but as a warm up for the splendid fight.

Vegeta, along with Nappa, comes out of the dust unscathed saying if a splendid fight is what they want, it’s what they’ll get. Tenshinhan can’t believe they survived, and Kuririn says he’d put his full power into that. Nappa says he wants to take on the five of them himself, and hopes they’ll make it fun for him. Kuririn says the Earth is shaking as Nappa powers up, and Chiaotzu tells Tenshinhan his Chōnōryoku is ineffective. Nappa is ready to strike, and everyone is worried.






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