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"Heroes Assemble!" (フルメンバーしゅうごう!! Furu Menbā Shūgō!!, lit. "Full Member Gathering!!") is the two hundred first chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred ninety-fifth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The covers shows Mr. Satan as the "champion of the Earth".


With twelve minutes before the start, Satan is already climbing into the ring. Satan calls the the announcer and cameraman over, and so they go, with the announcer calling himself the world's bravest announcer. They both climb up too, to interview Satan. Satan says he is going to expose Cell. He knows that it was just a trick involving bombs when Cell destroyed Central City and the King's army. Cell ignores them, and Satan thinks he is just scared into shock. The announcer gives Cell the finger, while Satan bends over and spanks himself. Master Roshi is watching, and thinks it would not be so bad if this guy was killed. Then the announcer and Satan notice someone flying in. Cell says Vegeta has arrived, and his skills have gone up. The announcer wonders if he was really flying, but Satan says it was a trick. The announcer goes over to talk to Vegeta, asking who he is and that it is dangerous here. The announcer goes back to Satan, saying he thinks that person is a bit crazy. Even his hair style is weird. Now there are just five minutes until the start of the Cell Games. Android 16 arrives next, with a Capsule Corporation patch over his Red Ribbon Army logo, and Cell is surprised to see him. Vegeta says only Bulma and her father could have repaired that robot, but they wasted their time.

Then Cell says Goku has finally arrived. Seven of them fly in and land; Gohan, Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, Goku, Tien Shinhan, and Future Trunks. The announcer says they were all flying, but Satan insists it was just a trick. No. 16 walks over to Kuririn, and thanks him for getting him fixed like this. Goku wishes No. 16 good luck, but No. 16 says "I was created to kill you. Do not forget that, Son Goku." Goku cracks his knuckles, and says he wants to go first. Vegeta does not care because either way he will be the one to finish off Cell. Satan says they do not get to decide the order, and the announcer asks if they intend on participating. Goku says yeah, most of us. The announcer yells that this is not a game, they do not know anything. Kuririn thinks they are the ones that do not know anything, while Satan thinks they are people who do not know about the world champion Mister Satan. The announcer goes on about Satan, and Kuririn asks Goku if it is okay for Satan to be first. Cell interrupts them, saying it is time to begin.

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