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Hero Town (ヒーロータウン) is a town on Earth in Universe 7 that appears in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission and Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.


Promotional Artwork of Hero Town's defenders from "the menace", the Dragon Ball Heroes team from World Mission

Hero Town is located on Earth in the real world of Dragon Ball, though it also appears as a battle stage in the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

Due to the popularity of Super Dragon Ball Heroes in Hero Town, SDBH characters such as Xeno Trunks, Xeno Goku, Xeno Vegeta, and Cooler are famous among the town's general population though the ability to utilize ki manipulation in the real world by the town's Earthling inhabitants is pretty rare. Most of the town's inhabitants are part of the SDBH community which includes SDBH Players, fans of SDBH, and those that cater to needs of SDBH Players.

Its population consists primarily of Human-type Earthlings though it has a small population of robots and the Super Hero Robo is a robotic Machine Mutant copy of Giru created by the Capsule Corporation. However recently a Earthling/Saiyan hybrid descendant of Goku's named Beat (who at the time of his move is unaware of his relation to his idol) moved to Hero Town.

Due to the recent game world anomalies created by "the menace", Hero Town ends up experiencing odd occurrences such as game world characters escaping into the real world due to tears in space connecting the town to the game world and disappearances of several local kids. Fortunately, the Time Patrol sets up the Dragon Ball Heroes a team of Hero Switch-compatible SDBH Players formed by Great Saiyaman 3 to combat the anomalies created by "the menace" and in time they effectively become its protectors as anomalies begin to threaten the town itself.


Dragon Ball Heroes (Resident Time Patrollers)
  • Leggings (Capsule Corp. Scientist/DBH Team Hero Lab Head Technician/Great Saiyaman 3 & 4 Suit Designer)
  • Xeno Trunks/Great Saiyaman 3 (Elite Time Patroller/Supreme Kai of Time's Apprentice/Hero Master/Local Celebrity/DBH Team Leader/Local Superhero)
  • Beat/Great Saiyaman 4 (New Kid in Town/Newbie SDBH Player/DBH Team Member recruited by Great Saiyaman 3 after a conflict with game world Cooler/Local Superhero/Descendant of Goku)
  • Note (Local Pro SDBH Player/Saiyan Heroine User/DBH Team Member recruited by Great Saiyaman 3 before meeting Beat)
  • Froze (Local SDBH Player/Frieza Clan Hero User/DBH Team Member who was scouted by Beat and Note after they found he was Hero Switch-compatible)
  • Kagyu (Local SDBH Player/Namekian Berserker User/DBH Team Member who joined after being rescued from the game world's Age 764 where he accidentally ended up after sucked into an tear in space)
  • Kabra (Local SDBH Player/Majin Hero User/DBH Team Member who joined to atone for his attack on Hero Town while under the effects of Babidi's Manipulation Sorcery)
  • Chamel (Dark Demon God Hero User/DBH Team Member)
  • Zen (Supreme Kai Hero User/DBH Team Member)
  • Nim (Local SDBH Player/Android Hero User/DBH Team Member)
DBH Team Support Staff
  • Anne (Hero Lab Assistant Technican)
  • Kang (Hero Tower & Hero Lab Security Guard, Kong's distant relative/clansman)
  • Kong (Hero Tower & Hero Lab Security Guard, Kang's distant relative/clansman)
  • Battle Navigator Kaisei (Battle Center Battle Navigator)
  • Bocacchi (Local Novice SDBH Player/Hero Master Fanboy/Roche's Yonger Brother)
  • Chamile (Local SDBH Player)
  • Incha (Gacha Shop Proprietor)
  • Lody (Local Novice SDBH Player/Hero Master Fangirl)
  • Maline (Accessory Shop Proprietor/Tour's Sister)
  • Mint (Local SDBH Player/Supreme Kai Avatar User)
  • Roche (SDBH Fangirl/Bocacchi's Elder Sister/Hero Stadium Spectator)
  • Tour (Creation Shop Proprietor/Maline's Brother)
  • Yuto (Local Novice SDBH Player/Beat's first SDBH opponent)
Unseen Civilians
  • Nim's Mother (mentioned by Yuto and Bocacchi while informing the DBH Team that Nim is missing)
  • Yuto's Mother (mentioned by Yuto while talking to Beat)
Hero Stadium Personnel
  • Announcer (Hero Stadium Event Announcer/Hero Town News Reporter)
  • Moden (Hero Stadium Receptionist/Hero Stadium Tournament Announcer)
  • Mr. Satanman (Hero Stadium's Mr. Satan Mascot/SDBH Information Guide)
  • Lulu (Hero Lab Robot/Tutorial & Puzzle Mission Host)
  • Moll (Hero Lab Robot/Charge Impact & Universal Roulette Host)
  • Rill (Capsule Corp Item Shop Robotic Clerk)
  • Super Hero Robo (Beat's personal SDBH Hero Robo obtained from Lulu/Capsule Corporation Machine Mutant)
  • Zaus (Robot Dinosaur/Historian)

Game World Escapees

Real World DB Visitors

Time Patrol
The Menace


Hero Stadium

Promotional Artwork of Beat playing SDBH in the Hero Stadium from World Mission

A large stadium with advanced holographic projection machines that allow one to play Super Dragon Ball Heroes though the player's require SDBH cards to play. Moden works here as a receptionist and SDBH tournament announcer, while Annoucer acts as the official Announcer for special events such as Exhibition Matches. Mr. Satanman is the Hero Stadium's Mr. Satan inspired Mascot who provides SDBH players with information on various SDBH topics and can often be found outside near the stadium's entrance. During Exhibition Matches open to all players, new players without a registered Hero Avatar or Cards can select their Hero Avatar race and are given the ability to select 7 cards out of the selection of cards provided by the staff which the player can keep (however the player has no control over which cards Beat picks as he does so automatically as the battles that follow are simply tutorials) and use during their exhibition match. Beat fights his first battle against Yuto here and fights his second SDBH battle against Great Saiyaman 3 after he challenges Beat.

Froze & Note preparing to use the Hero Stadium's Super Dragon Ball Heroes machines in World Mission

The Hero Stadium holds Tournaments which Beat can register in by speaking to Moden after Chapter 1. Roche often hangs out here due to her love of watching SDBH matches. If Beat wins the S Rank Tournament, he can face off against Great Saiyaman 3 in a Secret Tournament Match. However Great Saiyaman 3's deck changes each time Beat takes part. Winning the secret match will reward Beat with a lot of Zeni.

In Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", Beat and Note decide to check the Stadium for Hero Switch-compatible SDBH players. There they find Froze having a match against Lody as Bocacchi and Yuto watch. Froze defeats Lody and Beat's Hero Switch detects Froze is Hero Switch-compatible. Beat approaches Froze and the two strike up a conversation with Froze revealing his deck is made entirely of Frieza cards and reveals he understands Froze's affinity for Frieza cards as Beat himself has an affinity for Goku cards. The two decide to have a match and Beat wins. Afterwards Beat and Note approach Froze to ask him to join the Dragon Ball Heroes team.

It is located in the northwest portion of town.

Hero Tower

A large tower located in the northern part of the town between the Hero Stadium and Battle Center. The twin security guards Kang and Kong stand guard over the tower. Outside the tower has a large video monitor that Beat sees a SDBH match between Note and Froze on it at the start of the game that inspires him to visit the Hero Stadium where he starts playing SDBH.

Hero Lab

A secret laboratory hidden inside the Hero Tower created by Leggings, Anne, and Great Saiyaman 3 using data obtained from a scientific expedition into the game world of SDBH World Mission and acts as the Headquarters for the Time Patrol and its Dragon Ball Heroes team. Due to the nature of their work, lab's existence is hidden from the general public, which is revealed to Beat by Kang and Kong when he comes to see the Hero Master in the Hero Lab. Kang and Kong are responsible for keeping civilians out of the lab, though they direct Beat to it due to the Hero Master informing them about Beat and during Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", Great Saiyaman 3 allows Bocacchi and Yuto to stay after they follow Beat, Note, and Froze to the lab as he felt they have an important reason and they inform him of the disappearance of Nim and other local kids which Beat and Note suspect is due to an anomaly, though they play ignorant and create a cover story about rampaging cosplayers to cover up the incursions by game world enemies caused by game anomalies. Great Saiyaman 3 and his team agree to look into it and the boys leave confident the Hero Master, Beat, Note, and Froze will find Nim and the other missing kids.

After Beat joins the Dragon Ball Heroes team, he can find the robots Lulu and Moll here. Lulu gives Tutorial and Puzzle Missions which Beat can play to learn and practice various aspects of the SDBH game. Completing them will reward him with accessories. Moll runs two minigames (Charge Impact Challenge & Universal Roulette) that Beat can pay Zeni to play for the chance to win items. Additionally the story mode selection screen can accessed by interacting with the pad in the center of the room which the DBH Team stands on when they use their Hero Switches to enter the game world (unless they access it through a tear in space during certain parts of the story).

After meeting Beat and Note during the intro cutscene for "Hero Town in Danger!", Leggings and Anne can be found in the lab.

After the Time Patrol becomes involved with aiding the DBH Team against Sealas and Ahms, they use the Hero Lab as a field headquarters as Great Saiyaman 3 is revealed to be an undercover Xeno Trunks who has been investigating the anomalies in the SDBH game world after his and Chronoa's encounter with the rogue Patroller Sealas in the Time Nest during the game's opening anime cutscene.

Battle Center

A facility where SDBH players can play online against players from all over the world. Mint reveals she often visits the Battle Center to play against friends that live outside Hero Town. Entering the building gives the player access to Online Battles though an internet connection is required to play online. Battle Navigator Kaisei runs the facility which features a statue of Goku creating a Spirit Bomb on top. It is located in the northeast portion of town.

Accessory Shop

A shop owned and run by Maline which sells Accessories that can be equipped to any card in a Custom Deck that is not a Special Type and can be used to give Custom Cards their default Super Attack, Abilities, CAA Special Ability, and Ultimate Unit depending on the accessory in question. Her shop's location next-door to her brother Tour's Shop likely explains why his shop doesn't sell Accessories due to it creating competition and the fact that Accessories are not used exclusively for Card Creation. The shop's inventory increases through story progression.

In addition to being next-door to Tour's shop, her shop is next-door to Hero Town's Capsule Corp. office building. The CC office building can be easily noticed by its sign advertising Dabura Cookies.

Creation Shop

A shop owned and run by Tour which sells materials for Card Creation (save for Accessories). His shop is conveniently located next to Maline's Accessory Shop. The shop's inventory increases through story progression.

Gacha Shop

A shop owned and run by Incha which has Gacha Machines where SDBH Players can win Cards using Gacha Tickets or Zeni to play Accessory Gacha. Before Chapter 1, Sub Chapter 2, Beat can visit this shop and take part in a special promotion where Incha gives him 10 Normal Tickets and 1 Rare Ticket for Card Gacha allowing him to start collecting more cards for his deck. Afterwards he can acquire more tickets by playing different modes.

Additionally if he receives a Duplicate Card it will automatically be converted into a number of Ticket Pieces which can be traded for Normal or Rare Tickets. 10 Ticket Pieces for 1 Normal Ticket and 50 Ticket Pieces for 1 Rare Ticket.

In the Character 3, Sub Chapter 1 Super Boss Mission: "I'm a Robber Now?!", the shop is the target of a robbery through fortunately the game world Saiya Squad foils it after ending up in Hero Town due to an anomaly, through it does lead to them mistaking Great Saiyaman 4 as being the captured robber's accomplice and Great Saiyaman 3 the crime boss they were working for though they realize their mistake after the battle between the two generations of Great Saiyamen leading to them forming a new alliance made up of all four Great Saiyaman.

Thanks to the intervention of Saiyan Squad, Incha comes out of the ordeal unharmed and the shop's Gacha machines aren't damaged nor is anything stolen.

Item Shop

A shop run by the robot clerk Rill who sells items that boost EXP, Camaraderie, Bond, Zeni, Hero Energy, and Miracle Perfect Chance.

It is located in the Kame House Building (while it may share the name the building looks different from the actual Kame House) which features artwork of Master Roshi on it and the words "Kame" and "House" on it. Additionally, a Capsule #9 Motorcycle can be found parked near the building and there is a road sign featuring a statue of Teen Bulma near it as well.

Video Game Appearances


  • As indicated by the ad featured on a sign attached to the Capsule Corporation Office Building, Dabura Cookies are apparently a popular snack food based on Dabura when he was turned into a Cookie. The ad reads "Popular!" with the slogan "Dabura Cookies are Da-bu-ricious!".



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