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Hero Switch is a bracelet-shaped device created by Great Saiyaman 3 and Leggings that allows the user to physically enter and fight in the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.



While investigating anomalies within the game world of SDBH, Great Saiyaman 3 heard about someone who had managed to enter the game world and was able to retrace their steps using the data from said journey to design both the Hero Switch and Hero Lab.


Main articles: Dragon Ball Heroes machines and Great Saiyaman Watch The Hero Switch can also allows the user to take the race and type of their Hero Avatar (if the Hero Switch user uses a Hero Avatar that is a different gender from the user's real world gender then their gender will be altered to that of their Avatar). Once in the game world, the user can utilize their Hero Avatar's abilities to physically fight other users or characters in-game. Additionally the process also works in reverse allowing the user to utilize the power of their Hero Avatar in the real world. Additionally this may also lead to the user to manifest special powers such as gaining the ability to transform into their own version of the Great Saiyaman Suit with the Hero Switch serving the same purpose as a Great Saiyaman Watch though the only occurrence of this was when Beat's Hero Switch manifested a red and yellow version of the Great Saiyaman 3 Suit, due to Beat idolizing the Hero Master, with Beat proudly dubbing himself Great Saiyaman 4 upon acquiring the suit however this only applies to the Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission Crossover Story Event in Dokkan Battle.

In World Mission, starting from Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4", Great Saiyaman 3 has Leggings and Anne install the Hero Switches with a new feature that allows the user to fight in the real world of Dragon Ball by tapping into their latent power, giving them all the fighting abilities used in the game world in normal reality. This feature is activated using a new switch added to the Hero Switches by Leggings and Anne. Flipping this switch activates the new feature causing the user to take on the form of their Hero Avatar.

Built-in Suit Materialization Function

Beat however asks if he can use the Hero Switch to wear the Hero Master costume and Great Saiyaman 3 allows it, with Leggings revealing that the Switch has a built-in function that can instantly materialize the uniform and that Leggings was hoping the whole DBH Team all use it from the get-go, but the Hero Master and Anne stopped her, she explains how to activate this function to Beat causing his suit to materialize and Leggings suggests he go by Great Saiyaman 4, which he accepts. It is also revealed that like the original Great Saiyaman Suits, only certain people like Beat and Leggings thinks her design of the Hero Master's suit and Beat's suit is cool as Anne, Note, and even Great Saiyaman 3 are not as fond of it and Note has no desire to use said feature. Froze and Kagyu also do not utilize this built-in feature either.

Apparently Great Saiyaman 3's suit is also materialized by his Hero Switch given it is a built-in feature and he could utilize his deck in the real world even before said feature became available to the others through he could already fight in the real world by himself without the Hero Switch or his suit. As Leggings states all Hero Switches are designed to utilize the built-in feature indicating they all were intended to serve the same purpose as as the Great Saiyaman Watch, but Anne and Great Saiyaman 3 prevented her from revealing it before Beat asked if he could wear a suit like the Hero Master's and Great Saiyaman 3 gave Leggings permission to tell him about it.

Hero Switch Menu Screen

Additionally the Hero Switch allows the user to access different SDBH game modes or move around Hero Town more easily by activating its holographic menu screen. However Hero Switches are not available to the general public and are only given to members of the Dragon Ball Heroes Team to allow the to investigate anomalies within the game world timeline to prevent it from collapsing which would allow game enemies to invade the real world if left unchecked.

Hero Switch-Compatibility

"It might be prudent to expand our ranks. Let's start by finding people who Hero Switch-compatible. Your Hero Switches will guide you, reacting to worthy candidates nearby."
Great Saiyaman 3 on Hero Switch's ability to detect compatible candidates in World Mission.

Not everyone is capable of utilizing the Hero Switch as one must be Hero-Switch compatible to utilize the Hero Switch. In Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", after Dark Yamu and Dark Spopovich use Majin Buu Resurrection to steal Great Saiyaman 3's energy putting him out of action, he reveals to Beat and Note that the Hero Switch can detect Hero Switch-compatible people. Upon encountering a viable candidate that is not the user, the Hero Switch will react by glowing. Beat and Note use this function to find out that Froze is a compatible candidate and after explaining Great Saiyaman 3 needs people like him that are compatible to join the ranks of the Dragon Ball Heroes Team to protect their reality and the game world he agrees to meet with the Hero Master who convinces Froze to join as he a fan of the Hero Master and honored to join his team. This compatibility detection function proves invaluable to aiding them in increasing the ranks of the Dragon Ball Heroes Team.

Video Game Appearances

The Hero Switch was named and first appeared in World Mission.

In Dokkan Battle, the Hero Switch is used by Beat and Note in the SDBHWM Crossover Story Event which partially adapts the plot of World Mission. The portrayal of how Beat and Note manifest their latent powers outside the game world differs between the story mode of World Mission and the Dokkan Battle story event as Leggings, Anne, Froze, and Kagyu are not present in Dokkan Battle and Beat manifests his Great Saiyaman 4 Suit as a result of looking up to Great Saiyaman 3, while in World Mission, it is a built-in feature added by Leggings who intended for the entire DBH team to use but Anne and Great Saiyaman 3 objected.


  • The Hero Switch is similar to the Dragon Ball Heroes machines featured in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission though instead of time travel, they allow users to physically access to the game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes which is a virtual world located in a separate dimension to normal reality by taking on the form of their Hero Avatar. However the characters and enemies that inhabit it are technically real from the perspective of the game world and can manifest in reality if the game world collapses due to anomalies that alter is timeline. Additionally unlike the Dragon Ball Heroes machines, Hero Switches are unavailable to the general public who utilize advanced holographic gaming machines to play the game without physically entering the game world itself as they remain in normal reality.
    • The primary reasons it is not publicly available is due to the danger of fighting in the game world and the fact that only certain people are Hero Switch-compatible making public release of said technology impractical.
  • In World Mission, Mr. Satanman is shown to have some knowledge about the existence of the Hero Switch and its functions. However he also notes that they are not sold anywhere and asks Beat to let him know if he happens to find one, though even after receiving it from Great Saiyaman 3, Beat keeps his possession of one a secret as the Dragon Ball Heroes team is a top secret organization (affiliated with Capsule Corporation & the Time Patrol).
  • In World Mission for the Nintendo Switch, the Hero Switch's menu screen is accessed by pressing the + button and allows quick access to various modes and locations as well as allow the player to access their decks and partially customize their playable allies like Note and Froze (as selecting their Super Attack or which deck they use in battle). However some menus such as Hero Data, Hero Robo Data, Battle Collection, and Item List are only available via the Status screen which is accessed by pressing the - button. However the Hero Switch is used to access most menu screens.
    • Given the release of World Mission on the Nintendo Switch its possible that the Hero Switch itself was named after the game console (though unlike Ziku from Dragon Ball Fusions who resembles the Nintendo 3DS, the Hero Switch bares no resemblance to console).
      • Like the console, the Hero Switch is sometimes referred to simply as the Switch in World Mission.
  • In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4", Babidi's Manipulation Sorcery is shown to allow the brainwashed Kabra to take on a corrupted version of the Majin Hero which features the Majin Mark on his head tentacle. Given that the corrupted Kabra is fought in the real world it strongly implied Babidi's magic is able to tap into a corrupted SDBH player's latent power allowing them to access game world abilities and transform into the corrupted version of their Hero Avatar much like how the Hero Switch's new function allows the DBH Team to access their Hero Avatar's form and game world abilities in the real world as Babidi's magic is well known for drawing out the target's latent power though the anomaly was a contributing factor. It is also somewhat supported by the fact Kabra return to his normal Earthling self after Babidi is killed by Great Saiyaman 4.

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