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"People of Conton City, have you been to the Hero Colosseum yet?! There you can enjoy exclusive figure battles using the state of the art battle simulator! You've got all kinds of Hero Figures at your disposal and you can use and combine them in anyway you see fit! The number of combinations is unreal! Mix and match figures to create your own ultimate team!"
Bulma promoting the Hero Colosseum through the PA system in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The Hero Colosseum in Conton City in Xenoverse 2

Hero Colosseum is a minigame in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 with its own saga as a special story which centers around a device invented by the Capsule Corporation called the Hero Colosseum a battle simulator where people can take part in figure battles.

Story Mode: Hero Colosseum Saga

The Battle Simulator console inside the floating Hero Colosseum

The Hero Colosseum appears floating in the sky above the Recreation Plaza in Conton City. It can be reached via Flight or by using the Transfer Shop to teleport there. Interacting with the Battle Simulator console in the middle of the Colosseum will trigger start of the story. After completing the first story mission, subsequent Story missions can be accessed by selecting Battle (represented by the Vs menu button in the center) then select story to view the Story List to replay completed story missions or select Next Story to continue on to the next available story mission.

Say Hello to the Hero Colosseum!

Beerus, Whis, Vados, and Champa during brothers' fried egg topping argument

The scene shifts to space above the Earth where the brothers Beerus and Champa are having an argument of the correct topping for a fried egg. Beerus says Champa is a sorry excuse of a God of Destruction and that the proper topping for a fried egg is ketchup. However Champa disagrees and states his opinion that the properly made fried egg is sprinkled with sugar. Beerus however retorts that he can't sweeten everything that goes into his mouth and asks if he is a child or something. Champa says Beerus is one to talk as splashing a bit of ketchup on something makes it taste like ketchup and that Beerus has no taste. Beerus calls Champa an idiot for daring to say such a thing about him. Champa calls Beerus an idiot as only idiots call people idiots, but Beerus retorts that Champa just proved he's an idiot as he said idiot three times. Champa tells Beerus to stop counting how many times he says idiot, though almost calls him an idiot again though catches himself and calls Beerus a jerk instead.

As the two are about to come to blows, Whis tells Beerus not to fight. Beerus however states that Champa has a defective tongue, so a contest of cuisines only gets twisted. Champa states Beerus is impossible and suggests settling things with baseball, only for Beerus to remind him that it almost came to blows last time. Champa and Beerus conclude the only way to settle things is to fight, however Whis and Vados forbid it and attack their respective God of Destruction with Finishing Blow to get their point across. Both Angels decide to defuse the situation by suggesting a topping with Vados suggesting chili oil while Whis suggests yakiniku sauce. Intrigued the brothers put aside their argument in order to give their suggestions a try. As they leave Whis breathes a sigh of relief. Vados says they are simply impossible to which Whis agrees. Whis says they must find some way to get a handle on this situation or it could spell trouble for both Universes 6 and 7.

Future Trunks showing his figure to Elder Kai, Chronoa, and the Future Warrior

Back in the Time Nest, Future Trunks is together with Old Kai, Chronoa, Tokitoki, and the Future Warrior. Elder Kai notices Trunks holding something in his hand and asks what it is. Future Trunks shows them the object which is a figure of his main timeline counterpart in Super Saiyan form. Trunks explains he got it from Bulma from Goku's timeline who gave it to him while he was in Conton City. Thinking it is a doll, Elder Kai asks if he is going to dress it up or something, only for Chronoa to state he is so behind the times before telling him it is a figure and not a doll. Trunks says he has some figures for the Future Warrior as well. They can either gratefully accept or push away, though if they refuse by pushing away Trunks' persistence will eventually force them to accept. Trunks notes they are his mother's handiwork alright as they have been detailed down to the tiniest points. Curious, Elder Kai asks what they are supposed to do with the figure thingamajigs. Future Trunks states they are supposed to be part of some kind of game, but that he didn't ask about it so he doesn't know anymore details about them. Chronoa remembers she think she saw Goten and Trunks' younger counterpart playing with figures a little while ago in Conton City's Shop Area. Future Trunks tells the Warrior that since they have these new figures they should go ask the boys how to use them and head back to Conton City.

At the Hero Colosseum in Conton City, Goten and Trunks are playing the game with their figures. Goten sulks as he loses to Trunks again, causing Trunks to apologize before guessing he's just too strong for Goten to handle. Future Trunks greets his younger self as he arrives at the Colosseum with the Future Warrior. Trunks notes his future self is in a good mood, while Goten notices they have figures too and excitedly asks if they want to have a battle with them. Future Trunks is confused when Goten says they can battle with the figures, causing Goten to ask him if he knows how to battle. Trunks says they will just have to teach his future self and the warrior. Trunks introduces them to the Hero Colosseum and explains that the Hero Colosseum is a battle simulator his mother made from data she collected in Conton City. Taking a minute to recall what his mother told them, he quotes her by saying "You can use the warrior data installed in these figures to have lots of different fights." Future Trunks is still bewildered by the idea that they can make the figures fight. Realizing it is hard to explain he suggests they try a battle for themselves, and Goten agrees.

Trunks decides to take on his future self, which is fine with Future Trunks thus leaving the Future Warrior to face off against Goten. The Warrior manages to defeat Goten who is surprised at how good they were even though it was their first time. Trunks is impressed and tells them to battle him next. Goten states Trunks is better at figure battles than he is. Trunks states that his future self is hopeless and that he was hoping for a decent challenge. Future Trunks sheepishly laughs off his lack of ability and tells the warrior his younger self's skills are no joke, before wishing them good luck. Trunks asks if it is alright with them for him to go all out and let loose. Trunks is surprised when he actually loses to the Future Warrior while Goten is amazed that they beat Trunks.

Future Trunks says he didn't even stand a chance which is odd, before noting the warrior must have a real talent for figure battles. Trunks says he'll have to polish his skills some more and maybe get a stronger figure too. He says he is going to win his rematch with them, so they better be prepared to lose which is seconded by Goten who tells them not to chicken out on them. As the boys run off, Future Trunks laughs and says they really seem to like the Future Warrior before admitting he lost his battle with Trunks, however he states he still had a good time and thinks figure battles might just be what they and the Time Patrol need for relaxing. He says they should do it again sometime, to which the warrior can respond with a nod or think about it. If they nod, Future Trunks says he's going to practice so he can win next time and maybe that he should get a new figure while he is at it. If they think about it, Future Trunks states they are a pretty cool one and that they should come back again.

Promoter by Night

The Future Warrior, Goten, & the two Trunks surprised by Bulma's announcement of the Warrior's new job as Chief Promoter for the Hero Colosseum

Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior return to the Hero Colosseum where they find Goten and Kid Trunks. Trunks is happy to see them and is eager for another figure battle when his mother Bulma shows up whom he greets. Bulma tells the Future Warrior she saw their battles with the boys earlier and says they put on an impressive show for a first-timer. She admits just watching them put her on the edge of her seat and she says she has the perfect role for them. Xeno Trunks asks what role it is and Bulma bestows upon the Future Warrior the title of Chief Promoter for the Hero Colosseum to the shock of both Trunks, Goten, and the Future Warrior. She explains that the battle simulator is something else and is an invention she is really proud of and wants everyone to have the full experience seeing as how she went to all the trouble of making it.

Bulmaadmitting Goten and Trunks are the only fans she has gotten interested in the Hero Colosseum

However just handing out figures and doing promotions herself hasn't created the turnout she wanted and she admits the only real fans she has are Goten and Trunks. She angrily points out that most of the Time Patrollers in Conton City are fighting nuts who'd rather fight with their own fists, which is why she needs their help in spreading the fun the game holds. Future Trunks however asks his mother if she is aware that the Warrior is an active duty Time Patroller, causing her to angrily state she is aware of it and asks them to help out in between missions. The Warrior has the option to take it or refuse, though unfortunately for them they are dealing with Bulma who asks them if they are really going to turn down a request from her and then informs them that it doesn't matter what they say as everything is all settled and its too late to back out. Future Trunks tries to tell her she just can't force someone to work for her but can't bring himself to argue with her and just gives up on trying. If the Warrior agrees to take it Bulma is pleased and Xeno Trunks agrees to go along with it if that is what the warrior wants to do.

Bulma upset by the lack of interest in the Hero Colosseum

Xeno Trunks asks her how they are to go about getting people to realize how fun it is, only for Bulma to state figuring that out is their job, which Trunks reluctantly agrees with. Then Vegeta appears and asks his wife what she is doing in Conton City and about the Hero Colosseum he heard she had built. Kid Trunks explains the Hero Colosseum is a battle arena before asking if he got a figure too. Vegeta remembers Bulma giving him one but forgot about it, causing Bulma to admonish Vegeta for never being interested in her work before claiming that his lovely wife has invented the product of the century. However Vegeta points out its not for him as its a childish game compared to a real battle. However Bulma knowing his ego can't resist a challenge she tries to goad him into it. Vegeta claims he cannot be beaten when it comes to fighting, though he still refuses to take part in a childish game. However Kid Trunks says he wants to watch is father fight and Xeno Trunks agrees. The warrior has the option of encouraging Vegeta to fight or show dislike though they will get yelled at by Bulma for not paying attention if they show dislike before claiming they want to fight, though Vegeta agrees to fight though states he will only do it once. Regardless, Vegeta agrees and says he will show them how a real warrior fights.

However, Vegeta is defeated by the Future Warrior and despite not taking the game seriously at first, Vegeta takes the loss hard and in his usual fashion becomes angry at his loss, swearing that he will grow stronger and defeat them before rushing off. Trunks notes he didn't think his father would take losing the game so hard. Meanwhile Bulma, the Future Warrior, and Xeno Trunks notice the uproar caused by the fight which sparks an interest in the Hero Colosseum and figure battles among the Saiyan Time Patrollers. Bulma is surprised that Vegeta's fight has created such a buzz despite his loss. Xeno Trunks however states it makes sense as his father is prince of all Saiyans, so everyone naturally wants to emulate him. Plus, he also notes that seeing an intense battle like that makes people want to try it themselves.

Bulma realizes that it is perfect for promotion and resolves to get all sorts of famous fighters duking it out, so everyone is sure to see how fun it is. The Warrior can either say it's a good idea or disagree. If they agree, Bulma happily takes the comment while smugly admitting she is a genius after all. However, if they disagree, she will yell at them, though they stand their ground resulting in Bulma and Warrior glaring at each other while Xeno Trunks tries to defuse the situation, telling the warrior is not like that and tells his mother he thinks it's a great idea and he's sure they'll have a good time. Bulma notes things should start picking up before saying with that settled. Xeno Trunks asks what she means by with that settled, she tells them all they have to do is battle and it will be easy. She thanks them and says she's looking forward to hearing the good news, while Xeno Trunks says they will do their best.

Bulma will then appear in Conton City to promote the Hero Colosseum. The Warrior can talk to her to learn how popular the Hero Colosseum has become. She will reward their efforts with Hero Colosseum items each time the Hero Colosseum Popularity Level increases.

Earth's Mightiest Battler

To get Earthlings interested in the game Future Trunks and the Future Warrior decide they need a well-known Earthling to take part in a promotional battle. As they are talking Mr. Satan approaches them asking if they need any help. Future Trunks realizes Mr. Satan is just who they need to drum up interest given his celebrity status. Future Trunks mentions his mother giving Mr. Satan some figures though Mr. Satan is reluctant to play with simple "toys". However Future Trunks convinces him to help by appearing in a commercial for the Hero Colosseum taking advantage of Mr. Satan's "gift" for shameless self-promotion as a marketing tactic. He also convinces Mr. Satan to have a figure battle with the Future Warrior which ends up drawing a crowd of Earthling Time Patrollers which Mr. Satan notes means he has to fight so as not to disappoint the crowd.

As figure battles are more about skill and tactics, Mr. Satan is actually a decent opponent who focuses on using Ultimates to take out his opponent's figures quickly and flashily. Confident in his strategy Mr. Satan confronts the Future Warrior with confidence instead of his usual false bravado. However, the Future Warrior manages to overcome Mr. Satan's tactics and defeats him.

Mr. Satan is angry at the loss despite it not being a real fight. The Future Warrior can either apologize or whistle. Apologizing causes Mr. Satan to note it is too late and wonders how they help him save face. If they whistle, Mr. Satan is insulted by their disrespectful behavior. Regardless, Future Trunks gets the idea to act like he realized Mr. Satan threw the fight on purpose as if he was holding back his true ability. Future Trunks says he and Future Warrior will continue training so he can fight seriously next time with Mr. Satan playing along. The crowd falls for Future Trunks and Mr. Satan's cover story. Thanks to Mr. Satan's reputation, figure battles become popular among Earthling Time Patrollers some interested in figure battles, collecting, or simply members of Mr. Satan's Fan Club who want to collect all the Mr. Satan figures.

After the crowd leaves, Future Trunks tells Mr. Satan that Bulma will contact him later about starring in the commercial though Mr. Satan jokes he is a busy man before leaving.

Become a Figure Fanatic

Majin Buu using the Transfiguration Beam to turn Future Trunks into a ball

Future Trunks & the Future Warrior decide to get Majin Buu to play figure battles in order to get Majins interested in the game. Unfortunately when Future Trunks suggests they play a game, Buu starts suggesting different games before deciding he wants to play with a ball. However as he has no ball Buu suggests turning Future Trunks into a ball. Totally against the idea, Future Trunks suggests they play with Hero figures reminding Buu that Bulma had given him some though Buu stubbornly refuses. He uses his Transfiguration Beam on Future Trunks to turn him into Trunks (Ball). Future Trunks's ball form is identical to Kid Trunks' ball (his Ball form even has the Capsule Corp. logo) from Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Like Candy Vegito, Ball Future Trunks can speak normally though his movement is limited to bouncing constantly.

The Future Warrior can react by either panicking or kicking Ball Future Trunks. Panicking will cause Buu to laugh enjoying how Ball Future Trunks bounces as the Warrior panics. Kicking Ball Future Trunks will result in Future Trunks being kicked away humorously with Buu pointing out how fun playing ball is, while Future Trunks notes his displeasure at being played with. Regardless, Ball Future Trunks convinces Buu to fight the Future Warrior in a figure battle. If Buu wins Future Trunks will remain in ball form for Buu to play with, but if the Future Warrior wins he must turn Future Trunks back to normal.

After being defeated Buu says that the figure battle game is more fun than ball & agrees to return Future Trunks to normal. However Buu wants to fight more though fortunately Future Trunks mentions Mr. Satan has recently started playing convincing Buu to go play with Mr. Satan who is far more experienced in handling Buu. Buu flies off while Future Trunks is relieved to be back to normal. As a result of their progenitor's interest in the game, the Hero Colosseum grows more popular among Majins living in the city.

Sales Strategy, Namekian Style

In order to increase its popularity among the city's Namekian Time Patrollers and residents, Future Trunks and the Future Warrior decide to approach Piccolo. However unlike the others Piccolo overheard them and is willing to help much to Future Trunks's surprise. Piccolo sarcastically asks if they want him to play coy first though Future Trunks says that won't be necessary as they just weren't expecting him to be willing to help. Piccolo reveals that since Namekians are primarily a peaceful people something like the Hero Colosseum would suit them more than actual battles though asks what they are planning to do afterwards as eventually they'll reach a point where their current marketing strategy won't work. Piccolo even suggests they take advantage of Mr. Satan's popularity by having him wear a costume during the commercial and release a limited edition figure based on it to take advantage of his fanbase's love for Mr. Satan memorabilia which could draw interest from collectors. The Future Warrior can walk away or agree though Piccolo gets annoyed thinking they weren't paying attention though they both agree they were but were surprised at how much thought Piccolo put into it. Afterwards Piccolo and the Future Warrior start their figure battle. The Future Warrior wins though Piccolo enjoyed himself and notes their plan was successful as Namekian Time Patrollers become interested after seeing Piccolo has taken an interest. Future Trunks thanks Piccolo for his advice and Piccolo tells them to seek him out if they get stumped for ideas before noting he will train to get stronger to defeat the Future Warrior next time, thus they gain both an ally and another rival in Piccolo.

The Galaxy's Greatest Informant

Future Trunks and the Future Warrior arrive at the Ajisa District to face the one person who can help them drum up interest among the Frieza Race, the Galactic Emperor Frieza himself. They find Frieza, Zarbon, and Dodoria waiting for them. It revealed Frieza already knows about Hero Figures thanks to Captain Ginyu's intel. Frieza even shows them all a figure of Frieza in his Final Form which he narcissistically finds to be exquisite. Despite his past history with the tyrant, Future Trunks notes his mother will be pleased her work is appreciated though Future Trunks is only playing nice to get Frieza to fight the Future Warrior. However, Frieza vaguely recognizes Future Trunks. The Future Warrior can hide the truth or tell Frieza the truth about Future Trunks' encounter with mecha Frieza. If they true, Future Trunks will stop them and insist they start the fight. If they hide it Frieza drops the subject as Future Trunks nervously convines them to start.

Frieza is defeated and like Vegeta takes the loss hard even threatening physical violence though Future Trunks defuses the situation and Frieza regains his composure. Frieza plots to improve and even have the Frieza Force to take part. Frieza Race Patrollers and Frieza Clansmen start taking an interest though one expresses a desire to defeat Frieza via figure battle.

Conton City Quest - Bulma's Bodyguards vs. Dodoria

After defeating Frieza, the Future Warrior is directed to speak to Bulma in Conton City. Bulma reveals some creep has been following her and enlists their help in driving them off. Eventually Dodoria appears who's appearance Bulma finds repulsive and due to her vainty assumes he is after her. She tells him off by saying she is married through Dodoria calls her an old hag and reveals he wants her to hand over all her figures as the Frieza Force is collecting them under Frieza's orders. Seeing his mother in trouble Future Trunks steps up to protect her. In order to keep the peace Future Trunks suggests a figure battle wagering his mother's figures if Dodoria wins. If the Warrior chooses to look at Future Trunks, Future Trunks will suggest they fight noting his poor figure battle skills and Bulma wagers that if Dodoria loses they get a free punch at him for calling her a hag.

Dodoria's battle is a one time story battle that cannot be replayed after it is completed. After defeating Dodoria the Future Warrior receives a Dodoria figure as a reward.

Conton City Quest - Bulma's Bodyguards vs. Zarbon

However the Frieza Force does not give up easily as Zarbon approaches Bulma taking advantage of his good looks in order to charm Bulma into handing over her figures when she notes she is married after he compliments her beauty. However Future Trunks stops Bulma from handing over her figures by reminding his mother Zarbon is Frieza's henchman causing Bulma to remember their encounter on Namek and his ugly Monster form. Future Trunks forces Zarbon to figure battle for the figures with Bulma noting if he loses she gets to write "ugly" on his forehead.

Zarbon's battle is a one time story battle that cannot be replayed after it is completed. After defeating Dodoria the Future Warrior receives a Zarbon figure as a reward. Zarbon however is a sore loser and decides to transform to take the figures by force but Vegeta's prescence stops him with Bulma yelling at Zarbon for ignoring their wager while Future Trunks notes Zarbon seemed spooked by something and ask Vegeta if he knows anything unaware it was Vegeta's killing intent that forced Zarbon to flee rather than contend with Bulma's husband.

Tabletop Training

Bulma is congratulating Future Trunks and the Future Warrior on their success in promoting the Hero Colosseum to all five races in Conton City and is overjoyed at how popular the Colosseum has become thanks to them.

They are interrupted by the familiar voice of Goku greeting Bulma as he flies over to meet them. Goku wonders what Bulma is doing in Conton City even asking her if she's an instructor too. Bulma however confirms she couldn't be an instructor as she'd have nothing to teach as she's not a fighter or martial artist. Bulma and Future Trunks explain the Hero Colosseum and remind him of the figures Bulma gave him. Goku notes that he hasn't been able to spar with Vegeta due to him being focused on figure battles. Future Trunks and Bulma suggest he try it though Goku is sceptical its as fun as they say. Knowing thinking Isn't his strong suit, Bulma suggests Goku have a figure battle with the Future Warrior confident Goku will enjoy it.

Unlike previous story figure battles, the Future Warrior can no longer see their opponents place their figures which applies to the fight with Goku and all subsequent story figure battles after his. Despite this the Future Warrior manages to defeat Goku though he takes the loss in his usual laid back manner though since he had fun, Goku resolves to train and get stronger at figure battles and flies of to go train with Vegeta to get a better understanding of the game through battle.

Bulma and Future Trunks note figure battles will become even more popular now that Goku is interested. This causes Bulma to suggest they hold a special event to capitalize on its growing popularity.

Destruction is So Last Year!

Keeping the Peace

No Eyes for the Ladies

Capricious Coaching

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