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The Hero's Medal (勇者のメダル Yūsha no Medaru) is a dazzling medal given as the highest honor to somebody by the Snackian ambassador on Planet Snack.


The medal has a round shape with a green bolt running through the middle, a golden border, and a mix of colors for the body. The ribbon connecting to it is white with blue on both sides.


Bee with the Hero's Medal in his mouth after scaring off the Snackians

The ambassador attempts to bestow this honor upon Mr. Satan, but before he can, Galbee, the strongest fighter and hero of Planet Snack, challenges Mr. Satan to a fight. He wants to test the strength of Satan to see if he's being deceitful. Mr. Satan panics and asks Goku to fight Galbee for him. Goku accepts but before he can fight, he sees Chi-Chi with Piccolo and asks Satan to fake punch him. Goku flies away with his tractor and Satan is left defenseless. Before Galbee can beat Satan, he sees Bee standing behind him and panics, leaving along with the ambassador and secretary, due to their fear of dogs. Mr. Satan picks up the medal that was left behind and declares himself the strongest in the universe.