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Hercule to the Rescue (きゅうぐんさいみつへい!! Chikyūgun, Saigo no Himitsu Heiki!!, lit. "The Earth Army's Final Secret Weapon!!") is the fortieth volume of the original Dragon Ball manga series. It is released in North America as Dragon Ball Z volume twenty-four, with the chapter count restarting back to one.


Hercule to the Rescue

Breaking from his master Bobbidi, the rampaging Boo turns the entire world into his candy store! To fight back, Goku transforms into his most powerful form yet, but the world's only hope may lie in Trunks and Goten, the world's youngest and most promising fighters. Using an alien fusion technique, they attempt to merge together to form a single, even more powerful hero! Meanwhile, as Boo destroys city after city, the people of Earth call forth their secret weapon…the seemingly invincible (but actually incompetent) Hercule![1]


Son Goku was Earth's greatest hero, and the Dragon Balls—which can grant any wish—were Earth's greatest treasure. After many adventures, Goku finally died saving the world from the monstrous Cell, but he left behind two sons, Gohan and Goten. Now the Earth is being invaded by a new enemy: Bobbidi the Warlock and his terrible servant, Boo the Djinn. Gohan was the first to challenge Boo, but he was defeated and spirited away by Kaiô-shin. Vegeta was second the challenge Boo, and died. Now, Bobbidi and Boo rampage across the planet, in search of Piccolo, Goten and Trunks, the last living heroes who might be able to oppose them. But even though he's not alive, Goku is back from heaven with a special day pass…and he's ready to fight![1]

Volume introduction by Akira Toriyama

Toriyama's dog Mato in Goku's gi who died prior to the volume.

"Our dog, Mato (short for "Matroshka"), whose picture was in Dragon Ball Vo. 13, has died. She was 10 years old. She got kidney disease six months ago. I devoted myself to taking her to the vet regularly for her subcutaneous fluid treatments, even when I had deadlines, even was I had a cold. Mato put up a good fight, but she couldn't go on anymore. Our saving grace was the neighborhood vet, who showed such compassion in trying to help her. Thank you so much."[1]



Info below is retrieved from Viz Media.[1]

  • Son Gohan - Probably the greatest martial artist on Earth, he owes his super strength to the fact he's a half-human, half-Saiyan.
  • Son Goku - Gohan's father, he is one of the last of the alien Saiyans. Currently dead.
  • Piccolo - An alien from planet Namek.
  • #18 - A powerful and temperamental cyborg.
  • Vegeta - The prince of the Saiyan, he is Goku's archrival. Currently dead.
  • Son Goten - Goku's second half-Saiyan son (after Son Gohan).
  • Trunks - The half-Saiyan son of Vegeta and Bulma (not pictured).
  • Kuririn - Goku's former martial arts classmate. He is married to #18.
  • Hercule - An ordinary who became world-famous when he took credit for defeating Cell.
  • Kaiô-shin - The "Lord of Lords", he is the supreme deity of the Dragon Ball universe. He came to Earth to stop Bobbidi.
  • Kabito - Kaiô-shin's assistant.
  • Bobbidi - The son of Bibbidi the Warlock, who fought Kaiô-shin thousands of years ago.
  • Boo - A seemingly unstoppable creature created by Bobbidi's father.



Chapter # Title
(DBZ 279)
"Goku Meets Boo!"
DB Chapter 473 KZB.png

Goku begins teaching the Fusion Technique to the boys. In order to buy time for Trunks to get the dragon radar, Goku has a confrontation with Boo.

(DBZ 280)
"Super Saiyan Level 3!!!"
DB Chapter 474 KZB.png

Goku shows Djinn Boo the powers of the saiyan race, unveiling, to the shock of everyone, Super Saiyan Level 3! The powered up Goku commences in battle with Djinn Boo!

(DBZ 281)
"Boo Unbound!"
DB Chapter 475 KZB.png

The intense battle between Boo and Goku rages on! The powerful Djinn proves a worthy adversary for even Goku! Goku eventually ends the battle, and tells Boo that he will have a strong opponent. Boo kills Bobbidi.

(DBZ 282)
"Goku's Time"
DB Chapter 476 KZB.png

Trunks returns with the radar.Goku says that Level 3 drains a lot of power, and took away some of the time he had left. Goku and Piccolo begin teaching the fusion to the boys.

(DBZ 283)
"Goku Goes Back"
DB Chapter 477 KZB.png

The fusion training continues, and Goku must return to the Other World.

(DBZ 284)
"Where is Gohan?"
DB Chapter 478 KZB.png

Goku searches for Gohan in the Other World. On Earth, Boo has met a young blind boy, who does not fear him. Goku learns that Gohan has been with the Lord of the Worlds.

(DBZ 285)
"The Zeta Sword"
DB Chapter 479 KZB.png

While training, Gohan breaks the Zeta Sword with Katchin. From inside, comes the Lord of Lords! He promises that he possess great power. Goten and Trunks further their training to become one mighty being!

(DBZ 286)
"The Fusion Succeeds...?!"
DB Chapter 480 KZB.png

Goten and Trunks fuse, but the first two times fail. Third time's the charm! Gotenks (battle only shown in anime filler) gets beat by Boo.

(DBZ 287)
"The Earth's Secret Weapon!"
DB Chapter 481 KZB.png

Hercule confronts Djinn Boo. This is the start of their friendship!

(DBZ 288)
"Super Fusion!"
DB Chapter 482 KZB.png

Goten and Trunks fuse as Super Saiyans, and form Gotenks. He wastes the whole thirty minutes, and the fusion splits right before they confront Djinn Boo.

(DBZ 289)
"The Friends of the Djinn"
Dragon Ball Chapter 483 KZB.png

Boo finds and befriends a lost dog, which was hurt, until Boo healed it. The dog is shot by two men.

(DBZ 290)
"The Creature of Wrath"
DB Chapter 484 KZB.png

Boo is angry! Hercule attacks the two men. Later, Hercule is shot by the two men. This causes Buu to become angry and split into two Djinn Boos: the good and the bad.

(DBZ 291)
"Two Boos?!"
DB Chapter 485 KZB.png

The good Boo battles the bad Djinn Boo. The evil seems to be conquering the light, and as the good Boo tries to turn his bad counterpart into candy, it backfires! The evil Boo eats the Good, increasing his power by unimaginable means!



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