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Hercule Café is a café located in Satan City beside Satan House.


Around Age 774, the restaurant was supposed to open with a Hercule theme, featuring 25 "Hercule exhibits." However, the cargo plane that was to deliver them somehow managed to drop them, quite literally, all over Earth. Fortunately for the Café, the Dragon Team eventually collected and returned all of the exhibits to it, where they were then put on display.[1] The 25 exhibits are: Punching Bag, Championship Belt, Weight Set, Moustache Wax, Sandwich, Cape, Autobiography, Hercule Comic Book Issue #1, Hercule Action Figure, Piiza Action Figure, Pirozhki Action Figure, Caroni Action Figure, Hercule: The Movie, Key To West City, Boxing Gloves, Collector's Plate, Video Game, Hit Pop Single, Air Hercule Shoes, Diploma, Hair Care Products, Smoke And Mirrors, Warlord's Sword, Hercule Cereal, and Hercule Collectible Card Game.

Video Game Appearances[]

The Hercule Café makes its first and only appearance in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury. The player can speak to the purple-haired man inside to return Hercule exhibits that they have found. Collecting the exhibits, which can be found in places around the world, is optional.


  1. Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury, 2004—article assumes 100% game completion

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