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"Aren't you Saiyans a warrior race? I'd love to see for myself just how strong you really are. Still you're nothing compared to the almighty Race of Hera."
Bojack in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The Hera Clan[1][2] (ヘラー星人 Herā-seijin, lit. "People from Planet Herā") or Race of Hera[3] is the race that lived on Planet Hera. It is the race of Bojack and the Galaxy Soldiers, of which they are the only survivors.[4]


Zangya and Bido, two members of the Race of Hera

It is unknown if all the members of this humanoid race sport teal-colored skin and orange hair like Bojack's crew (note that in the original design by Toriyama, all of Bojack's crew had green skin and red hair).[5] Some of them have the ability to transform, like the Saiyans with their Super Saiyan transformation.

The name of the Race of Hera was first mentioned in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2, when Goku asks King Kai if he knows Bojack. King Kai responds that Bojack and his henchmen are the last survivors of the Race of Hera and were locked inside a star by the Kais. With their deaths, the Race of Hera is now extinct. In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Bojack himself uses the name in reference to his race when talking to a Saiyan Future Warrior.

The Hera Clan were a dangerous race who traversed the galaxy, destroying whatever they wished.[6]

The Galaxy Soldiers on the Prison Planet

During the Prison Planet Saga, the Galaxy Soldiers are among the prisoners brought to the Prison Planet who are placed within the Green Area in the game and Slum Area in the manga, Bojack is given the Two-Star Special Dragon Ball which are the key to freeing themselves from the prison if they manage to collect the other six. In the manga, Super Saiyan Future Trunks fights Bojack in the Slum Area and soon has Bojack on the ropes and believes he managed to kill him, but Bojack survives only to be killed by a surprise Death Beam from Frieza's brother, Cooler who claims the Two-Star Special Dragon Ball.

In the game, the Galaxy Soldiers confront Goku and Vegeta in the Green Area but are defeated by the two Saiyans. Bojack escapes, but is later killed off-screen by another prisoner. In both versions, a version of him appears as one of Hatchiyack's Ghost Warriors, who take on the army lead by Cooler's father, King Cold in the Chaos Area.

Bojack in the Universe Creation Saga

During the Universe Creation Saga, Fu recruits Bojack and Turles of the main timeline of Dragon Ball Super, who both want revenge for their past defeats. They confront the two Saiyans Goku and Vegeta at the base of the Universe Tree, who Goku and Vegeta recognize the pair as villains who had attacked Earth years ago. Bojack attacks Goku, wanting revenge on the Saiyan for briefly interrupting Bojack's fight with Gohan years ago, and inspiring the boy to once again protect Earth in his father's place. Which lead to him going Super Saiyan 2 and Bojack's defeat at SSJ2 Gohan's hands (this suggests that the events played out similar to the film's main timeline). Unfortunately, Vegeta intervenes and demands to know how and why they have returned. However, the pair says they are not the same as they once were before, and are powered up by Fu. Which grants Turles the Evil Saiyan state like Cumber has. While Bojack gains an Evil Saiyan-like aura, Goku and Vegeta respond by going into their Super Saiyan Blue transformations. With Vegeta taking on Bojack, and Goku facing off against his Evil Saiyan lookalike doppelganger Turles. However, Tokitoki begins to go wild as Fu and Dogidogi appear on the ground below. Goku and Vegeta try to go and face Fu, but Evil Turles and Evil Bojack stop them saying their fight is with them. Fu is overjoyed things are going his way, with the battle only helping to speed up the tree's growth.

Known Members

  • Galaxy Soldiers
    • Bojack - Universe 7 Hera Clansman survivor and leader of a band of Hera Clan mercenaries, the Galaxy Soldiers.
    • Zangya - Universe 7 Hera Clanswoman survivor.
    • Kogu - Universe 7 Hera Clansman survivor and swordsman.
    • Bido - Universe 7 Hera Clansman survivor.
    • Bujin - Universe 7 Hera Clansman survivor.
Partial Members

Transformations and Power Ups

Full Power

Main article: Full Power (Hera Clan)

Bojack in Full Power state

Members of the Race of Hera have the ability to take on a form that greatly increases their power. The form is taken when the Race of Hera user concentrates their ki.[7] In this form, the user's hair goes red, their skin goes lime-green, and their muscles increase dramatically. This form is first displayed by Kogu in his battle against Future Trunks, and later by Bojack when he powers up against Vegeta.


Main articles: Zombie and Bido

Bido as a Zombie chasing Mr. Satan in Fusion Reborn

If a member of the Race of Hera dies they may turn into a Zombie though the exact cause of the transformation is unclear as the only member of the race to achieve said form was the Galaxy Soldier Bido after being killed by Super Saiyan 2 Gohan in Bojack Unbound and can be seen in his zombie form in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn chasing Mr. Satan as he beats up other Zombies that had arrived on Earth while Janemba was causing chaos in Other World which caused the dead and living dead to appear on Earth.

Ghost Warrior

Main articles: Ghost and Ghost Warriors

Bojack with the other Prison Planet Ghost Warriors in the manga

In the game and manga versions of the Prison Planet Saga, Hatchiyack revives Bojack as one of his Ghost Warriors to fight against the Cold Force in the Chaos Area of the Prison Planet.

Evil Aura

Main article: Evil Aura

Bojack with the Evil Aura in Super Dragon Ball Heroes

During the anime version of the Universe Creation Saga, like his ally Turles, Bojack becomes capable of using the Evil Aura.

King of Destruction

Main articles: Destroyer King and Dark Energy (demonic)

King of Destruction Bojack and his team as Majins in Dragon Ball Heroes

A transformation gained after being placed under the control of Babidi in Dragon Ball Heroes and Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, and when a non-member of the Demon Realm race powers up using Dark Energy in Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X. In Dragon Ball Heroes, in addition to Bojack, the other Galaxy Soldiers are placed under Babidi's control as non-playable enemies in the Babidi's Counterattack Saga, though they are not considered to be Kings of Destruction.

Like Vegeta's Prince of Destruction form, the user gains a Majin Mark on their forehead (though in Bujin's case his is covered up by his head wrappings), though unlike him they lose their pupils. They also emit a dark aura with pink lightning and have the ability to use Mind Break to brainwash others like Babidi.


Main articles: Dark Magic and Supervillain In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 through Dark Magic, Bojack can use the first stage Supervillain power up state in his base form.

Dark Ki

Main article: Dark Ki

In Dragon Ball Legends, Galaxy Soldiers are all empowered with the Dark Ki by the Mastermind Zahha.


  • In the FUNimation dub, all male members of the Race of Hera spoke with a slight Caribbean accent. Zangya was the only member to speak with no discernable accent.
  • Because of their deaths by Gohan (with the exception of Zangya and Kogu, since the former was killed by Bojack and the latter was killed by Future Trunks), the Race of Hera has been brought to extinction in Universe 7.
  • It is unknown how or why the race went extinct.
  • In an altered timeline in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Bojack and Zangya live in an alternate version of Universe 6.



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