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Hell's Buster (ヘルズバスター Heruzu Basutā) is a technique that Cell and Frieza developed together while trapped in Hell.


Both Cell and Frieza begin to glow, then a yellow ki emits from both of their bodies, which then envelops their opponent, trapping him/her in an inescapable ki orb. Then, both the users throws the orb prison down into the deepest part of Hell with the prisoner in it.

This is where the prisoner will suffer the four stages of Enma's Terrible Torture Tour:

  1. Soup Bath of Hell: The victim bathes in a huge pot of soup. This is mainly to embarrass the victim.
  2. Ticklish Hands of Hell: The victim is strapped to a chair and is tickled by a group of hands, making him/her to laugh to tears.
  3. Boiling Sauna of Hell: The victim is placed in a very hot sauna, boiling him/her alive.
  4. Freezing Thundra of Hell: The last stage of Hell. This is where the victim is placed in the middle of a frozen wasteland to freeze. Along with that is a huge machine that encases the victim in soul-laced ice crystals, which gets stronger if struggled against. If the victim is a resident of Other World, then the frozen body can be shattered (but later repaired). If the victim is of the living realm, then the ice would melt due to the living heat energy, and the victim would break free.

Video Game Appearances

Hell's Buster in W Bakuretsu Impact

The technique can be used in Dragon Ball Z: W Bakuretsu Impact. The two villains finish off the attack with Cell firing a Super Kamehameha and Frieza firing a Death Ball, creating a giant orange orb of energy.

The combined attack in W Bakuretsu Impact

In the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, the technique appears used by Frieza alone on the card "Frieza's Fierce Detonation", used by Cell alone on the card "Red Cell's Sneaky Attack", and used by both together on the card "The Almighty Light Cage".

Frieza and Cell use this technique in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle.

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