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Hell's Buster (ヘルズバスター Heruzu Basutā) is a technique that Cell and Frieza developed together while trapped in Hell.


Both Cell and Frieza begin to glow, then a yellow ki emits from both of their bodies, which then envelops their opponent, trapping him/her in an inescapable ki orb. Then, both users throw the orb prison down into the deepest part of Hell with the prisoner in it.

This is where the prisoner will suffer the four stages of Enma's Terrible Torture Tour.


Majin Ozotto's clones of Cell and Frieza used this this technique on Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker Xeno Goku in order for Ozotto to absorb him until Xeno Vegeta interferes.[3]

Cell and Frieza used the technique against Goku in Hell.[4]

Video Game Appearances[]

In W Bakuretsu Impact, Cell and Frieza finish off the attack with Cell firing a Super Kamehameha and Frieza firing a Death Ball, creating a giant orange orb of energy.

In the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game, the technique appears used by Frieza alone on the card "Frieza's Fierce Detonation", used by Cell alone on the card "Red Cell's Sneaky Attack", and used by both together on the card "The Almighty Light Cage".

In Dokkan Battle, Frieza and Cell use this technique.