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The Heeter's' race or the Heeter Race is the mysterious race that the only known members are the Heeter family.


This race's members are turquoise humanoids with purple hair that come in various sizes.


Members of the race are capable of taking on a berserk transformation after releasing their true instincts by taking off their restraints.

As seen with Gas, it is apparent that the race can survive in the vacuum of space.

Known Heeter's race members

  • Heeter family
    • Elec - The oldest of the Heeters and the orchestrator of the fight between Granolah, Goku and Vegeta.
    • Macki - The only female member of the Heeters.
    • Oil - The biggest and fattest of the Heeters.
    • Gas - The tallest and strongest of the Heeters, also currently the strongest in universe 7.

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