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The Heeters (ヒータ Hīta) are a family.[1] The four Heeter siblings[2] are leaders of the Heeter Force (ヒータ軍 Hīta-gun, lit. "Heeter Army"),[3][4] a rich and powerful intel group who exist in Universe 7 and brokers for the Frieza Force, acting as intermediaries for planets Frieza conquers.

The Heeter family was introduced in the Granolah the Survivor Saga, where they acted as the true main antagonists.

Concept and creation

Heeter comes from "heater", and each of the members' names come from fuel sources (or possibly types of heaters): "electricity" for Elec, Macki from either firewood (薪; maki) or ribbon/wrappable heater (巻き付けヒーター; makitsuke hiitaa), and "Oil" and "Gas" from those words. The family's name being a pun on "heater" is presumably due to them being business partners to Frieza (whose name comes from "freezer").


The Heeters are business partners with Frieza, though this partnership is not an equal one, with the Heeters being the lessers in it due to Frieza's power. The Heeters' end goal is to take complete control over Frieza’s army and become the dominating force in the universe.

Their goals are to capture Zuno and acquire all the intel he has, obtain Dragon Balls to have their wishes granted, and take control of the Frieza Force so that they may control Universe 7.



The Heeters schemed with the Frieza Force to ravage Cereal, with the Heeters arriving afterwards and rebuilding the planet for sale. They later sold the planet to the Sugarians who had lost their own home and needed somewhere else to repopulate.

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga They are also in the business of putting bounties on life forms. They order Granolah to acquire Seven-Three in order to obtain his intel with the Heeters believing that the one who has most intel is the one who controls the Universe.


  • The Heeters can unleash their "inner nature" by taking off their necklaces. This form is similar to Great Ape.



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