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Heart Arrow of Love (愛のハートアロー Ai No Hāto Arō) is a unique ki technique used by Ribrianne.


Fat hoe's pregnant pose2

Super Ribrianne forming the Heart Arrow of Love.

Super Ribrianne performs her primary pose, forming the heart shape. This creates the heart-shaped arrow and bow, both made out of ki. She can then use the two to fire off heart-shaped energy blasts at the opponent. This can be performed in a variety of ways: the standard version being a single ki blast, a rapid fire version while hovering, and a energy barrage version in the air.


After transforming into Super Ribrianne, Ribrianne immediately forms the Heart Arrow of Love to attack Goku. However, these attacks were useless against the Saiyan as he dodged most of the relentless attacks.



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