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Haze Shenron Dragon Great Vibration[1] (ドラゴン大振動 Doragon Dai Shindō) is a Mouth Energy Wave used by Haze Shenron.


The attack heads towards Goku and Pan

Haze Shenron charges a yellow Energy Sphere from his mouth as tiny purple, yellow, and green spheres float around his head. The background behind him changes to multiple colors. Then, he fires the blast at the opponent, causing a large explosion.


Haze Shenron used this attack against Goku and Pan, blasting them into a mountain.


  • Extreme: Dragon Great Vibration (極・ドラゴン大振動) - An stronger variation utilized by Xeno Haze Shenron, this version is nearly identical, but with some differences, being Purple and much stronger.

Video Game Appearances

It appears named Dragon Large Vibration in Dragon Ball Heroes as Haze Shenron's Super Attack. It appears under the name Rainbow Glistening Shot in the Dragon Ball Collectible Card Game. It once again appears as Haze Shenron's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, under the name Dragon Quake.



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