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Haya is a protagonist in Akira Toriyama's Kajika manga. She also makes a cameo in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.



Haya is a professional thief. When an extremely rare Dragon Egg is stolen by the gang leader and billionaire Gibachi from a laboratory on Ronron Island, Haya goes to Sumakia and steals the egg from him. She is now on a quest to return the egg to the island in order to get the 1,000,000,000 payoff. Gibachi's minions follow Haya to a desertic area, and they try to kill her and recover the egg. Though she has only a sword against their guns, the woman takes out two of the baddies. The others open fire, and their leader scolds them for putting the egg at risk. Unsheathing his sword, he challenges her, and she takes him on. When her sword breaks, Kajika decides to enter the scene and takes care of the rest of the bad guys. He removes the villainy from the thugs, after which the leader gathers his men and politely leaves. After the battle, Haya retrieves the weapons Gibachi's men left on the floor in order to sell them at a good price.

Haya then tells Kajika that the guys were after her because of the Dragon Egg she possesses in her necklace and she asks Kajika to help her on her quest. As the three set off to Ronron Island, Haya makes up an excuse as to why she can not continue, but it is really because she fears Gibachi. She did not think the billionaire was so dangerous. Haya simulates a cardiac pain while holding her guts and Kajika remarks this, but she still manages to leave and convinces Kajika and Gigi to return the egg without her while planning to wait for them on the island in order to still get the reward. Before she leaves, and because she simulated a fake illness, Kajika gives her a pill he kept from his Kawa village and which has immense rejuvenation properties.

Haya comes back later, when the egg hatches. Gibachi and his men wound the young dragon and Gibachi drinks its blood, which turns him into a powerful dragon-man. Haya return the pill to Kajika, and thanks to it he heals the wounded dragon and thus saves one final life form, which allows him to go back to being a regular boy and defeat Gibachi. He then removes the evil from Gibachi's heart, making him a regular male dragon and letting him live with the young female dragon. After this, Haya brings the two dragons to Ronron Island and probably got a reward for this.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

Haya faces Donko in Victory Mission (far right)

Haya in the fourth chapter of Victory Mission, in the Heroes Stadium in Satan Mall. She is a contestant in the Dragon Ball Heroes tournament, and faces Donko for her first match.


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