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The Harmony Gold dub (also known as "The Lost Dub" and "Zero and the Magic Dragon", due to its Spanish adaptation) is the first English dub of Dragon Ball released in the late 1980s. Harmony Gold USA made a dub of Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies and Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure as well.


The original music was kept but all of the characters names were changed with the exception of Master Roshi, Tao and Chiaotzu. Harmony Gold USA also came around to dubbing one episode of Dr. Slump changing the name of all the characters for occidental names, except Arale.

In comparison to the first Funimation dub, it was a little less censored and more faithful to the original. Some of the perverted antics of Roshi and Oolong (known as Mao-Mao) were kept, such as a scene of the former slapping the butt of a stewardess in Mystical Adventure.

Only five episodes were dubbed by Harmony Gold, alongside their dubs of Movies 1 and 3, which were edited together as an 80-minute special. The dub was test marketed on several independent stations around the United States, but failed to find an audience, and was canceled. This dub was not released to home video.

The first Latin American Spanish dub (with the second L.A. dub being dubbed over this one, as requested by Toei) and Brazilian Portuguese dub of the first 5 episodes of the first Dragon Ball anime series were based off this "heavily censored" dub. However, from episode 6 and on, the dubs were based off the uncut Japanese voice since (With censorship made by the L.A. dubbing studio in the first 60 episodes, the latter being uncensored, requested by Televisa, who aired the series, and as the two Brazilian Portuguese dubs were based off the L.A. dub, all censorship was carried).

The Harmony Gold dub of Dragon Ball was recorded in Hollywood, CA in Intersound Recording Studios.

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