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"Happy Endings...And Then..." (だいだんえんそして・・・ Dai-Dan'en Soshite..., lit. "The Grand Finale, And Then...") is the 67th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Upon confirming Moro's death, Goku's friends immediately rush over to give their congratulations. On both Kami's Lookout and Planet Yardrat, everyone is quickly made aware of Goku's victory. Vegeta lands aside Goku and asks where his final burst of power came from, to which Goku is unsure, but concludes that there must be someone else amazing on Earth. In Uub's village, the Grand Supreme Kai thanks Uub for his assistance, calling him the savior of the universe. Uub asks the stranger who he is, to which he tells him that they are of the same kin, before saying his farewells and teleporting away to the Lookout, where he transforms back into Good Buu (who has no memory of his time as the Grand Supreme Kai), much to Mr. Satan's elation.

Goku having a feast at Satan House

In celebration of their victory, Mr. Satan puts on a feast in the garden of his home with all of Goku's friends and family present. Following the feast, Goku takes Esca back to his homeworld of New Namek. The Namekian Dragon Balls are used to summon Porunga, who restores the planets that were destroyed by Moro and revives everyone killed by him and his henchmen, including Grand Elder Moori and the Zoon-seijin. The universe quickly returns to how it was before Moro's emergence... with the exception of Merus, who was erased from existence after breaking the code of the Angels by using his power against Moro.

A few days later, Goku, Vegeta and Good Buu are taken to the Galactic Patrol Headquarters to be part of a ceremony where they, along with Jaco, are awarded medals for their efforts in the defeat of Moro. As one of the Galactic Patrolmen names the honorees, a fifth is unexpectedly mentioned: Merus Ikanoichiya-Bosshi, who emerges from the crowd, much to Goku and Vegeta's shock, as they believed that he no longer existed. Merus tells them that it is true, as he no longer exists... as an Angel.

Galactic Patrol Photograph

A few days prior, having been summoned to Zeno's Palace, a nervous Beerus, alongside Whis, kneel before the Grand Minister. Whis apologizes to his father, feeling responsible for Merus violating their code. The Grand Minister states that he made a great mistake putting Merus under Whis' care. He also explains that, ordinarily, a rule-breaking Angel is to be erased from existence forever, but in this circumstance, he had personally erased Merus himself briefly before bringing him back once again as a mortal, saying that he is no longer immortal and his angel powers are gone. When Whis asks why the Grand Minister would show such mercy, Shin appears, and it is explained that Shin had offered to give up his own life in exchange for Merus'. However, for all of the trouble that the three had caused, the Grand Minister decides to punish them: they must play with the Zenos while giving their attendants time off. Back in the present, at the Galactic Patrol Headquarters, Goku and company continue to have a good time, finishing off the celebrations with a commemorative photo. Just like that, Goku and Vegeta's time as Galactic Patrol members comes to a end and the universe is at peace once more.

The damaged remains of Seven-Three

With nothing much to do, Jaco joins another patrolman named Calamis on a visit to the Galactic Prison, where they go to the cell block where the surviving members of the Galactic Bandit Brigade are being kept. Calamis asks Yunba if he knows anything about a faint distress signal that came from the crater on Earth after Moro's demise, though they do not. Zauyogi speaks up, berating them for having destroyed Seven-Three, a being they had stolen that was filled with data and turned into a mighty powerhouse. Yunba then asks if Seven-Three has truly been destroyed and, when Jaco assumes that he must have due to there no longer being a trace left of Moro, starts chuckling, calling them "fools" for not making sure. The two head to the crater on Earth, where they try to find any trace of Seven-Three, but are unable to, as two other beings had found him first and placed Seven-Three's head into a container. They soon get in their spaceship and take off.

The OG Soldiers

A few months later, in space far away from Earth, an attendant approaches his master Goichi to relay information that the data from Seven-Three has been copied into all of their units. Seven-Three had previously been stolen from Goichi by Saganbo and his brigade, but has now been returned to them, stronger than ever. Elated by this news, Goichi believes it is now his time to rule the universe. Just then, in another ship, Granolah, who is receiving support from a person named Oatmeel, fast approaches and boards Goichi's ship. Using his weaponry, he is able to dispatch the guards that were sent out to confront him. Goichi orders that their units, known as the OG Soldiers, be released to stop him. After a specific unit in mind, Granolah easily dispatches the OG Soldiers when the scans show they are not who they are after. Entering another room, he finds his target: OG73-i, otherwise known as Seven-Three.







  • Granolah vs. Guards
  • Granolah vs. OG Soldiers



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