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"Hand to Foot" (にくだんせん Nikudansen, lit. "A Physical Battle") is the one hundred seventeenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred eleventh overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Frieza and Goku in a skirmish.


As Frieza and Goku face each other in the air, Frieza asks if Goku would prefer to fight there or on the ground. Goku says he would prefer the ground, and Frieza points to a nearby island. The pair fly over and land there. Goku sarcastically says that Frieza is generous for letting him choose, and Frieza replies that he will throw in another bonus by not using his hands. Goku then asks if he can start off as well, and Frieza agrees.

Goku and Frieza skirmish

Goku charges at Frieza, and the pair trade attacks, all of which miss until Frieza hits Goku with his tail. Goku is sent flying, but quickly recovers and charges back towards Frieza. He manages to grab Frieza's tail and swings him around with it, finally hurling him into a nearby rock formation. Frieza recovers quickly as well and returns to the fight. The pair trade blows again, with Goku getting in a kick to Frieza's stomach. However, Frieza then manages to get his tail wrapped around Goku's neck, but Goku escapes by biting it. While Frieza is stunned, he manages to kick him in the face. Frieza responds by punching Goku, knocking him backwards. Goku notes that Frieza used his hands, and Frieza replies that Goku's bonus period is over. Goku then tells Frieza that he is too confident, which makes him leave himself wide open. Frieza sarcastically thanks Goku for the advice.





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