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"Sorry Kai, but your luck has run out. Hakai."
Beerus to Zamasu before destroying him in "Protect The Supreme Kai Gowasu Destroy Zamasu!"

Hakai (破壊 Hakai, lit. "Destruction") is a powerful ability used by the Gods of Destruction.


Gods of Destruction possess the power to destroy almost anything with little effort, even working on intangible beings such as souls in the anime. People destroyed by the Hakai do not go to the Other World and simply cease to exist. However, in the manga, Beerus admits that Hakai does not work against immortal beings. When something is wiped out by Hakai, a tremendous amount of energy is released.

This technique can be performed in several ways. In the anime version of the "Future" Trunks Saga, Beerus is shown doing it also by extending one of his hands, with his four main fingers straight up and his thumb crossing his palm horizontally and then announcing "Hakai". Beerus causes his target to quickly erase into nothing as he did with Zamasu. In episode 69, Beerus simply pointed to Dr. Mashirito with his index and middle fingers without saying a word. The effects on the victim are shown to be incredibly painful, as Zamasu screamed in agony as he underwent erasure; however, non-corporeal beings, such as ghosts, do not display any signs of pain when subjected to the technique, as shown with Dr. Mashirito. In the manga, Beerus simply extends his hand and by saying "Hakai" fires a powerful blast that destroys his target, leaving nothing but dust. Beerus later displays a Hakai fired as a small blast capable of annihilating an entire planet.

After achieving Perfected Super Saiyan Blue, Goku is able to perform the Hakai to a limited degree, however, it is much slower than Beerus', destroying Fused Zamasu progressively and requiring concentration throughout - thus Fused Zamasu takes advantage of the weakness by using Future Mai as a human shield, stopping the technique. Top also uses this method in the Dragon Ball Heroes manga, however, Cumber is able to halt it with his fist. Belmod simply aims his palm at his target and they quickly turn to dust.

To use the Hakai properly, the user's mind must always be focused on destruction.[5]

According to Beerus, when something is destroyed with this way, it releases a large amount of energy. He demonstrates that this can create an explosion disproportionate to the object's size by destroying a small rock, causing it to explode with enough force to knock back Vegeta.[2]

In the manga, those who can use Hakai wear a distinct golden earring as a symbol that they can use the ability.[1] Beerus, Champa, Belmod, Rumsshi, Liquiir and Vegeta wear this earring. Arak possibly wears multiple sets of these earrings on his "whiskers", while it is unknown if Heles wears one.

Levels of destructive power

Beerus' Hakai releases an immense amount of destructive power

The skill of the user with the Hakai depends on the size and density of the objects they can Hakai and thus the amount of energy that will be released with the destruction of their target.

The weakest iteration of Hakai releases no destructive power with it's usage and simply turns the target to dust, an incomplete version of this basic level can be used by someone who is powerful but has no Hakai training, such as Goku. With the more advanced Hakai that releases destructive power - as he has only recently begun learning the technique - Vegeta can only destroy small/weak objects like rocks and large logs, Granolah can destroy very large boulders, while the God of Destruction Beerus can use Hakai on entire decorative planets, releasing a tremendous amount of destructive power.

To get around his more limited destructive power, Vegeta will collect multiple small objects together and Hakai them all at once to release more energy.


In the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, Beerus taps an egg which sends destructive energy into it causing it to turn into lifeless dust. This is similar to how Beerus destroys Zamasu in the manga, albeit on a lesser scale and performed in a different manner though the results are pretty much the same.

In the anime, after Goku and his friends expose Zamasu's plan to murder Gowasu, steal his Time Ring, and then use the Super Dragon Balls to gain immortality and supposedly create a dark copy of Goku in order to eliminate all mortal life, Zamasu attempts one last strike against Goku. Before he could land the blow, he was intercepted by Beerus, who then uses Hakai to completely eradicate the corrupt Supreme Kai apprentice for his crime.[6]

Beerus destroying Zamasu in the manga

In the manga, Beerus and Whis head to see Zamasu and Gowasu while Shin arrives on his own after checking Zamasu's future. Cornered, Zamasu reveals his true colors and desperately tries to attack, but Beerus easily catches his attack and uses Hakai, leaving nothing but dust.

Goku attempts Hakai on Fused Zamasu

During his final fight against Fused Zamasu, Goku uses this technique by concentrating all the energy of the Perfected Super Saiyan Blue state on his hand, destroying almost half of Fused Zamasu's upper body, but is halted after the latter uses Future Mai as a human shield. Much later, it was later noted by Goku that he messed up his attempt at copying this technique for use.

Unlike in Beerus' prior usage, this Hakai is not instant and slowly destroys the target by progressing from one side of their body to the other.

In the anime, after Goku and Vegeta returned to the main timeline, Beerus uses Hakai on Dr. Mashirito's ghost during Mashirito's attack on the World Invention Conference for badmouthing him, destroying him permanently.

In the anime, when Goku announces to visit Zeno to remind him of his promise to hold a multiverse martial arts tournament, Beerus ponders about his leniency and briefly threatens to destroy Goku with this technique due to the perils his ingenuity could expose the universe to - moments before the latter tricks both the Destroyer God and his attendant and warps away.

In the manga, Belmod destroys a female extraterrestrial for insulting Marcarita.

Sidra using Hakai

In the anime, while recruiting members for Team Universe 9, Sidra destroys an entire city that was into chaos after learning the possibility of having their universe destroyed in the Tournament of Power and also out of disgust for the savagery of the mortals.

When Krillin considers dropping out of the Tournament of Power after learning about its true purpose, Beerus threatened to destroy him, forcing Krillin to change his mind.

During the Tournament of Power, upon taking on his Destroyer Form, Top utilizes several variants of Hakai via the Energy of Destruction.

In the manga, Beerus utilized this technique against Vegeta whilst demonstrating the abilities of a God of Destruction displaying his mastery of it by showing how it could be applied offensively by firing it as a small blast which wiped out an entire Decorative Planet, and then defeated Vegeta in battle using the force of the technique despite only his armor being targeted by it. After some time of training, few failed attempts and guidance from Beerus on differentiating destruction done using normal ki blast and that of Hakai, Vegeta successfully used Hakai to destroy a small pebble after he learnt it. Over the next few weeks Vegeta continued to progress rapidly and during a training session was able to destroy multiple medium sized wooden logs continuously without a single fail. Near end Vegeta even ended up destroying a huge sized log along with a big portion of waterfall behind it.

After wishing to be the greatest warrior in Universe 7, Granolah gained a Hakai-like ability which he used to test his newfound power, then later defend himself against the Heeters and later again against Goku and Vegeta. Macki compared Granolah's ability to magic. Not knowing the name of this technique, Granolah simply refers to is as "destructive power".

God of Destruction Top's attempts to Hakai Super Saiyan 3 Full Power Cumber

In the manga version of the Universal Conflict Saga, God of Destruction Top attempts to use Hakai to destroy Super Saiyan 3 Full Power Cumber but the Evil Saiyan blocks the attack with his fist.


Video Game Appearances

"...It looks like your plotting something. Do anything foolish and I'll Hakai you!"
— Beerus special dialogue with Fu in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

In the Funimation dub of Xenoverse 2, Beerus refers to this technique as Hakai when facing off against Fu. However, he says "I'll destroy you!" in the game's English subtitles. It is unclear why it was left untranslated in the dub, however, this fits with Funimation's dub of Dragon Ball Super where it is also left untranslated.

UVPJ-07 Goku (SSGSS) card that allows Goku to use Hakai from World Mission

In FighterZ, Hakai appears as part of Beerus' Level 3 Super Special Attack, God of Destruction's Judgement (破壊神の裁き Hakaishin no Sabaki). The attack is normally a Headshot, but if it does enough damage and the opponent is Goku Black, Beerus will instead use Hakai and erase the opponent from existence. Presumably, this is a reference to Beerus destroying Goku Black's past self, Zamasu. With the addition of Fused Zamasu from Season Pass 1, Beerus will also use the Hakai on Fused Zamasu as well.

Super Saiyan Blue Goku can use the Hakai in Dragon Ball Heroes.

In World Mission, Goku's Hakai Super Attack is localized as Destruction, however as the game lacks an English dub, Goku still refers to it as "Hakai" when performing the technique. His UVPJ-07 Goku (SSGSS) card is the one that allows him to perform Hakai as his Super Attack and features artwork of Super Saiyan Blue Goku using Hakai. Due to game mechanics, Destruction doesn't fully destroy the opponent as the opponent only appears to be destroyed, yet if the attack doesn't KO them or the opponent revives they will survive.

During the events of Dragon Ball Legends, Beerus uses Hakai in an attempt to eliminate Zahha, who survives thanks to his Omnificence Crystal and retaliates with a Hakai of his own.


  • In the anime, despite Zamasu's head being the first thing to disintegrate, his agonized screaming continued despite no longer having vocal cords, only stopping once his entire body was destroyed. However, it is possible the screams were emanating from his spirit, which was also being destroyed.
  • In the manga, Goku initially believes that Hakai can destroy an immortal like Future Zamasu, but Beerus later confirms it cannot.[8] In the anime, Goku believes it cannot destroy an immortal, which Whis then indirectly supports by saying they have a sealing technique to deal with Zamasu. In the English dub of the anime, Vegeta comments that even if Zamasu's physical body could be destroyed by Beerus, Zamasu will still live on in his ether form.
    • In Dragon Ball FighterZ, however, Beerus can use Hakai against Fused Zamasu, despite the latter being immortal.
  • In the Funimation dub of both Dragon Ball Super and Xenoverse 2 the technique's name is left untranslated. This makes it one of several techniques like Kamehameha and Masenko left untranslated or not to have its name changed in the English dub. Interestingly, in the Funimation dub of Dragon Ball FighterZ and the English version of World Mission, it is translated as Destruction.
  • When Gogeta kills the Crimson-Masked Saiyan in the anime, the way Crimson disintegrates resembles the effects of the Hakai ability.



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