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Gyoshu (ギョーシュ Gyōshu) and Kakuja (カクージャ Kakūja) are identical scientists who work for Lord Slug. They were the only minions of Slug who were not fighters.


Gyoshu seems to have more of a cowardly attitude, while Kakuja is more serious and evil.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Lord Slug[]

When Gyoshu is asked by Lord Slug how long it will take to "fix" Earth, his answer (10 days) does not satisfy his leader and he is swiftly killed with a Ki Blast that rips a hole through his body. His successor, Kakuja, manages to "fix" Earth in less than half the time that Gyoshu said (3 days). Kakuja is unintentionally killed by Lord Slug when the Namekian accidentally blasts his own ship while trying to hurt Gohan, causing the demon to fall to his death. Later, when Goku impales Lord Slug, the giant Namekian falls onto his ship, crushing Kakuja's corpse and destroying it in the following explosion.


According to the Dragon Ball Carddass, their power levels are 2,000.

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  • Gyoshu and Kakuja's names come from the Japanese words for "professor", (教授, kyōju) and "scholar" (学者, gakusha), respectively.


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