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The Gurumes Army is the army controlled by King Gurumes in the Land of Gurumes in the movie Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies.



One of Gurumes' soldiers beaten by Yamcha

In Curse of the Blood Rubies, the army is given a massive order by the corrupted King Gurumes: gather the seven Dragon Balls, even if it resorts to destroying parts of the land itself to find them, in order to cure Gurumes' curse of a never ending appetite, which is starting to kill him. The army forces the villagers of the land to work too in finding the Dragon Balls, using harsh punishments for anyone who may slack during work or refuse entirely. The army also has two especially talented members, Pasta and Bongo, who often report to King Gurumes personally with updates. Once King Gurumes is cured of his hunger and returns to his peaceful ways, the army assist the villagers in making the land beautiful once again, since it had been ravaged during the Dragon Ball search.

The armies outfit usually consists of a blue outfit in various sizes, depending on the soldier. The army carries guns and also have other military equipment at their disposal, such as fighter planes and cannons.



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