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This article is about Tarble's wife. For the monster who also goes by this name, see Gure (monster).

"How do you do, my brother? I'm Gure. I'm honored."
Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!!

Gure (グレ Gure) is an alien and wife to Vegeta's estranged brother, Tarble.


Gure is a short, alien with black eyes and two nostrils. She wears a purple and white top, white gloves, and purple footwear.


Gure is a very polite and gentle person like her husband Tarble and introduces herself to people her husband is close to such as when she introduced herself to Vegeta, her brother-in-law, despite his estrangement to Tarble. She also encouraged Trunks to prepare for the arrival of Abo and Cado, showing that she cares about the well being of others close to her and Tarble and wants them to do well when facing strong enemies. Gure also seems to be a happy person as well as she is seen smiling constantly although she has displayed fear on occasions where she and her husband might be in danger such as when she is seen walking behind Tarble in fear that Abo and Kado have arrived to attack them once more after terrorizing their planet. Though Gure has a polite and gentle demeanor, Gure hasn't talked much. Gure also displays surprise when she sees Goku and Vegeta's humongous appetites despite her being married to a Saiyan herself.



Gure was born on a remote planet. At some point in her past, Tarble is sent to live on her planet by King Vegeta, and the two meet and eventually marry.

Dragon Ball Z

The Return of Son Goku and Friends!

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Two years after the defeat of Kid Buu, Gure and Tarble flee to Earth to seek Vegeta's assistance in defeating the brother duo Abo and Kado, henchmen of Frieza, whom Tarble confesses have since become as powerful as their master and have been terrorizing his home. Abo and Kado pursue Gure and Tarble to Earth using Attack Balls, where Trunks and Goten face the two.

Gure and Vegeta bowing to one another

She does not say much besides greeting Vegeta as her brother-in-law after Tarble introduces her as his wife and wishing Trunks good luck against the incoming duo. During Aka's Super Wahaha no Ha attack, she is seen being protected by her husband as Gotenks deflects the blasts coming towards them and is last seen being astounded at Goku and Vegeta's appetite. Gure and Tarble return home after the brothers are defeated.

Voice actress

  • Japanese: Kumiko Nishihara