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"Gurd's Psychic Powers" (グルドのちょうのうりょく Gurudo no Chōnōryoku, lit. "Gurd’s Psychic Powers") is the eightieth of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred seventy-fourth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features all members of the Ginyu Force doing a flamboyant fighting pose.


As Gohan and Krillin's Ki Blasts head towards him, Guldo uses Time Freeze to allow himself to escape. He briefly allows time to restart while he turns before quickly stopping it again. When he does, he is surprised at how far Gohan and Kuririn have moved. Unable to hold time any longer, he lets it restart. The blasts hit the ground, and Kuririn and Gohan quickly determine where Gurd is before disappearing from sight. Gurd stops time with the pair quickly closing in and hides behind some rocks, but they immediately detect him again as soon as time restarts.

Watch your head!

Unable to stop time any more, Gurd is forced to resort to using telekinesis to render his attackers immobile. Jeice notes that Gohan and Kuririn had power levels over 10,000, which Recoome says must have scared Gurd. Burter notes that being able to change power level without transforming is rare, and Vegeta rues the fact that Gohan and Kuririn having seemingly ignored his advice about Gurd. With the pair paralyzed, Gurd uses his telekinesis to throw a sharp tree trunk at them. However, Vegeta quickly steps in and decapitates Gurd with one clean blow. Released from the telekinesis, Gohan and Kuririn are able to dodge at the last second.

Gurd's decapitated head argues that Vegeta's attack was not fair, but Vegeta says that he never agreed to the rules, and that nothing's fair in battle. Gurd calls Vegeta a "monkey-butt," and Vegeta disintegrates his head with a ki blast. Gohan and Kuririn thank Vegeta for saving them, but he says that it was just a good chance to kill Gurd. Butta, Jheese, and Reacoom are upset that their fighting pose is now messed up, and begin to play Rock-Paper-Scissors to see who will fight next. Vegeta says that now the real test will begin.






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