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Groundbreaking Science is a book revealed to have been written by Gohan in Age 804.[1]


This book gave an understanding of ki usage to the general public, thus opening up a worldwide interest in martial arts and fighting.


Gohan reading, devoted to scholarly research

After the departure of his father, Gohan reflects on the power he wields and so devotes himself to scholarly research on the source of that strength, ki. Gohan begins researching the martial arts of the past, organizing them in his book Groundbreaking Science in Age 804. The book quietly gains popularity and one of the articles, "Katchin Can Be Cut!", has an immense influence on the birth of the Swordsman class, as it leads to the creation of Trunks and Goten's Kikoukenjutsu Sword School in the year following the book's release. It also leads to Krillin and Tien Shinhan starting up their own training schools in Age 821, the New Turtle School and the New Crane School, respectively. As a result, by Age 1000, many Earthlings has taken up advanced martial arts and understand ki control.


The Martial Artist holding a book that may be Groundbreaking Science in Dragon Ball Online

  • In the first promotional video for Dragon Ball Online, the Male Martial Artist (1) is shown reading a book that may be Groundbreaking Science (as it is a popular book among Earthling martial artists like himself).
  • Gohan's book being responsible for introducing the concept of ki to the general population of Earth leading to a martial arts renaissance on Earth that lead to the foundation of the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School, New Turtle School, New Crane School, and Pan Fighting Network, is quite a fitting tribute to both his chosen occupation as a scholar (which allowed him to study ki and the martial arts from a scientific and scholarly perspective) and his own history as a martial artist who was the true winner of the Cell Games responsible for defeating Cell.
    • It also fits with Gohan explaining the nature of ki and ki manipulation to Videl during her Flight training. Additionally, his experience teaching Videl how to utilize ki to fly likely helped him when writing his book that would teach how to utilize ki to the masses.
    • It also presumably made Earth's general population Martial Artists much stronger when the Frieza Force invaded in Age 820, considering the Guard Troops resorted to using Jigglers to combat the planet's Martial Artist population and the fact that Goten & Trunks founding of the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School due to being inspired by a quote from the book, with their Swordmanship ultimately being responsible for defeating the Frieza Force's Jigglers.