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Promotional poster for the Saiyaman movie

The Great Saiyaman is a formerly "unauthorized" film that was set to feature the Great Saiyaman. The reboot called Great Saiyaman vs. Mr. Satan is under direction from the actor Barry Kahn and the martial artist Mr. Satan.


Dragon Ball Z

"Director Red" and "Associate Producer Black" on the set of the Saiyaman film

During production, Gohan mistook a stunt car chase scene for the real thing and intervened, putting a halt to the scene (much to the dismay of both actors and crew alike). Later in that same day, he replaced the stunt Saiyaman (who was afraid of heights), but the director was extremely displeased with his performance. Ultimately, Gohan continued on his way to Kame House and cast and crew alike could do little more than watch in awe as the real Saiyaman, whom they thought was a generic stuntman, flew off into the horizon.[1]

Dragon Ball Super

The new film "Great Saiyaman VS Mr. Satan"

During the "Future" Trunks Saga, a new version of the film called Great Saiyaman vs. Mr. Satan is being filmed starring Mr. Satan and actor Barry Khan in the role of Great Saiyaman. Pop idol Cocoa Amaguri is picked to play the role of the film's damsel in distress. Mr. Satan gets his son-in-law Gohan to play the role of Barry's stunt double allowing him to effectively portray his alter-ego for the film's stunts and action scenes. Barry is shown to be a sadistic narcissist who is willing to force his original stunt double to do an extremely dangerous stunt on a whim, though is angered when Gohan replaces the stunt double and performs the stunt effortlessly thanks to both his superhuman and Saiyan strength.

Barry Khan and Gohan during the filming of "Great Saiyaman vs. Mr. Satan"

Barry becomes jealous as Gohan is getting all the attention due to being Videl's husband, despite being just his stunt double. During a conversation between Bulma and Gohan, it is revealed that Bulma had supplied the Great Saiyaman Suits for the film through the Capsule Corporation, though only Gohan's is the genuine article with the one used by Barry being little more than a prop costume. During the filming, Cocoa overhears the conversation between Gohan and Bulma, discovering he is the real Great Saiyaman. Cocoa offers to maintain her silence in exchange for flying her around the city and doing a scene with her. Barry however forces Cocoa to help him frame and blackmail Gohan in order to turn Videl against her husband by making it appear he is having an affair with Cocoa. However Videl sees through the deception as she knows husband's character well enough to know he would never do something like that (she even suggesting he had a good reason for the kiss such as helping Cocoa rehearse as they were working together on the film and/or may have suspected blackmail on Cocoa's part as she knows her husband is vulnerable to blackmail when it comes to his secret identity as she herself used it to blackmail him in training her to fly and participating in the World Tournament in the past) and both kick Barry out, despite him threatening to expose Great Saiyaman's true identity.

The Watagash-possessed Barry Kahn fighting Super Great Saiyaman

However Barry is possessed by Watagash an alien criminal who had escaped Galactic Patrol custody whom Great Saiyaman had defeated when he possessed a bank robber. Due to Barry's evil personality, Watagash's power increased causing Barry's body to change increasing his power. The Watagash possessed Barry attacks Great Saiyaman and transforms into an even more powerful form thanks to Barry's evil nature. Great Saiyaman tries to defeat Barry in his base form, but he transforms again and defeats Great Saiyaman, forcing him to transform into a Super Saiyan which the film's director dubs Super Great Saiyaman and defeats Watagash with his Super Great Saiyaman Beam, freeing Barry from Watagash's possession. Cocoa ensures that Barry will not expose Gohan's secret by blackmailing him into silence by threatening to tell the world the monster that fought Great Saiyaman was Barry (thus outing Gohan as Great Saiyaman would only hurt Barry himself as Gohan would likely only become more famous for his heroism as Great Saiyaman which would probably not surprise the general public considering such heroism wouldn't be considered out of the ordinary for someone related to Mr. Satan). Gohan later decides to use the name Super Great Saiyaman when using his Super Saiyan form while disguised as Great Saiyaman.

Gohan's parents Goku and Chi-Chi later went to see the film, though Chi-Chi was annoyed that Goku didn't really watch the film, though Goku stated that he didn't have anything against the film personally, it was just he just wasn't a fan of watching fighting on film, as he found it boring compared to actually fighting.

Cast and crew of Great Saiyaman vs. Mr. Satan


Actors in the Saiyaman movie after being stopped by the Great Saiyaman

  • Some of the people working on the movie are from the Red Ribbon Army Saga of Dragon Ball or look almost exactly like them. A Commander Red look-alike works as the director (the only notable difference between the two is that the director does not possess an eyepatch), a Staff Officer Black look-alike as the associate producer, and the genuine unnamed human and pig robbers from West City (who tried to rob Goku of his 1,000 Zeni back when he was a child) work as stuntmen/general actors.
  • The Director of the movie says that Gohan, the real Saiyaman, looks nothing like Saiyaman, though this was likely due to the fact that Gohan was wearing his Bandana & Sunglasses instead of his normal helmet at the time.
  • Barry Khan makes his physical debut in Dragon Ball Super during the filming of the reboot film where he plays the role of Great Saiyaman. Barry Khan was originally introduced in Dragon Ball Z during the Majin Buu Saga in a magazine that Innocent Buu found while trying to convince a terrified Young Girl he liked to kiss him. Majin Buu uses his body manipulation to morph his face to resemble Barry hoping the girl will find Barry's face more appealing though it fails as she rejects him and is turned into candy. This occurs in both the manga and anime. Barry being a villain in Dragon Ball Super is ironic as Majin Buu was a villain at the time he altered his face to look like Barry.
    • Additionally it is even more ironic that Barry would end up playing the role of Great Saiyaman in the reboot film, given his evil and sadistic personality, though this could be intentional as to contrast between Gohan/Great Saiyaman as well as setting up Barry to fight Gohan while possessed by Watagash as his evil nature allows Watagash to become powerful enough to defeat Great Saiyaman/Gohan in his base form.


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