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Gravity Burst (グラビティ・バースト Gurabiti Bāsuto) is one of the signature abilities of Hearts.


Hearts fires several near colorless-like rainbow gradient spring green mint, light-blue, and violet-purple transparent cubes of energy at a foe. Which combines, and traps them all into a single large Gravity Cage. Hearts then amplifies the cage to damage the trapped foe.

Video game appearances

Gravity Burst appears in Dragon Ball Heroes where it was added in Universe Mission 7 as the Super Attack of Hearts. It can also be used by Hero Avatars of the Hero type by raising Hearts' Camaraderie level to Lv2. Goku's BM7-050 card can Subspace Summon Hearts to use the attack. Hearts's second variant added in Big Bang Mission 7 also uses the attack.


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