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This article is about the third part of the Universe 7 Saga for Dragon Ball Super. For the whole saga, see Universe 7 Saga.

The Granolah the Survivor Saga[1][2] (せいざんしゃグラノラへん Seizansha Guranora Hen, lit. "Granolah the Survivor Arc") is the sixth major saga of the Dragon Ball Super manga. It occurs after the events of the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga.


Bardock and Granolah's Past[]

DBS 77 01

The Great Apes on Cereal

Forty years ago on Planet Cereal, the Saiyans arrived and lay waste to its city and the residents within. Desperate, the Cerealians destroyed their moon, causing the Great Apes to revert back to normal, though the Saiyans were more than powerful enough to wipe out the Cerealians. When Bardock approaches Granolah and his mother inside a building, Leek calls out to him from outside. Leek says they've completed their mission and must leave but Bardock tells Leek to go without him as he'll look for survivors, not informing him about Granolah and Muezli.

Using his Scouter, Bardock determines that these are the last two Cerealians and detects another survivor in the mountains. Bardock takes the two to the survivor's location. Monaito, senses Bardock and attempts to attack him, only to be easily thwarted by the Saiyan. Monaito calms down when he sees two Cerealians with him. Muezli asks Monaito for shelter, which he happily accepts. Bardock tells them to stay hidden and lie low, as Frieza is on his way to Cereal. Before he goes, Monaito asks for his name and treats his arm with Healing. Suddenly, Bardock detects someone with his Scouter and discovers the Heeters in the distance. Bardock, Monaito, and Muezli listen to the Heeters discussing their plan to scam the Sugarians and usurp Frieza one day.

The Hetters 41 years ago

The Heeters

Suddenly, Granolah wakes up and screams when he sees Bardock, alerting the Heeters. Monaito quickly uses a Kiai to knock Granolah out. Bardock takes Monaito's cloak to hide his face and takes aim at them, pretending he found some survivors to kill. Elec tells him to get on with it, but Bardock says the Namekian has a strange power worth checking into. Elec quickly draws his gun and shoots Muezli in the chest, killing her. He orders Bardock to kill the kid and the Namekian. Bardock attacks the Heeters with an invisible blast, but Gas blocks it with a forcefield. Using the smoke as distraction, Bardock makes a quick getaway with the others. Monaito laments that his power can't save Muezli and Bardock says the Heeters will come looking for them to prevent their secret from getting out. Elec sends Gas to find and kill them.

DBS 83 02

Gas overpowers Bardock

Gas soon finds them and as the two battle, Bardock notes with trepidation that Gas has not been damaged by any of his attacks. Gas resolves to finish the battle now, as Elec has placed his trust in him. Monaito chimes in saying that the Saiyan has already done enough for them and that he should save himself. However, Bardock refuses to flee and the two continue their battle. Though he tries valiantly, Bardock is no match for his opponent, even more so when Gas unleashes some of his inner nature.

Meanwhile, Monaito quickly returns to his home and gathers the Cerealian Dragon Balls. Monaito summons Toronbo and asks the Dragon to send Bardock back to his home planet but Bardock refuses. Instead Monaito asks Bardock if there is another wish that could be granted for him instead to which he responds that he would like to see his sons thrive. From a distance the other Heeters notice the glow from the Dragon just as the Dragon Balls disperse and fly away. Curious, Elec decides to go and check it out.

DBS 83 05

Bardock fights back

Gas begins to completely overpower Bardock and attempts to finish him off, creating an energy spear which he launches at the injured Saiyan, but Monaito intercepts and the spear goes through his shoulder instead. Gas becomes furious at the constant disruptions and unleashes his inner instincts fully. Bardock continues to fight back harder, explaining to the confused Gas that his kind evolve every time they are pushed past their limits and proceeds to defeat Gas with a powerful energy blast.

Having watched the end of the battle, Elec approaches the now exhausted and downed Bardock and shoots him through the arm. The injured Saiyan stumbles backwards and falls off the cliff and into the forest below. Macki contacts Elec, telling him that Frieza has arrived, and Elec makes his leave, carrying Gas with him.

Sometime later, Monaito makes his way over to Bardock congratulating him on winning the battle.

The Secret of Seven-Three[]

DBS 67 07

Seven-Three's still-living head

With the universe now at peace following Moro's death, Jaco joins Calamis on a visit to the Galactic Prison, where they visit the surviving members of Saganbo's Galactic Bandit Brigade. Calamis asks Yunba if he knows anything about a faint distress signal that came from the crater on Earth after Moro's demise, though they do not. Zauyogi speaks up, berating them for having destroyed Seven-Three, a being they had stolen that was filled with data and turned into a powerhouse. Yunba then asks if Seven-Three has truly been destroyed and, when Jaco assumes that he must have due to there no longer being a trace left of Moro, starts chuckling, calling them "fools" for not making sure. The two head to the crater on Earth, where they try to find any trace of Seven-Three, but are unable to, as two other beings had found him first and placed Seven-Three's head into a container. They soon get in their spaceship and take off.

OG Soldiers

The OG Soldiers are unleashed to deal with Granolah

A few months later, on a spaceship far away from Earth, an attendant approach his master Goichi to relay information that the data from Seven-Three has been copied into all of their units. Seven-Three had previously been stolen from Goichi by Saganbo and the Galactic Bandit Brigade, but has now been returned to them, stronger than ever. Elated by this news, Goichi believes it is now his time to rule the universe. Just then, in another ship, Granolah, who is receiving support from a person named Oatmeel, approaches and boards Goichi's ship. Using his weaponry, he is able to dispatch the guards that were sent out to confront him as well as the OG Soldiers. After a specific unit in mind, Granolah enters another room where he finds his target: OG73-i, otherwise known as Seven-Three.

After securing him, he heads for the Heeter's Base. Along the way, Granolah has a flashback to a time when the Saiyan race invaded his planet and killed his people, also remembering a Great Ape with a cross-shaped scar. Granolah awakens inside his spaceship and speaks with Oatmeel, who asks him why he continues to obsess over the Frieza Force. Granolah explains that his obsession stems from the Saiyans who slaughtered his race, the Cerealians, and that the Saiyan race themselves were reportedly wiped out by a meteor that destroyed their home planet, robbing him of his chance to get revenge.

Goku spars with Whis

Goku spars with Whis

Meanwhile, on Beerus' Planet, Whis injects the Oracle Fish with some vitamins to put him to sleep due to his insomnia. Whis explains that, when the Oracle Fish is suffering from a lack of sleep, it can be a bad omen for the future. Following this, Goku and Whis continue training, with Goku taking on Ultra Instinct at will, though he still proves to be no match for Whis. Whis explains that wielding Ultra Instinct is merely the starting point, as it is possible to gain a much greater level of control over it than what Goku currently has. Beerus asks if Vegeta plans to master Ultra Instinct too, but he declines. Beerus then mentions that there may be another way for him to grow stronger, as Ultra Instinct is not the only technique of the Gods as that is merely what the Angels use, and that the Gods of Destruction use something else entirely. Although Beerus refuses to tell him what the technique is, he does tell Vegeta that he is going to get some exercise and that, if he sees anything he wants, he is free to steal it.

Granolah and the Heeters

Granolah and the Heeters

Elsewhere, Granolah makes it to the Heeter's base, running into Soshiru along the way, who suggests splitting the prize money that will be obtained for handing in Seven-Three. Instead, Granolah threatens Soshiru and makes his way inside. There he speaks with Elec, the leader of the Heeters, and hands over his bounty. After receiving payment, Elec explains that he does not intend to create an army but to simply gain intel from Seven-Three instead. He also informs him of Frieza's revival. Eager to get his chance for revenge, Granolah demands to know where he is. Finding his actions to be unacceptable, Gas restrains Granolah. Elec says that taking on Frieza will take time and planning and he must bide his time until they are ready. Granolah agrees to leave things until then and takes off. Elec speaks with his family, saying that they would be in hot water if Granolah surpassed Gas in strength and truthfully intends for Frieza to take Granolah out and plans to use Seven-Three in order to locate Zuno.

Planet Cereal[]

DBS Chapter 68 10

Granolah aims at Soshiru

As Granolah makes his way to his home planet, he is ambushed by Soshiru and his men. He tricks them into boarding his ship and begins sniping away at them. Oatmeel explains that Cerealian's right eyes are adapted for sharpshooting and that Granolah is a cut above the rest. After Soshiru retreats, Granolah tells Oatmeel that he missed one of his targets, admitting that he is still not powerful enough to take on Frieza but vows to get stronger than anyone. Back on Beerus' Planet, the Oracle Fish talks in his sleep, saying that the balance in Universe 7 is shifting and the strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise up.

Granolah arrives at his home planet which is now inhabited by Sugarians. The Sugarians treat Granolah as one of them, but Granolah refuses to live in their city because he feels the planet now belongs to them. He now lives in the mountains, with a view of the Cerelean's former city, now destroyed.

DBS 69 06

Vegeta battles Beerus

Meanwhile, Beerus questions Vegeta about the Saiyan's destructive history. Vegeta doesn't understand how this relates to learning a technique used by the Gods of Destruction. Beerus shows off his powers and destroys a decorative planet, then tells Vegeta that if he doesn't let the sins of his race go, he will never be able to wield the power of destruction.

Beerus reveals to Vegeta that he was the one who told Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta, causing Vegeta to outrage and attack Beerus. Beerus dodges Vegeta's attack then hits him with a Hakai, destroying part of his armor. With Vegeta defeated by Beerus once again, the God of Destruction tells him that to grow stronger he must rebuild himself from scratch as that before creation comes destruction.

At the Heeter's base, Elec uses Seven-Three to view memories of the Galactic Bandit Brigade interrogating Zuno and learns of the existence of the Dragon Balls. Reminded of the Namekian race, Elec mentions that there is a lone Namekian named Monaito that still lives on Cereal with Granolah.

Back on Cereal, Granolah arrives at his home where he sees Monaito. During a conversation, the elderly Namekian advises Granolah not to seek revenge against Frieza as he is not strong enough. Granolah suggests using the planets own set of Dragon Balls in order to grant a wish for strength but knows that he is unable as he requires a second Dragon Ball in order to summon the Dragon. Monaito once again advises Granolah to enjoy the life they have and forget about revenge and Granolah reluctantly agrees.

DBS 69 10

The Dragon Toronbo

However, as night rolls by, Granolah, learns on the news that the second Dragon Ball had been found by a local and is currently being researched at an institute. Donning a disguise, Granolah heads into the city, sneaks into the institute and steals the Dragon Ball before escaping back into the mountains. There he summons the wish granting Dragon, Toronbo and asks him if he can be turned into the greatest warrior in the universe but soon finds out that the wish cannot be made so easily. Though Toronbo is able to increase his strength, he is not able to increase his power beyond his own latent potential unless he agrees to a specific condition. Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal of defeating Frieza, Granolah accepts the condition.

DBS 70 01

Vegeta uses Hakai

On Beerus' Planet, Vegeta continues to train, attempting to destroy a small rock using Hakai but instead destroys it via a simple energy blast. Having done it wrong, Beerus explains the technique and shows the correct method, creating a large blast in the process. Close by, Goku trains with Whis, commenting on which of the two will become the strongest in the universe. Whis however says that perhaps neither will become the strongest but someone else entirely though he does not know of anyone currently stronger than the Saiyan pair. The Oracle Fish awakens, proclaiming that the strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise up. Vegeta overhears this and appearing in front of Goku and Whis, displays the Hakai ability by destroying a tiny pebble saying that soon he will be destroying much larger things.

On Cereal, the Dragon departs, leaving Granolah alone, now with hair that has grown considerably down past his shoulders. After testing out his newfound might, Monaito having felt the aftermath from his own home heads out to see him. Granolah explains that he has used the Dragon Balls to become the strongest warrior in the universe and is now capable of taking down Frieza. Monaito criticises his decision though it falls on deaf ears as Granolah quickly takes off to see Elec to ask him for Frieza's location.

Granolah's Power[]

DBS 70 02

Granolah shows off his new strength

Two days later, Granolah arrives at the Heeter's Base demanding Frieza's location. Annoyed by the interference, Elec asks Oil to see him out only for Granolah to easily overpower him. Elec then tells Oil to fight him. The fight proves to be one sided as Oil is unable to land a single blow with his comrade Macki faring no better. Satisfied at Granolah's power but curious all the same, Elec has Granolah explain where he got his strength from. Granolah tells the Heeters that he has sacrificed 150 of his remaining years in order to obtain his current power and now only has three years left to live as a result. Elec accepts the explanation though tells Granolah to head home as they do not know Frieza's exact location and finding out such a thing will take time. Granolah then leaves.

Later on, while the Heeters have dinner, Elec discusses the current situation, believing that it is not wise for Granolah to take Frieza out as he will take his place in his stead, a position that he believes belongs to them. Not wanting Granolah to destroy the Frieza Force either due to wanting control of the force for themselves, Elec decides to pit the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta, who had they witnessed defeat Moro through Seven-Three, against Granolah believing that he would not be able to defeat the two of them by himself.

Granolah is seen aboard his spaceship while Goku and Vegeta continue their own separate training. Whis asks Goku what the difference is between himself and the Angels. After a quick demonstration where Goku is whacked on the head by Whis' staff, Whis explains that they are always in the Ultra Instinct state whereas Goku transforms to access it, believing that he equates Ultra Instinct to his transformation. Goku then realizes that he must learn to use Ultra Instinct in his normal form to which Whis tells him that doing so will free him of his stamina drain and that the transformation should be used as a last resort when he requires to surpass his limits.

DBS 71 03

Goku trains with Whis

Meanwhile Granolah returns to his home planet of Cereal, deciding to wait inside his spaceship until he hears word of Frieza's location from Elec. At the Heeter's Base, Oil and Macki prepare to visit Earth but before they leave, Elec asks the pair to visit Zuno in order to find the location of the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta, amongst other things that need to be asked. A few weeks later, Oil and Macki land on Zuno's Planet. Upon kissing Zuno, Macki is awarded ten questions. Goku and Vegeta meanwhile continue their training, having progressed significantly in a short period of time.

Sometime later, Oil and Macki arrive on Earth and visit Chi-Chi at Goku's House. They come up with a story of requiring their help in defeating a villain, offering to pay them in Sky Gold for their help. After heading to Capsule Corporation, Bulma contacts the Saiyans and they soon find themselves intrigued upon hearing that the villain is supposedly the strongest being in the universe. Before heading off to Earth, Beerus gives Vegeta an earring which he says is to symbolize that he can use Hakai. Whis on the other hand, draws his signature symbol on Goku's Gi.

Inside Capsule Corporation, Macki steals the Dragon Radar which they plan to use to obtain the Cerealian Dragon Balls. Goku and Vegeta return to Earth where Macki offers to take the two to the villain aboard their spaceship. Oil tells the two that it will take 18 days to reach planet Cereal and while Goku eats and Vegeta continues to train in the pool, Macki contacts Granolah telling him that they found Frieza's location, but that Frieza has been made aware of his intention to kill him. Macki tells him that Frieza has sent two Saiyan assassins his way and Granolah leaves his ship saying that after fifty years he can finally get revenge on the Saiyans.

Goku and Vegeta vs. Granolah[]

18 days later, the group arrives on Cereal with the two Saiyans still unaware they are being tricked by the Heeters. Macki tells Oil to spy on the fight whilst she stays on board. As Goku and Vegeta are flying over to the stated location, they are surprised that the villain is not causing havoc on the planet until they see a bunch of stray Ki blasts which they are just able to barely dodge. Vegeta turns into a Super Saiyan and the blasts stop appearing.

DBS 72 01

Granolah strikes Goku in the back

Goku and Vegeta sense another wave of blasts, and with Goku activating his improved Ultra Instinct, they dodge the second wave of the blasts. They see a third wave of Ki blasts from above with them barely dodging until eventually Goku is struck in the back knocking him unconscious and forcing Vegeta to give him a Senzu Bean. Vegeta calls out Goku for being dependent on Ultra Instinct, Goku agrees and Goku turns into a Super Saiyan spotting Granolah and firing an Energy Wave at him. Granolah instantly teleports behind the two Saiyans dodging the Energy Wave much to the latter's shock. Granolah introduces himself to the Saiyan duo, explaining his race and that he knows about the Saiyans with him forming a crater with an unknown technique similar to Hakai. Vegeta tells Goku that he should fight him first as payback with the latter agreeing. Goku introduces that he is the first to fight much to Oil's displeasure since he thought both Saiyans would fight Granolah. Vegeta decides to keep an eye out for now being suspicious of the Cerealian.

DBS 72 03

Goku barely dodges Granolah

Granolah asks Goku if he can transform into a Great Ape, Goku states that he cannot anymore then transforms into a Super Saiyan God. Granolah strikes first forcing Goku on the defensive before the Saiyan activates Ultra Instinct, now able to dodge Granolah's blows and blasts with ease. Granolah eventually strikes Goku in a vital point knocking him out of the Super Saiyan God form. Granolah reveals that thanks to his right eye he can see Goku's blood flow and movements enabling him to strike that vital point. Vegeta starts to piece together the identity of Granolah's race then spots something. Goku admits that he has been holding back a transformation and Granolah reveals that he plans to get revenge on Frieza. Goku is shocked since he thought that Granolah was the bad villain, but an enraged Granolah powers up and Goku powers up to Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. The two fight equally as Vegeta sees a giant paw print piecing together Granolah's race.

DBS 73 01

Goku dodges Granolah's blasts

Goku battles against Granolah in and around a forested area, dodging blast and blow alike before Granolah swings around a tree by his scarf to deliver a flying kick on Goku. Goku recovers and stands his ground against the Cerealian's heavy blows, letting out a mighty roar as his aura swells into a raging inferno that obliterates the surrounding area. Granolah notes with his evolved right eye that the flow of blood and movement of cells within Goku's body have altered; Goku has combined Ultra Instinct with the Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form. Granolah however remains unmoved. Goku begins to move around Granolah at incredible speed, evading his attacks before firing off a powerful Kamehameha at point-blank range. Granolah, however, is still able to land his pressure point attack at a vital point in Goku's neck as he is hit by the wave.

As the dust clears, Granolah is mildly damaged, but Goku is much worse for wear; having dropped down to his base form. Goku sticks to his belief that a true practitioner of Ultra Instinct should have no weak points, and that his training must be lacking. Granolah causes the ground beneath Goku's feet to swell and explode upwards with a fearsome energy that Goku struggles to counter. Goku desperately escapes with Instant Transmission and lands by Vegeta, noting that Granolah's technique is similar to Moro's. Vegeta informs Goku about his discoveries: the Cerealians were a race that used their evolved right eyes for long-range attacks but were wiped out by the Saiyans under Frieza's command long ago. The Saiyan pair realize that Granolah is the last surviving Cerealian out for revenge, and that the Heeters lied to them about his villainy. Reasoning that nothing less than beating him will allow them to convince Granolah that the Saiyans are no longer his enemies, Goku claims to still have hope of victory and transforms once more into Perfected Ultra Instinct, as Granolah reels with shock; he cannot detect any pressure points.

DBS 73 02

Goku kicks Granolah

Goku attacks again, only this time, Granolah is unable to perceive his movements as the Saiyan launches a lightning-fast assault that tears off his sniping goggles and knocks him around the forest. Goku tries to reason with the vengeful warrior, but Granolah is unmoved and attacks Goku viciously. He is unable to penetrate the Saiyan's autonomous defense, and finds his blow halted by Goku's telekinesis, before being lifted into the air and punched by a series of ki blasts to the stomach. Vegeta believes the battle is won, but notices that Granolah's energy has not dropped as much as it should. He then detects Granolah's power coming from elsewhere.

Granolah Vital Point

Granolah defeats Goku

Granolah expresses surprise at the strength of the Saiyans. However, Granolah may have underestimated Goku, but he has not lost yet. He explains to a confused Goku that the Granolah he is facing is not his true self; he split his power apart at the start of the battle, taking some of the power of his true body and creating an illusion clone to fight. Vegeta finds the true Granolah, sitting in his spaceship, and alerts Goku as the clone vanishes into thin air. But as Vegeta turns back to the ship, the true Granolah teleports to Goku's location and strikes a pressure point directly over his heart that briefly stops it, causing him to drop out of Perfected Ultra Instinct.

A final, devastating blow sends Goku crashing through the forest. Granolah says that he wanted to save his true strength for Frieza, but having Goku fight a clone first worked to his advantage as the accuracy of his Perfected Ultra Instinct only drops over time. He then mocks Goku for falling for his trick and prepares to kill him with a ki blast, only to be interrupted by Vegeta. Vegeta has no interest in trying to reason with Granolah and states to go all-out, proclaiming that Granolah will soon be joining the rest of his people in Hell.

Vegeta blue granolah

Vegeta about to battle Granolah

When Vegeta boasts that fusion or clones will prove ineffective against him, Granolah claims he no longer has need for them, choosing to save his strength for his battle with Frieza. Though Vegeta tells the vengeful Cerealian that he is no longer part of Frieza's army, Granolah is adamant that he will have his revenge against all Saiyans. Seeing no more need for words, Vegeta immediately transforms into his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved state and demonstrates his newfound powers of destruction to explode several rocks around Granolah. Granolah, however, is unimpressed, claiming that Vegeta's destructive power is lacking, and proceeds to destroy a much larger rock with his own Hakai-like technique, flinging Vegeta into Granolah's waiting list for a hard gut punch. Vegeta is winded but fires a ki blast at point blank, chasing after Granolah as he evades, but is unable to get the upper hand as Granolah's counterattack deals him heavy blows and knocks him into a river.

Granolah fires a volley of sniper shots into the water at Vegeta, who evades the attacks. He uses Oatmeel's help, firing a powerful blast directly at Vegeta as he swims into a lake. Granolah is confident that Vegeta will be unable to push back his attack, but Vegeta is able to destroy it instead, although he is thrown out of the water by the resulting shockwave. Granolah once again expresses his surprise at the strength of the two Saiyans, but remains confident that he is the most powerful being in the universe. Vegeta admits that Granolah's strength and techniques have surpassed his own, but is absolutely confident in his own victory regardless, goading Granolah into accidentally destroying part of the ancient Cerealian ruins. He further taunts his opponent by exposing his lack of battle experience.

Ultra Ego debut color

Ultra Ego Vegeta

Despite this observation, it appears the gap in power is too great for Vegeta to overcome. Vegeta, however, knowing that no outcome is ever certain, something that he truly loves about fighting. Granolah is infuriated at Vegeta says that rankings of fighters reflect only a moment in time, and that his strength is constantly growing, even compared to a few minutes ago. Granolah decides to finish Vegeta off, landing a pressure point attack that shatters Vegeta's Battle Armor and painfully drops him down to base form. Vegeta does not fall, beginning to laugh instead. He is experiencing a feeling he has not experienced for a long time. There is no planet to save, no people to protect, just pure battle.

Granolah jumps back in surprise as Vegeta's aura swells and then ignites into an enormous gout of flame that shoots high above the forest. This alerts both Oil and Goku, the latter of whom notes that Vegeta's ki signature feels like that of a God, but not the regular kind. Granolah fires sniper blasts at Vegeta, who is concealed within the inferno of his new aura, only for them to be destroyed on contact. As Vegeta's aura clears away, we see that Vegeta has transformed into a new form possessing the traits of the Gods of Destruction themselves.

Vegeta grabs granolah

Vegeta grabs Granolah

Vegeta releases a burst of his newfound power at Granolah. As he clears it away, Vegeta appears and grabs him by the scarf. Vegeta claims that Granolah has let his power go to his head and he will knock him down a peg before striking him with a series of heavy blows. Granolah piles into Vegeta's stomach, though it seems to have little effect, with the Saiyan even saying that he is growing stronger by the second before throwing his opponent into the old city below. Granolah is shocked at the new level that his enemy has risen to and wonders what a God of Destruction is. Vegeta tells him about the Gods of Destruction and the one who is responsible for teaching him about his current power. Granolah asks if the God of Destruction was the one who granted him his new power, but Vegeta says the power is his own and he awakened it during their battle.

Vegeta kicks granolah

Vegeta kicks Granolah

The two continue to battle, with Granolah firing a volley of energy blasts at Vegeta, who defiantly withstands them before charging forwards. In a panic, Granolah summons up an Energy Shield which defends him from Vegeta's attack. Granolah asks why he does not dodge attacks like Goku, but Vegeta scoffs at the remark as he regards Perfected Ultra Instinct as a pathetic technique compared to his, telling Granolah that Goku's body may have a mind of its own, but he is "all ego". He then tells Granolah to call his new state Ultra Ego and charges forward with a mighty double kick that breaks through Granolah's shield and sends him hurtiling through the city.

Becoming increasingly annoyed, Granolah vows to never lose to one of Frieza's grunts. Vegeta tells him that Frieza was also responsible for wiping out his race's home world as well. Despite being shocked at what he hears, Granolah says that it is no reason to call off his revenge against the Saiyans. When Oatmeel tries to point out the contradictions in Vegeta's words against the Heeters', Granolah throws him away, claiming he no longer needs his support now that he is the strongest in the universe. As the two continue to battle, Oatmeel remotely controls Granolah's spaceship to pick him up. Meanwhile, Goku wakes up and begins his healing process.

Granolah Enhanced LEFT Eye

Granolah awakens his left eye

The battle between Vegeta and Granolah becomes more evenly matched as Vegeta realizes that he has taken too much damage and fires a powerful Double Galick Cannon, though Granolah continues to remain standing, taking aim at Vegeta. Vegeta decides to put an end to the fight, powering up and throwing a Beerus Ball which he vows will destroy anything it touches. In order to combat this threat, Granolah awakens his other eye, giving him the power to destroy Vegeta's attack and rock the planet in the process. As the smoke clear, Vegeta is grounded, once again surprised. Granolah thanks Vegeta for being the one responsible for drawing out his increased power.

Elsewhere, Elec comments on the progressing battle, glad that everything is going as planned and the three mighty warriors appear likely to take each other out. The Heeters then make their way to the first Dragon Ball.

DBS Ch 76 01

Vegeta struggles in his fight

Vegeta and Granolah continue their battle with the former having the clear disadvantage and the latter teasing him for it. Vegeta drops back into his base state but refuses to give up. Granolah becomes annoyed at his persistence and goes in for the finishing blow, but he is struck by Goku first. Goku vows to continue the fight but Vegeta unexpectedly kicks Goku flying, angered at the fight being taken away from him. Vegeta tells Goku that they had only ever fought together in the past when something needed protecting. Goku asks about his life which needs saving though Vegeta says he would rather die than team up with him.

DBS Ch 76 04

Goku vs. Granolah

Unaware, Granolah charges in to strike at Vegeta's heart though Goku is able to save him by pushing him away using a Kiai. Granolah asks how he was able to react in time with Goku saying that he now has a read on his vital targeting strategy, and it will not work any longer. The two battle with Granolah seemingly ending the fight fast with a pressure point attack to the back of Goku's neck. However, Goku attacks Granolah from behind claiming that the same move was not going to work on him forever. Granolah attempts another attack, but Goku shifts his vitals and counters. Goku says that he cannot dodge the attacks completely but is able to shift enough to avoid fatal damage. Granolah praises his defensive ability but claims that he will not surpass him.

Vegeta stirs, watching as Goku is defeated. Vegeta decides to take over, telling Goku that as Granolah has only just received his newfound power, he will soon reach his limit before fading and that will be his chance for victory. He asks Goku to leave the fight to him and Goku agrees. Vegeta enters into his Ultra Ego state again and the two continue their battle. Vegeta strikes Granolah into the city where the Sugarians live and Granolah pleads with him to take the fight elsewhere. Vegeta taunts Granolah by saying that he cannot use his rapid-fire attacks in the city but with Granolah stood directly over him and the city not in harm's way, Granolah lets loose at point blank range to finish the battle. Granolah collapses from exhaustion and soon after a nearby wall falls down showing a family in their home cowering with fear.

Granolah has a flashback of the Saiyan invasion on his home planet, recalling a time when he was a small child. As he embraces his mother the two turn in horror just as Granolah snaps to and realizes the situation he is now putting the Sugarians through. Vegeta tells Granolah that the Saiyans deserve to be punished but by doing so he is just repeating history. Granolah becomes angry at Vegeta, refusing to give in and uses a Kiai to hurtle Vegeta out of the city. Granolah approaches him and summons up all his power in a final sacrificial attempt to finish off Vegeta.

DBS Ch 76 08

Goku knocks Granolah down

Vegeta voices his apologies to Beerus, acknowledging that he could not revert to the man he once was and that the power of a God of Destruction was beyond his scope. Goku seeing the act from afar, rushes in as well as Monaito who is carried forward on spaceship piloted by Oatmeel. Goku tries to intervene, but the power of the attack stops him from getting closer. Monaito calls out to Granolah to stop, and the sudden distraction gives Goku the chance to knock Granolah to the ground. Monito leaves the ship and tells Granolah that he had lied to him as there was one Saiyan who did not earn his vengeance. Forty years ago, the one who had saved both Granolah and him was none other than Bardock.

After Monaito tells the story of his past, Granolah is incredulous that a Saiyan saved him. Monaito notices that Goku bears a strong resemblance to Bardock. Vegeta interjects that Bardock is actually Goku's father, to the shock of everyone. Meanwhile, the Heeters continue their quest to find the second Cerealian Dragon Ball.

Gas' Wish[]

The Heeters are notified that the Saiyans and Granolah have stopped fighting. Elec questions the sudden change as Macki informs him that an old Namekian intervened. Elec is annoyed that Monaito is meddling while Gas requests to simply kill them all and his siblings agree, with both parties exhausted from their conflict. Elec decides to go summon the dragon while they handle the situation.

On the battlefield, Granolah is enraged by the revelation that Elec was the one who murdered his mother, due to him serving the Heeters for decades. He questions Monaito on not telling him this news, as the old Namekian states it was to protect him. Goku stops Granolah from hurting the Namekian while Vegeta inquires if Bardock won against Gas. Monaito confirms that he did and declares Gas was powerful but before he can finish, the sky turns dark.

Gas revealed

Gas as the strongest in the universe

Elsewhere Elec has summoned the dragon and is amazed by the sight. Toronbo asks for his wish and the wish is made off-screen. After Goku, Vegeta and Granolah react in shock to the immense power approaching them, Oil and Macki proudly present Gas - now the strongest in the universe - to their foes. Gas fires off a beam that cuts the land, causing everyone to dodge while almost being hit. The beam ends up destroying Granolah's ship then quickly incapacitates Granolah. Goku tries to intervene but Gas binds Goku with energy constructs. He soon recognizes Goku as Bardock's son. Gas inquires if his father still lives but Vegeta explains that Frieza saw to the destruction of their race along with Bardock. The Heeters are not fazed and settle for killing Goku and the remnants of the Saiyans. Before he can kill Goku, he is attacked by Granolah and the two battle, with Gas easily beating down his rival. As this happens, Monaito frees Goku from the binds and heals him. Having been healed by Monaito, Goku transforms into his Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form to try and buy time, but Gas easily takes him down too.

Vegeta finds his armor and locates the senzu bean and makes his way back to the battlefield where Goku is wondering what is taking so long. Granolah lays unconscious before Vegeta wakes him and tells him to eat a Senzu Bean, which will replenish his power. Granolah is incredulous that Vegeta gave it to him. The Saiyan Prince replies that he would not take the cowardly way out to win and tells Granolah that if he wants to take revenge against those who ruined his life, he should do it by eating the bean and taking it with his own hands. Granolah eats the Senzu Bean and recovers from his wounds instantly. He uses Instant Transmission to intervene in Oil and Macki's threatening of Monaito and uses a Kiai to send the two into the cliff. Monaito passes him over Oatmeel with Granolah apologizing for his previous mistreatment of him and thanks him for his support.

Full Power Granolah

Granolah powers up

Powering up, Granolah challenges Gas to another fight. Intrigued, Gas throws a beaten Goku to the ground and the two begin their battle. Gas continues to use his Alteration-type ki manipulation technique to form a multitude of energy-based weapons while Oatmeel assists Granolah. Goku asks Vegeta how Granolah is doing, with Vegeta telling him that he is doing as well as Gas if not better than him. He further points out that Gas has only just achieved the title of strongest so cannot make full use of his power yet.

As Granolah and Gas continue their fight, Granolah demands to know why he is only relying on his own abilities and not the ones granted to him by the wish and proceeds to attempt to land a mighty blow. Just then, Gas accepts that he must use his newfound strength and effortlessly blasts Granolah away. Gas states that this is a failure for him as he had hoped to kill him with his own techniques. He goes on to dodge an array of blasts using Instant Transmission and strikes Granolah in the stomach with a blast of Hakai.

Strongest vs Strongest GtS

Granolah and Gas continue their fight

Granolah removes his vest, remarking that he knew Gas would not go down so easily as he continues to fight. As the two Saiyans continue to watch, Vegeta points out that though Gas boasts speed and power over Granolah, his use of Instant Transmission is sloppy and so the Cerealian still has a chance. However, Gas soon blocks one of Granolah's moves, having become accustomed to his fighting and Vegeta comments that it is because Granolah drew out the fight. Despite Gas' confidence, he is still overpowered and Granolah uses clones as his arsenal, but each would meet their end by Gas. However, he is left open for Granolah to deliver a devastating attack that sends him flying into the lake, forcing his siblings to rescue him.

Granolah collapses to his knees, as Vegeta states his body is taking the toll for the damage of his clones. Soon Elec arrives and questions the battered Gas on the sloppy display. Elec reveals that there is another power that Gas needs to get under control before he removes the necklace on Gas' head. Gas starts to behave erratically while Elec orders him to endure it and let out his innate power. Gas soon lets out a large scream and he is surrounded by a large rush of power as he grows in size. Vegeta and Goku wonder how Gas obtained another transformation, as Monaito tells the Saiyans that he had seen Gas in that form before. He reveals that when Gas first fought Bardock, the latter had him on the ropes and Gas resorted to using that form at the cost of losing himself.

Adult Gas going berserk

Gas' transformation

Gas proceeds to pummel Granolah who is unable to fend off his now stronger opponent. Vegeta then asks Monaito how Bardock defeated Gas while he was in that state, but he does not know, due to being unconscious. Continuing his rampage, Gas attacks Vegeta, overwhelming him before Goku attacks him but is blocked. Staring at Goku, Gas is reminded of Bardock, and recalls being overwhelmed, causing him to repel from the memory. Gas soon begins to convulse in pain until Elec reminds him of his promise to never lose again, which gets through to him. Gas soon snaps out of his madness as his body undergoes a new form. Regaining his wits, Gas takes control of his form. Elec tells his younger brother to destroy all those who stand in his way, as Gas nods in compliance.

Elec shoots Granolah

Elec shoots Granolah

Having awakened his true power, Gas hits both Goku and Vegeta with a paralytic spell that causes them to be unable to move. Granolah attempts to attack Elec but with a point of his fingers, Gas teleports Elec out of harm's way and onto a nearby rock. Granolah shouts at Elec for killing his mother and that nobody else on the planet would have had to die if not for the Heeters though Elec reminds Granolah that he was responsible for letting him live. Granolah powers up an energy blast to use against Elec but before he can release it, Gas appears and breaks both of him arms before blasting him in the eyes. Heavily injured, Elec appears behind Granolah and shoots him fatally through the back and Granolah collapses into the lake below.

On the ground below, Vegeta chooses to give his remaining energy to Goku as he is still capable of battle. The energy causes Goku to break free of Gas' spell and he promptly transforms into Super Saiyan Blue and charges at Gas. After Gas blocks Goku's kick, Goku takes a deep breath to calm himself down. He tells Gas that he has no reason to fight him and asks if he can simply leave the planet. However, as Goku and the others know their plan, the Heeters can't possibly let them go.

DBS 81 01

Goku vs. Gas once again

Gas attacks Goku with a multitude of special weapon-based energy techniques and puts him on the defensive. Following this he uses Telekinesis to throw buildings from the nearby ruined city at the Saiyan before striking him hard with a moving train. Goku flips up on to the top of the train and Gas joins him. Gas tells him that he was merely testing his power and didn't expect such techniques to kill him. Asking Goku to show his true strength, Goku charges once again with a barrage of physical strikes but fails to connect. Gas tells Goku that he does not seem to have the same fierce resolve that his father once had and questions if he really is his son. Goku is sent into the lake below and begins to suffocate underwater, however not satisfied by such a simple death, he returns Goku's counterattack right back at him.

As Goku wonders how he is going to be able to defeat his opponent, Gas spots Monaito using his healing powers to partially restore Granolah. Gas makes a beeline for Monaito but before he is able to reach him, Goku grabs a hold of him and uses Instant Transmission to teleport them off of Cereal. On another planet, Jaco is doing his usual food shopping when Goku and Gas crash land nearby. After greeting Jaco, Goku confidently states that Gas has an inferior version of teleportation that his own, a technique he has spent many years using. The two continue to battle with Goku taking advantage of his teleportation skills while a surprised Jaco comments how Goku has already found another nasty foe to fight.

The fight continues before Goku uses Instant Transmission again, baiting Gas to teleport into embarrassing positions; getting a truck full of waste dumped on him, then dropping into a bath with the Galactic King. Next, Goku and Gas are teleported into the Galactic Prison where Gas is mocked by villains from the past.

As the remaining Heeters try to track Gas' signal, Goku questions Gas' motives and his unquestioning obedience to Elec. Gas continues to attack Goku as he explains that he is grateful for Elec and plans to repay him by making the Heeters the universe's supreme organization.

DBS 82 03

Whis taking a break

On a volcanic planet, Goku appears nearby Whis and the Oracle Fish, followed shortly by a confused Gas. Goku reveals his ploy: he leaves using Instant Transmission back to the Galactic Patrol ship he just left. From there, he quickly chains together a sequence of Instant Transmissions before finally landing back on Cereal. Gas realizes that Goku has stranded him and is too far away to directly return to Cereal with Instant Transmission. Unable to follow Goku back along their route, Gas furiously asks Whis for the direction to Cereal, which he provides. Gas takes off into space at incredible speed.

Goku regroups with the others, having bought them some time. Oatmeel is also present, having activated a mobile android mode to help out. Noticing the group fleeing, Elec comments that they would be no match for Goku and retreat.

DBS 82 06

Goku remembers his parents

In a hovercar on the way to Monaito's house, Goku notices a small communication device that Whis planted on him earlier. He warns Goku that Gas is approaching and will return in 20 minutes. Whis asks about Goku's progress with Ultra Instinct, and Goku says that he is not able to fully calm his heart as Whis does. Whis tells him that as a fundamentally different life form, he must listen to the voice within himself, and discover what he really is to discover his own unique version of the technique. At his house, Monaito tells Goku that he has something to show him; Bardock's Scouter. Vegeta notes that there is audio data saved on the device. Oatmeel begins to play the Scouter's stored audio, and Monaito recognizes Bardock's voice, warning him to escape with Granolah from the battle with Gas 40 years ago. He tells them to "Stay alive", awakening a deep, repressed memory within Goku of Bardock and Gine telling him the same thing as they sent him away from Planet Vegeta before its destruction.

DBS 84 01

Goku and Vegeta in traditional Saiyan armor

As Goku recalls more memories of his parents, Goku comes to a solemn realization. He feels that he finally understands what the pride of the Saiyans is about, and that he has lost faith in his own strength. Vegeta, equally solemn, realizes that he has also lost sight of the burden of his peoples' pride that he placed on himself so long ago.

Vegeta realises with further annoyance that Goku and Raditz survived the destruction of Planet Vegeta into adulthood at least partially due to the wish for them to thrive made on the Dragon Balls at Bardock's behest. Monaito offers to further heal Goku and Vegeta, as well as giving them Battle Armor resembling Bardock's, but the two choose to fight in their normal clothes.

The Final Battle[]

DBS 84 03

Goku and Vegeta attack Gas

Gas finally returns and appears outside Monaito's house. The Saiyans emerge and decide to face off against him together. They transform into their Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego forms and attack Gas. Whilst Gas is initially unimpressed by the duo's power, their well-coordinated combination attacks begin to push him backwards until he unleashes a furious energy wave. The Saiyans dodge and attack with blasts of their own but Gas escapes and deals Vegeta a heavy blow from the back with his mace. Goku continues alone whilst Vegeta recovers but is unable to withstand Gas' attacks on his own and is beaten down.

DBS 84 06

Vegeta lands a mighty blow on Gas

Vegeta charges a Sphere of Destruction energy and Gas blocks it with a solid ki shield. Goku teleports to Vegeta's side to help him push the attack. Gas at first begins to lose ground but soon is able to begin pushing back. Realizing the futility of the power struggle, Vegeta leaps over the rebounding attack, leaving Goku to barely hold it back himself as Vegeta attacks Gas directly. Gas however, brutally beats down Vegeta with a combination of heavy blows and prepares to finish him off. Goku struggles to deflect Vegeta's rebounded attack from one of the Sugarian cities, managing to throw it into space. He returns to assist Vegeta just as the Saiyan Prince finally lands a furious punch to Gas' face. Gas is confused by Vegeta's increased strength despite the extensive damage to his body. Vegeta boasts that damage is merely fuel for his Ultra Ego state, and that he is getting even stronger.

Angered, Gas continues his assault, now using teleporting Vegeta around with a point of his fingers. Goku attempts to step in, but Vegeta hastily orders him to back off and tells him that his Ultra Instinct is no different than it was before and that he needs to figure it out quickly.

DBS 85 03

Vegeta falls unconscious

As Vegeta charges back into battle, now getting in some solid blows of his own, Goku heads to a nearby plateau where he begins to meditate. Dropping back down to his base form, a barrier erects itself around Goku. As both Vegeta and Gas begin to tire from their battle, Gas unleashes another deadly assault that puts Vegeta down, stating that he will not get up again. However much to his horror, Vegeta returns to his feet and makes a bee-line for Gas who urgently puts up his guard to defend himself whilst closing his eyes. Upon opening them, he sees that Vegeta has dropped back to base form as he collapses unconscious from burning himself out.

Gas conjures up a sword to finish off Vegeta but when he draws it downwards it shatters on a barrier surrounding him. Created by Goku, he moves Vegeta to his side as Gas tells him to stop hiding behind a shield. A carefree Goku makes his way down to Gas and begins to power up. Gas wonders if he will use one of the transformations he has already used or something new. Goku however, says the answer is neither and that he has merely figured out the best transformation for pulling out his power.

DBS 85 06

Goku and Gas exchange blows

Goku transforms into True Ultra Instinct, confusing Gas who believed that his Silver hair formed was his maximum strength. Goku explains that he requires a tranquil and calm heart for his perfected Ultra Instinct state but in his Sign state he can put his current emotions to better use stating that his heart is no longer calm.

Being reminded of Bardock, Gas flies at Goku in a fit of rage and exchanges punches, with the Heeter coming off the worst. Goku follows up on his advantage, not letting Gas have a chance to regroup and blasts him with a Kamehameha. Noticing that he is just barely stronger than Gas now, though not for long, Goku is relentless in his attack. Gas conjured up a swarm of different weapons and hurls them at his opponent, but Goku swiftly dodges them and counters by throwing Gas' own weapon back at him before finishing with a heavy kick that sends Gas flying.

Elec approaches Gas, annoyed at his performance and harshly reminds of him of their true goal in taking down Frieza. Goku tells Elec that he does not have to force Gas to fight as he is up for a tussle anytime, but Elec tells him that there will not be a next time. A burst of energy erupts from Gas who gets to his feet, now with a severely aged appearance.

Gas uses Telekinesis to grab Goku by the neck and begins squeezing the life out of him. Using Instant Transmission, Goku is able to escape and attempts an attack from behind only to be backhanded hard to the face. Gas claims that he has never felt better as capturing Goku in a tornado where he potshots away at him until he allows him to fall to the ground. Gas picks Goku up and proceeds to strike him with giant spectral arms and legs made of Ki.

DBS 86 03

Granolah re-enters the battle

Suddenly a blast is fired between the two, originating from Granolah who charges in and tackles Goku to the ground. Granolah explains to Goku that while he dreamt, he too heard Bardock's recording on the scouter and asks Goku if he is willing to wager everything on his strength. Granolah begins to power up a blast with Goku telling him that he will try to buy him some time. The two continue fighting but Goku is taken down quickly once more. After noticing the amount of energy being built up by Granolah, Gas targets him though Goku is able to shield him with a barrier. Gas angrily unloads a volley of blasts at Goku until he is knocked down by the still injured Vegeta who demands that Granolah hurry up.

Macki and Oil rush in to aid their brother only for Monaito to intervene and put the two to sleep using his powers of Hypnosis, claiming that it is the only combat skill that he has.

DBS 86 09

Gas is struck by Granolah's attack

Having finally built up enough energy, Gas once more attempts to rush Granolah. However, Goku conjures up his giant spectral form to grab hold of Gas before throwing him to the edge of the planets atmosphere. Still damaged from previous battles, Granolah is unable to aim well but with assistance from Oatmeel he unleashes the attack and hits Gas dead on, creating an explosion that rocks the planet.

Gas falls to the ground defeated but Granolah tells his siblings that he did not kill him as he is no longer seeking revenge. He tells the Heeters to take Gas away and to never return to the planet again before apologising to Goku and Vegeta for all that he has done. Following his tremendous attack, Granolah falls to his knees and begins coughing up blood, believing that the attack shortened his lifespan further.

Gas attacks

Gas near the end of his life

Monaito approaches and using his now heightened healing powers restores Granolah, Goku and Vegeta to full strength. As Elec plans to retreat, Gas re-emerges, shooting a blast through Monaito's chest. Granolah rushes to his aid as Goku and Vegeta enter the battle yet again. Elec frantically urges Gas to kill his enemies before he dies as Macki appears in front of him and suggests that they retreat and try again at another time. Elec slaps his sister aside, stating there will be no next time for Gas as his life span is about to run out as making him the strongest in the universe meant sacrificing so much of his brother's life. This warrants shock from his siblings and his enemies.

An Unexpected Arrival[]

DBS 87 04

Frieza kills Gas

Gas is horrified to learn that he is dying and looks at his decaying face in shock. Elec tells him to gather himself because it is only matter of time before he arrives. At that moment, Frieza arrives on the planet, shocking everyone. He casually greets Gas and asks him what business he had with him. Gas regains his wits and declares he will kill Frieza after powering up. However, the tyrant easily ends his resistance by running his hand through his gut. Everyone is shocked by the scene, as Gas slowly dies from his wounds and condition, decaying into a skeleton.

DBS 87 05

Elec is obliterated

Frieza promptly crushes Gas' skull, while Vegeta wonders how he accomplished such a thing considering how strong Gas was. Frieza turns his attention to the now scared Elec, asking again what business he has with him after contacting him. Elec nervously states it was a miscommunication on his part, but Frieza is aware that Elec lured him there to be killed by Gas. Easily appearing before him, he reveals that he always knew of the Heeters plan to usurp him, while revealing he allowed them to conspire for the benefit of his army. Elec is surprised and Frieza states he is knowledgeable about everything in the galaxy. He also reveals that Elec is in fact the weakest in his family. Outraged, Elec tries to attack only to be blocked and obliterated by Frieza.

Black Frieza (Full Colored)

Black Frieza

Frieza turns his attention to Goku and Vegeta who demand to know how he was able to defeat Gas, despite his status as the strongest in the universe. Frieza remarks it may be due to him being in another dimension, confusing the Saiyans. Frieza reveals that he could not stand having the Saiyans constantly surpass him. He tells them on one of his conquered planets there was a room that causes time to flow differently, and he garnered ten years' worth of training to gain this power. Goku and Vegeta are speechless at this news, as Frieza transforms into a new form.

He deems it Black Frieza and unveils the power by easily defeating his foes in their full powered forms. Satisfied by their defeated state, he decides to spare them and after noticing the cowering Oil and Macki, offers to induct them into his army as servants before the trio leave Cereal.

Whis appears and restores Monaito as a favor for Goku and asks Goku and Vegeta to leave with him straight away as Beerus is unable to figure out how to make yakisoba. Goku asks Granolah if he would like to join them for training though he refuses, instead wanting to find the Dragon Balls to fix the damage on Cereal. Vegeta hands him the Dragon Radar and Monaito gives Goku his father's scouter just before they take their leave. Goku asks Whis if the Oracle Fishes prophecy was referring to Frieza to which Whis responds that it may be or it may be someone else who has emerged in the universe instead.





Battles Featured[]

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  • Granolah vs. OG Soldiers
  • Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct) vs. Whis
  • Granolah vs. Gas
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  • Goku (True Ultra Instinct) and Granolah vs. Gas (Awakened Form; 1st Aged Form)
  • Goku (True Ultra Instinct), Vegeta and Granolah vs. Gas (Awakened Form; 1st Aged Form)
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  • Frieza (Final Form) vs. Elec
  • Goku (True Ultra Instinct) and Vegeta (Ultra Ego) vs. Frieza (Black Frieza)

Manga Chapters[]

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67 "Happy Endings...And Then..."
68 "Granolah the Survivor"
69 "The Evolution of Planet Cereal"
70 "The Universe's Greatest Warrior"
71 "The Heeters' Plan"
72 "Saiyans and Cerealian"
73 "Goku Vs. Granolah"
74 "Vegeta Vs. Granolah"
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83 "Bardock Vs. Gas, Part 2"
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87 "The Universe's Strongest Appears"



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