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Granolah the Survivor (せいざんしゃグラノラ Seizansha Guranora) is the 68th chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga.


Granolah has a flashback to a time when the Saiyan race still existed in large numbers. As he flees from a number of Great Apes, he passes members of his own race dead in the streets. He makes it into an abandoned church, but as soon as he makes it inside, a Great Ape with a cross-shaped scar appears through the damaged ceiling.

Granolah gets startled awake inside his spaceship, having recently stolen Seven-Three, and is now heading towards the Heeter's Base. He speaks with Oatmeel along the way, who asks him if he still despises the Frieza Force despite Frieza having died years ago and the force being a shell of its former self, and as to why Granolah continues to obsess over them the way that he does. Granolah explains that his obsession stems from the Saiyans who slaughtered his race, the Cerealians, and that the Saiyan race themselves were reportedly wiped out by a meteor that destroyed their homeworld, robbing him of his chance to get revenge.

Goku spars with Whis

Meanwhile, on Beerus' Planet, Goku catches the Oracle Fish so that Whis can inject him with some vitamins to put him to sleep due to his insomnia. Whis explains that, when the Oracle Fish is suffering from a lack of sleep, it is a bad omen for the future but that sometimes it is nothing at all. Following this, Goku and Whis get back to their training, with Goku taking on the Perfected Ultra Instinct state at will. While Goku is able to put up a greater effort than ever before, he still proves to be no match for Whis. From below, Vegeta watches the session and asks Beerus if Whis is using the Ultra Instinct state at the moment, but Beerus says that Angels are always in the Ultra Instinct state.

Beerus talking with Vegeta

As Whis continues to spar with Goku, he tells him that wielding Ultra Instinct is not his ultimate goal but merely the starting point, as he has a greater level of control over Ultra Instinct than Merus and the Grand Minister in turn has a greater level of control still. The thought of this makes Goku's excitement grow. Beerus asks if Vegeta plans to master Ultra Instinct too, but he declines. Beerus then mentions that there may be another way for him to grow stronger, as Ultra Instinct is not the only technique of the Gods as that is merely what the Angels use, and that the Gods of Destruction use something else entirely due to not being suited for it. Vegeta asks what the technique is and, although Beerus refuses to tell him, he does tell Vegeta that he is going to get some exercise and that, if he sees anything he wants, he is free to steal it.

Granolah and the Heeters

Elsewhere, Granolah makes it to the Heeter's base and hauls Seven-Three along with him on his way to the entrance. He runs into Soshiru, a fellow bounty hunter who suggests splitting the prize money that will be obtained for delivering Seven-Three. Instead, Granolah threatens Soshiru and makes his way inside. There he speaks with Elec, the leader of the Heeters, and hands over his bounty. After receiving payment, Granolah asks Elec what he intends to do with Seven-Three. Elec tells him that he does not intend to create an army but instead simply gain intel, as he believes the one who has the most intel will have control over the entire universe.

Elec tells Granolah that he has no more jobs for the time being and informs him that Frieza has been revived. Eager to finally get his chance for revenge, Granolah demands to know where he is. Though Elec tries to tell him that Frieza is even more powerful than ever and Granolah stands little-to-no chance against him, Granolah continues to make demands. Finding his actions to be out of order, Gas attacks and restrains Granolah. Elec says that to take on Frieza will take time and planning and he must bide his time until they are ready to help out, as they too take issue with the Frieza Force. Granolah agrees to leave things until then, but still vows to Oatmeel that he will take revenge against Frieza. After Granolah takes off. Elec speaks with his family, saying that they would be in hot water if Granolah surpassed Gas in strength, the strongest of their family. He intends for Frieza to take Granolah out and also to use Seven-Three in order to locate Zuno, the one who has more intel than any other.

Granolah's right eye uncovered

As Granolah makes his way back to his home planet, he is ambushed by Soshiru and his men. He agrees to hand over half his payment and invites them peacefully aboard his spaceship. Shortly after they board, they realise they have been tricked. Granolah then begins sniping away at Soshiru's men while Oatmeel explains that Cerealians' right eyes are adapted for sharpshooting and Granolah is a cut above the rest. Soshiru surrenders and, after leaving some of his own payment, retreats. Granolah explains that he missed one of his targets, admitting that he is still not powerful enough to take on Frieza, but vows to get stronger than anyone.

Back on Beerus' Planet, a sleeping Oracle Fish talks in his sleep, saying that the balance in Universe 7 is shifting and the strongest warrior in the universe will soon rise up.







  • Goku (Perfected Ultra Instinct) vs. Whis
  • Granolah vs. Gas
  • Granolah vs. Soshiru and his men


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