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"Saiyans are coming to my planet once again. It's 50 years overdue, but revenge will finally be mine."
— Granolah in "The Heeters' Plan"

Granolah (グラノラ Guranora) is the sole survivor of the Cerealian race that was annihilated by the Saiyan Army and a bounty hunter, formerly employed by the Heeters.

Motivated by his desire for revenge, he seeks to gain more power to kill the tyrant Frieza and avenge his people. He was manipulated by the Heeters into fighting the few remaining Saiyans, in hopes that both sides would destroy each other and leave no one to oppose their own goal of universal domination.

He is one of the main characters of the Granolah the Survivor Saga, initially acting as the main antagonistic foe towards Goku and Vegeta and later becoming their ally.

Quick Answers

Who manipulated Granolah into fighting the remaining Saiyans? toggle section
Elec of the Heeters manipulated Granolah into battling Saiyans Goku and Vegeta. Utilizing Granolah's resentment towards Saiyans, who devastated his homeworld, Elec aimed to have both parties eliminate each other, clearing the path for the Heeters' universal domination ambitions.
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What is Granolah's main motivation for seeking more power? toggle section
Granolah seeks more power primarily for revenge against Frieza, the tyrant who decimated his people. The Heeters manipulated him into battling the remaining Saiyans, aiming for mutual destruction. His ambition to be the universe's strongest warrior led him to accept a deal that amplified his strength at the cost of reducing his lifespan to just three years.
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What race does Granolah belong to? toggle section
Granolah, a character from the DBS manga, is of the Cerealian race. Cerealians are known for their distinct eye colors - one dark green and one red. Granolah's mother, Muezli, is also a Cerealian. Despite misconceptions, Granolah is not a Saiyan, but harbors a deep-seated grudge against them.
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Is Granolah a Saiyan? toggle section
Granolah, the last member of the Cerealian race, is not a Saiyan. His resentment towards the Saiyans stems from the devastation of his city by the Saiyan members of the Frieza Force. Despite his ambition to be Universe 7's strongest warrior, Granolah does not belong to the Saiyan race.
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How strong is Granolah compared to other characters in the series? toggle section
Granolah, having wished to be the Universe's greatest warrior, acquired vast powers. He can execute magical feats, control life energy, form energy barriers, and fly using ki. His strength amplifies as he fights formidable opponents. He can also use a planet's life energy for offense and defense, but this is contingent on the planet's available energy.
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Concept and creation[]

Granolah was designed by Toyotarou, with help and approval from original author Akira Toriyama.[6]

Granolah's name comes from "granola", a type of breakfast food made of rolled oats.


Granolah Colored Full

Granolah's full appearance

Granolah has light skin, wavy green hair, one dark green eye and one red eye, and wears what appears to be a buckled leather eyepatch with a dial over his right eye. The rest of his attire consists of a dark yellowish-green shirt under a green coat with yellow buttons, a long gray scarf, a dual-buckled belt, and dark yellowish-green gloves and boots (with buckled belts around both).


Granolah is a stern, serious individual, coming off as uninviting and cold but also holding a great ambition.


Granolah's vengeful obsession

Granolah holds a deep love for his people and is constantly haunted in his dreams by the memory of the Frieza Force arriving and the Saiyans transforming into Great Apes while destroying his city, leading to an obsession with avenging his fallen brethren and a seething hatred for Frieza and the invading Saiyans who eradicated his fellow Cerealians. Part of the reason Granolah and Monaito reside in a mountaintop home is because it gives him a clear view of his hometown's remains and serves as a constant reminder to himself of what the Saiyans and the Frieza Force did to his planet.

Granolah's determination was halted by both Monaito's words and the news of Planet Vegeta's destruction and Frieza's death, nearly leading to Granolah giving up his quest for vengeance, until news of Frieza's resurrection reached him, renewing his determination to train hard and take Frieza down. This desire for revenge is strong enough to overrule his sense of reason, as he becomes impatient with Elec about Frieza's whereabouts and only calms down after being overpowered and detained by Gas, and again when he is willing to pilfer the Two-Star Cerealian Dragon Ball to have his wish for power granted instead of training. In addition, he was unwilling to reason with Goku or Vegeta during their battle due to his obsessiveness, refusing to believe they were innocent and not believing their truthfully confused reactions to his accusations. Despite Vegeta informing him that neither he nor Goku were involved in the destruction of his race, Granolah remained adamant that he will have his revenge against all Saiyans, showing a callous disregard for even innocent Saiyans. Even when Vegeta revealed Frieza’s own destruction of the Saiyans and their planet, while initially shocked, Granolah refused to let go of his grudge against the Saiyans. When Oatmeel tries to bring this point up and convince him to stop fighting, Granolah ignores him and cuts off communication with him. His desire for vengeance overcomes him to the point that he becomes willing to destroy the ruins of his people's home in his fight with Vegeta to win against him. However, he was quite shocked to learn that he was in fact saved by a Saiyan who showed him mercy.

In an ironic twist, Granolah is similar to Frieza in that he underestimates his opponents, as seen when he expressed shocked by Vegeta's growing potential. He also did not try to master control of his powers by training, leaving him unprepared for the strength of Vegeta's Ultra Ego form. Also similar to Frieza, Granolah has become extremely arrogant and confident in his abilities, to the point that he decides he no longer needs Oatmeel's help now that he became the strongest in the universe.

Near the end of their last battle, after Vegeta points out his behavior is hypocritical and unlike his peaceful species, Granolah loses his temper and becomes willing to destroy himself to kill Vegeta. This shows how his vendetta has driven him so low as he would sacrifice his vendetta against Frieza just to stop Vegeta.

Despite his downward spiral on his path of vengeance, Granolah still retains his humanity. When his fight with Vegeta brought him into the Sugarian City, he tells Vegeta to take the fight somewhere else and attacks close-range so the city wouldn't be damaged. Upon seeing a Sugarian and their child cowering in terror, Granolah instantly recalls a moment in his past when the Saiyans attacked, and he ran to his mother for comfort. This demonstrates he's still capable of empathizing with innocent civilians and does not want to get any of them involved in his vendetta.

When learning that The Heeter's were responsible for his mother's death, Granolah abandons his vendetta against Goku and Vegeta, by targeting them instead. By the end of their fight against a powered-up (though greatly aged) Gas, Granolah ultimately gives up on his goal for revenge, presumably understanding the costs behind it.



Many decades ago, Granolah lived on Cereal with his people, the Cerealians, and a tribe of Namekians. One day, the Cerealian homeworld was attacked and conquered by the Frieza Force and its Saiyan Army. Using the full moon, the Saiyans transformed into Great Apes and annihilated nearly all of the population and their cities. With the help of his people, a young and frightened Granolah ran inside of an abandoned building to hide with his mother Muezli, only to be discovered by a Great Ape with a scar on its face. The sight of the Great Ape caused a frightened Granolah to faint.

Desperate, the Cerealians destroyed their moon, causing the Great Apes to revert back to normal. Although, even without the full moon, the Saiyans were more than powerful enough to wipe out the Cerealians. Bardock, having reverted as well, approached Granolah and his mother inside the building. Muezli, frightened, shoots one of Bardock's shoulder guard's off as a warning. Suddenly, Leek calls out to Bardock from outside. Leek says they've completed their mission and must leave. Bardock tells Leek to go without him as he'll look for survivors, not informing about Granolah and Muezli. Leek complies but tells him to hurry as Frieza will arrive shortly. Using his Scouter, Bardock determines that these are the last two Cerealians and detects another survivor in the mountains.

Bardock takes the two to the survivor's location. The only remaining Namekian, Monaito, senses Bardock and attempts to attack him, only to be easily thwarted by the Saiyan. Monaito calms down when he sees two Cerealians with him. Muezli asks Monaito for shelter, which he happily accepts. Bardock tells them to stay hidden and lie low, as Frieza is on his way to Cereal. Monaito suspects a ploy, but Bardock says he saved them because he felt like it. Bardock tells them to survive for as long as they can and leaves. Before he goes, Monaito asks for his name and treats his arm. Suddenly, Bardock detects someone with his Scouter and discovers the Heeters in the distance. Bardock, Monaito, and Muezli listen to the Heeters discussing their plan to scam the Sugarians and usurp Frieza one day.

Suddenly, Granolah wakes up and screams when he sees Bardock, alerting the Heeters. Monaito quickly uses a Kiai to knock Granolah out. Bardock takes Monaito's cloak to hide his face and takes aim at them, pretending he found some survivors to kill. Elec tells him to get on with it, but Bardock says the Namekian has a strange power worth checking into. Elec quickly draws his Ray Gun and shoots Muezli in the chest, killing her. He orders Bardock to kill the kid and the Namekian. Bardock attacks the Heeters with an invisible blast, but Gas blocks it with a forcefield. Using the smoke as distraction, Bardock makes a quick getaway with the others.

Monaito laments that his power can't save Muezli. Bardock says the Heeters will come looking for them to prevent their secret from getting out. Elec sends Gas to find and kill them. However, Bardock somehow managed to defeat or evade Gas long enough to escape.

Without his mother, Granolah would be raised by Monaito. Not wanting to burden Granolah by revealing that he inadvertently caused his own mother's death, Monaito lied to the Cerealian and never told him that Bardock saved their lives or their encounter with the Heeters.

The young Cerealian survived the genocide of his race, but the experience left him haunted with nightmares that lasted into adulthood. This instilled Granolah with an obsessive desire for revenge against Frieza and the Saiyans, to such an extent that he deliberately chose a house in the mountains where he could view the remains of his hometown as a reminder of his past. At some point in his life, Granolah made an acquaintance with an individual named Oatmeel and started an occupation as a bounty hunter before he was approached by Elec and Gas who hired him. He began working under the Heeters, taking jobs in order to make a living (ironically, the Frieza Force made a deal with the Heeters to ravage Cereal, so the Heeters could rebuild the planet and sell it to the highest bidder, a fact that Granolah remains ignorant to).

Dragon Ball Super[]

Granolah the Survivor Saga[]

Granolah's most recent job involves the pursuit and capture of Goichi's OG Soldier, OG73i, which Heeters leader Elec plans to use for intel. With Oatmeel's help, Granolah tracks down Goichi's Spaceship to a remote corner of the universe far from Earth to find OG73-i. As he boards Goichi's ship, Oatmeel warns Granolah to be careful, as they don't know how many enemies are on board. Granolah understands and asks Oatmeel to prepare to provide him support. Goichi is quickly alerted by Granolah's intrusion and sends his guards after him, but Granolah easily defeats the guards by shocking them with his Stun Gun and continues into the ship.

Granolah finds Seven-Three

Granolah finds OG73I.

In desperation, Goichi activates all of his OG Soldiers (all having received copies of Seven-Three's data and thus possess equivalent capabilities) to dispatch him. Granolah asks Oatmeel to run a scan and find out which OG unit is their target. Oatmeel informs Granolah that none of the OG Soldiers who approached him are the target, so Granolah defeats them all by shooting Finger Beams at the crystals in their heads. After making his way to a room full of OG Soldiers, Oatmeel informs Granolah that Seven-Three is the OG Soldier inside of a Medical Machine in the center. After taking Seven-Three, Granolah heavily damaged Goichi's ship, preventing them from following his ship.

Granolah wakes from a nightmare

Granolah has a nightmare

Later, Granolah wakes up screaming, terrified from a nightmare of his race's destruction. He hastily checks on Seven-Three and asks if they have been followed, but Oatmeel reassures him that the android is in stable condition and that Goichi and his followers couldn't follow them after the destruction he caused on their ship. Oatmeel says that it will take a while to reach the Heeter's Base and suggests that Granolah goes into cold sleep (a form of suspended animation), but he declines, insisting that he is wide awake now. Oatmeel asks if he still despises the Frieza Force, which the Cerealian confirms. Oatmeel says that Frieza died several years ago and the remnants of his army are but a shadow of their former glory, but they can't understand why Granolah is still obsessed and insists that he move on. Granolah says that he should try, since it was the "apes" in Frieza's army that slaughtered his fellow Cerealians and, apparently, they were wiped out by a giant meteor shortly afterwards (Unaware, that this was a lie fabricated by Frieza). Granolah says that he lost both the targets for his revenge but can't understand why he is still plagued with nightmares.

Granolah threatens Soshiru

Granolah threatens Soshiru

After a long journey, Granolah arrives at the Heeter's base and hauls Seven-Three into the fortress. Another bounty hunter, Soshiru, greets Granolah after seeing him carry in his target, but the Cerealian ignores him. Soshiru recognizes Seven-Three as the artificial lifeform that Elec wants and inquires how he captured him. The greedy bounty hunter suggests they pretend that they captured Seven-Three together and split the prize, as his previous target did not make him much money, while eagerly examining the android. Irritated, Granolah points his fingers at Soshiru's head and warns him not to touch Seven-Three, otherwise, he'll give his head to Elec for payment. Soshiru hastily replies that he was joking and Granolah continues inside.

DBS Chapter 68 07

Granolah visits the Heeters

In Elec's throne room, Granolah offers Seven-Three to the Heeters. Elec asks Oil to confirm it, and, after examination, he replies that it is indeed Seven-Three. Elec congratulates Granolah, but the Cerealian demands his payment. Macki gives Granolah a bag full of their currency. Granolah asks Elec if he will create an army using Seven-Three like Goichi. Elec laughs and says he has no need for soldiers because the Heeters don't command armies, and if they did need more numbers, they'll simply hire the best soldiers that money can buy. Elec claims that with enough money, there is nothing you can't have, which Granolah agrees with. Elec claims that real power comes from money and intel, and the one with the most information controls the universe and Seven-Three is full of useful information. Granolah says that he only cares about his reward and asks for another assignment. Elec says they don't have any assignments at the moment, because the state of the universe is shifting, due to Frieza's resurrection.

DBS Chapter 68 09

Granolah taken down by Gas

Shocked, Granolah asks how this is possible, but Elec has no idea. Elec says that the Frieza Force's return is bad for business, as people will become frightened and less willing to make deals. Elated, Granolah believes that this is his chance to avenge his people and desperately demands for Frieza's location so he can kill the tyrant. Elec tells him not to bother, as Frieza had come back far stronger than before. An Granolah marches up to his throne before Gas pins him down. Elec says that Granolah is hotheaded and knows about his grudge against the Frieza Force, but revenge requires time and planning. Elec tells Granolah to wait until they are ready to help him, as the Frieza Force is their common enemy. Granolah begrudgingly agrees and Elec tells Gas to let him go. While the Cerealian gathers his money, Elec tells him to go home and calm down. Before leaving, Granolah asks that they contact him if there's another job.

Outside, Granolah angrily curses Frieza and vows to exact his vengeance by personally killing the tyrant. Oatmeel insists that he remain calm and suggests that he treat himself with his earnings. Unbeknownst to Granolah, the Heeters have become wary of his ever-growing strength and plan to have him killed by Frieza.

DBS Chapter 68 10

Granolah aims at Soshiru and his men

In their ship, Oatmeel tells Granolah to rest up as it will take two days to reach Cereal. Suddenly, Granolah hears a loud noise and turns to find Soshiru, who gathered his allies to rob him of his bounty. Granolah lands his ship on a nearby asteroid to hide from his pursuers. However, the bounty hunters follow him and search his ship. He lures the group to the cockpit by speaking through his eyepatch and incapacitates most of Soshiru's allies by sniping them with his stun gun. Soshiru is shocked that Granolah can snipe without his goggles, and Oatmeel explains that the Cerealian's right eyes are especially adapted to sniping, and Granolah's abilities are superior to the others. Granolah holsters his gun and threatens to kill Soshiru with a Finger Beam. The bounty hunter surrenders and apologizes, and gives Granolah his pocket change, before leaving with his crew.

Granolah returns to his ship and puts his eyepatch back on, with Oatmeel praising his sniping abilities. Granolah downplays this, acknowledging that he missed one of Soshiru's men. Granolah admits that he isn't strong enough to defeat Frieza and must gain more power than anyone to avenge the Cerealian race.

After arriving on Cereal, Granolah lands his ship in a Sugarian city. The Sugarians welcome Granolah back and the Cerealian asks them to repair the left wing of his ship, which was damaged during his fight with Soshiru. One Sugarian asks Granolah when he expects to leave again, but Cerealian says that he won't have any jobs for a while and they can take their time, while giving them some of his currency. The Sugarian tells Granolah to take some time off for himself, and he agrees. Granolah goes to a nearby store and buys food and water for himself and Monaito. The clerk asks about the elder Namekian and why he doesn't come into the city anymore. Granolah explains that his leg giving him trouble because of his advanced age, but his people naturally have long lifespans. The clerk asks why they live alone in the mountains, as the Sugarians would accept them into their city with open arms, but Granolah says that their city wouldn't suit them. Granolah takes his food and bids the clerk farewell, but not before the Sugarian offers him an extra bottle of water, free of charge. Granolah accepts and the clerk tells him to give his regards to Monaito.

Granolah looks at his hometown

Granolah looks at the remains of his hometown

As Granolah walks home through the mountains, Oatmeel asks why he doesn't live amongst the Sugarians. Granolah explains that the Heeters built their city for them, so it's not meant for him. Oatmeel confusedly asks if the planet was not once home to the Cerealians. Granolah explains that forty years ago, after his world was ravaged by the Frieza Force, the Heeters arrived and started rebuilding the planet. The Sugarians originally came from another planet that was destroyed and roamed through space, before paying the Heeters to settle on Cereal. Granolah says that since the Sugarians arrived and made Cereal their home, he and Monaito decided to live in the mountains. Oatmeel realizes they distanced themselves in pursuit of amenable cohabitation. Granolah adds that he can also see the remains of his hometown from the top of the mountain, and he lives here to constantly remind himself of what the Saiyans did to his planet.

DBS 69 09

Granolah in his home with Monaito

After arriving home, Granolah greets Monaito and gives him some water. The elder Namekian thanks Granolah for being so good to him. While they eat, Granolah mentions that their friend at shop said hi and gave him an extra bottle of water. Monaito says that he hasn't gone into the city in a while and the Sugarians treat them quite nicely. Granolah says they probably feel bad about moving onto their planet when they were here first. The Namekian says they shouldn't feel bad, as he has no complaints about his current lifestyle. Monaito asks Granolah if he has any more jobs, but the Cerealian replies that since Frieza came back to life, the Heeters are laying low for now, which means no jobs for him. Monaito asks if the Heeters put a bounty on Frieza's head, but Granolah replies no and the Heeters aren't eager to mess with the Frieza Force. Granolah adds that he will take down Frieza and his army, with or without a reward. Monaito is against this, as he isn't strong enough to fight Frieza. Granolah says he may have to resort to using the Cerealian Dragon Balls and looks at the One-Star Ball in their possession. Monaito disagrees and says that the Dragon Balls weren't made to take revenge. Granolah understands and says that he would need both Dragon Balls to make a wish anyway.

Granolah steals the Two-Star ball

Granolah steals the Two-Star Ball

Monaito says that the other ball has been lost for forty years, likely never to be seen again. He further explains that the Dragon Balls began as part of a ritual to celebrate brave Namekian warriors, not to fulfill selfish desires. Monaito reminds Granolah that the tribe of Namekians that once settled on Cereal years ago, is practically extinct and when he dies, the Dragon Balls will go with him. Granolah suggests that he look for the other Dragon Ball and wish for their planet to be restored to the way it was fifty years ago. Monaito asks what will happen to the kind Sugarians who settled here, since they cannot force them off of their new home. Granolah says that Frieza and his army must be eliminated then. Monaito denies this again, saying revenge isn't the way, as it will only lead to more enemies. Granolah reluctantly obeys the elder's wishes. Monaito tells him to give up the Dragon Balls and enjoy the hand they've been dealt, before going to sleep.

At night, Granolah observes the Dragon Ball while his television plays in the background. When the news turns on, the reporter says that a local boy found a strange orb in a crevice while hunting bugs in the mountains. Specialists at the Sugarian's institute say that the orb may not originate from Cereal and are currently conducting research on it. Granolah immediately recognizes the orb as the Two-Star Ball. Realizing this is his chance to have his wish granted, Granolah heads into the city to steal the Dragon Ball. Wearing a mask to hide his face, Granolah breaks into the institution and takes the ball, before escaping into the mountains as the alarm goes off.

DBS 69 10

Granolah summons Toronbo

Oatmeel asks Granolah why he is ignoring the elder's warnings, but Granolah says it will be fine and he has a plan. He remembers that Monaito once told them the password to summon the Eternal Dragon and asks Oatmeel to remind him how it goes. Granolah successfully uses the password to summon the Eternal Dragon of Cereal, Toronbo. The dragon tells Granolah that he will grant any one wish if it is within his power. Oatmeel says Granolah doesn't have to state his wish in the Namekian language. Granolah tells Toronbo that he wishes to become the strongest warrior in the universe. Toronbo asks Granolah if his wish is to make him the strongest warrior in his universe apart from deities, but while Granolah is eager to have the wish granted, he is halted when Toronbo tells him that he can make Granolah stronger, but not more than his latent potential will allow.

Granolah accepts Toronbo's condition

Granolah makes his wish

Despite Granolah's disappointment, the dragon then tells him that if he is willing to agree to a certain condition, he can indeed become the strongest. Granolah agrees, ready to do whatever it takes to gain the power to bring Frieza down. Toronbo explains the condition: he can multiply the Cerealian's current strength by condensing all the power that he could have achieved throughout his lifetime, though this would require a drastic cut in Granolah's lifespan - 150 years gone, with only three left. Granolah, however, is still dead set on having his wish granted, and thus accepts the condition in full.

Greatest Warrior Granolah

Granolah with long hair

Upon hearing Granolah's agreement, Toronbo grants his wish and dissipates, leaving Granolah left with lengthened hair and sparking bioelectricity. In silence, he reaches towards his left, raising a boulder into the air with his newfound power before detonating it with a clench of his hand, shocking Oatmeel. Smirking, he realized the wish worked, before being confronted by Monaito, who was woken up by the shockwave. Granolah claims his strength is unrivalled and he can bring down Frieza with his new power, but Monaito asks if he accepted a condition and warns him that said power will only bring new enemies out of the woodwork. The Cerealian is still confident, though, telling him that as the universe's greatest warrior, he can handle any new threat coming his way. Rising into the air, he attempts to detect Frieza's location, but can't find anything from any nearby planets, so he departs to his ship to pay Elec a visit to find out Frieza's whereabouts, leaving Monaito distraught that he's upended Granolah's life once more.

Granolah fights Oil

Granolah overpowers Oil

During the two-day travel, Granolah cuts off the lengthened portions of his hair, unaware that he is being observed by Whis, who presumes that Granolah's predicament could cause some turmoil. Upon reaching the Heeter's base, he crashes their entertainment, demanding to know where Frieza is. Elec is unsurprised at what Granolah wants but reminds him that he is nowhere close to Frieza's level. Irritated, Granolah claims to now be the strongest in the universe, but Elec waves him off and has Oil try to shoot him out but is surprised when Granolah uses a single tap to send Oil flying into a wall. Having now caught Elec's attention, Granolah is forced to fight Oil, but easily outmaneuvers and pummels the brute, sending him crashing through the base floor and disintegrating said chunk of floor with ease when Oil hurls it at him. He is then engaged by Macki, effortlessly dodging her ki claws before ensnaring her wrists with his scarf and slamming her into the floor before Gas cuts her free. Before Granolah can fight Gas, Elec stops the battle, saying Gas has no need to get involved.

Granolah is unwilling to explain his newfound power to Elec, but Elec presses further, withholding the information about Frieza's whereabouts and claiming that if Granolah isn't the real deal and he is beaten by Frieza, the Heeters would have targets on their backs. Granolah then reveals how he used the Cerealian Dragon Balls, as well as his life-reducing condition and that he only has 3 years left on him, leaving the Heeters shocked. Elec, in return tells him that they actually don't exactly know Frieza's location, but that they'll get back to him and he should cool his head while he waits. With nothing else he can currently gain from them, Granolah leaves the Heeters be and takes off in his ship, unaware of the Heeters' new scheme to get rid of Granolah.

Granolah Waiting

Granolah waits for the Saiyans

After arriving back on Cereal, Granolah stays on his ship and waits for Elec to contact him. Oatmeel asks if Monaito will be alright on his own, but Granolah assures them that he can watch the elder Namekian with his right eye (which became stronger due to his wish).

After several weeks of waiting, Macki contacts an impatient Granolah. As part of their plan to eliminate the Cerealian, Macki claims that they found Frieza's location, but their scouting squad informed the tyrant that Granolah is attempting to assassinate him. She deceives him further by claiming two of Frieza's assassins are en route to Cereal to kill him. Granolah says this is perfect, as he can interrogate them for Frieza's location. Macki says that the "assassins" are surviving members of the Saiyan race, much to Granolah's surprise.

Granolah looks over the remains of his hometown and says that after 50 years, revenge will finally be his (The Saiyan "assassins" are actually Goku and Vegeta, and the Heeters are taking advantage of Granolah's grudge against the Saiyan race).

After sensing the Saiyans arrival on Cereal, Granolah snipes at the Saiyans from the forest. Goku and Vegeta dodge (with Ultra Instinct and the Super Saiyan form, respectively) and follow the blasts back to the source. However, Granolah uses his incredible speed to move from different positions and continues blasting at the Saiyan duo, before successfully shooting Goku in the neck, rendering him unconscious. Vegeta quickly goes to Goku's side and revives his comrade with a Senzu Bean. Goku proceeds to turn into a Super Saiyan as well and blasts at Granolah, who swiftly vanishes and reappears behind the duo. Goku comments that his movement technique is even faster than Instant Transmission. Granolah says that it is just one of many nameless techniques he gained as a result of his wish to become Universe 7's strongest warrior.

Granolah introduces himself as the last member of the Cerealian race, however, Goku and Vegeta state they have never heard of his race. Granolah coldly states that he knows all too much about their kind. Vegeta asks if he holds a grudge against the Saiyans, but Granolah refuses to explain and says their race will meet their end here (unaware of other Saiyan survivors, Broly and Tarble, as well the Saiyan hybrids). The Cerealian flies into the air and uses a mysterious technique against them, which devastates the ground. After dodging, Vegeta compares Granolah's technique to Hakai. Vegeta agrees to let Goku fight Granolah first, once more intending to prove his superiority to Goku in battle. Goku faces Granolah on the ground and says that they will fight first, but the Cerealian says that facing him alone was a foolish choice and insults the Saiyans.

DBS 72 06 (1)

Granolah strikes Goku in a vital spot

Granolah asks if they will transform into their Great Ape forms, but Goku states that they can no longer use that transformation (Forgetting to point out there is no full moon also), and further powers up into a Super Saiyan God. Goku also uses Ultra Instinct to keep up with Granolah's assault, however, the Cerealian once again lands a pressure point attack that cripples Goku and drops him out of his God state. He easily deduces the nature of Ultra Instinct and states that, with his evolved right eye having been further enhanced by his wish, he is able to observe blood flow and muscle movements to find all of Goku's weak points. Granolah also senses that Goku is holding back and says that he will kill Goku first before interrogating Vegeta for Frieza's location. Goku is naturally confused, but the ignorant and rage filled Granolah believes that the Saiyan is playing dumb and tells him not to waste his time. Goku says that they were told that Granolah was the bad guy, but, stubborn as ever, Granolah refuses to believe this and says the Saiyans will pay for their massacre of the Cerealians. Enraged, the Cerealian powers up greatly and claims that he is superior to the Saiyans in every way. Goku, in response, turns into a Super Saiyan Blue and they clash once more, which creates powerful earthquakes felt by the Sugarians.

Granolah Vital Point

Granolah defeats Goku

Eventually, the battle progressed with Granolah slowly getting an edge over Goku and pressures him enough to activate Autonomous Ultra Instinct in conjunction with Perfected Super Saiyan Blue. Eventually, Goku used his Instant Kamehameha while Granolah struck him at his vital point at the same time, knocking both down. Granolah taunts Goku that whatever transformation he uses, he still has openings his Right Eye will lock on to, to which Goku replied that his training is incomplete. Granolah eventually says he's fed up with Goku using excuses and proclaiming he will kill both Saiyans by his hand, just like what they did to the Cerealians, before summoning an Energy Wave, similar to Moro's technique, from the ground beneath Goku, who escapes using Instant Transmission to Vegeta. He eventually battles Goku, who uses Perfected Ultra Instinct and overpowers Granolah, (who could not notice his vital points in the form) while trying to convince him to train sometime so he could spar sometime, to which Granolah reveals he split part of his power to save his strength for Frieza, thus revealing he was a copy of Granolah the whole time. Vegeta, who realized this and had located Granolah's real body, informed Goku of this, catching him off-guard. Granolah then takes out Goku with a Vital Point Attack, knocking him unconscious. Granolah tried to finish him off, only for Vegeta to intervene, who had already deduced the former was a Cerealian, and proclaimed Granolah will fight him next. Granolah stated it did not matter who fights him because he would win only to get angry after Vegeta taunts him over the fate of his race.

DBS 74 2

Granolah takes aim at Vegeta

Before Vegeta and Granolah engage each other, Granolah continues to mistake Vegeta's involvement with Frieza, prompting Vegeta to explain that he had abandoned the Frieza Force many years ago and has no involvement with the tyrant since. Granolah, adamant as ever, refuses to believe Vegeta, prompting Vegeta to transform into his Super Saiyan Blue Evolved state and engage the Cerealian. He surrounds Granolah in Hakai before destroying the rocks surrounding him. Unfazed, Granolah taunts Vegeta and demonstrates his Hakai-like ability, destroying a giant rock behind Vegeta, sending him flying and towards Granolah, sustaining a heavy blow. The two engage, with Vegeta narrowly avoiding Granolah's energy barrages by hiding in a nearby lake. Unable to track him, Granolah is assisted by Oatmeel and fires a bow and arrow of energy with the help of Oatmeel's aim assist, which Vegeta successfully defends against, but knocking him out of the lake. Granolah approaches the Saiyan, expressing his surprise at how powerful he and Goku are. Vegeta, ignoring the obvious disadvantage he is in, continues to taunt Granolah, confusing the Cerealian and prompting him to attack the Saiyan once more.

Granolah strikes Vegeta

Granolah strikes Vegeta at a vital point in his abdomen

Goku awakens from his injuries, only to see the two fighting above him in the sky. The two engage in an aerial fight, causing Granolah to accidently destroy a section of a town. Vegeta taunts him again, enraging the Cerealian. Vegeta explains that his high battle power is only recent, pointing out the flaws in Granolah's abilities and fighting expertise, surprising the Cerealian. Granolah, still confident that his power is still enough to beat Vegeta, attacks him using sheer power, however Vegeta counters with his more experienced fighting expertise. Continuing to taunt the Cerealian, Vegeta gloats that the battle is only making him stronger and regardless of how strong Granolah is, it doesn't matter, and that Vegeta will win due to his lack of training. Tired of the gloating and taunts, Granolah pierces Vegeta's armor and stomach with a Vital Point Attack, causing Vegeta to bleed profusely from his mouth and revert to his base form. Granolah smiles in confidence, only for Vegeta to chuckle at him, stating he has not felt this way in ages, enjoying every minute of this battle with no consequences at stake. Vegeta begins powering up, knocking Granolah away. From afar, Goku senses Vegeta's ki change to an unusual divine ki. Granolah retaliates by firing blasts at Vegeta, only for them to immediately disintegrate upon hitting the wall of energy coming from Vegeta, shocking Granolah. Vegeta, healed from his injuries, takes on a new form, too much of the shock and horror of Granolah, stating that a God of Destruction taught him that "power derived by instinct is unbounded".

Vegeta grabs granolah

Vegeta grabs Granolah

Granolah, unsure and confused by Vegeta's new power, is overwhelmed by the transformed Saiyan whose speed and might are increased exponentially. Vegeta pummels Granolah with the Cerealian landing a massive blow to Vegeta's previously wounded stomach, however Vegeta is completely unfazed. Confused by his drastic change in power, Granolah questions what a God of Destruction is, which Vegeta explains, causing Granolah to wonder if Vegeta was granted this power by this deity. Vegeta explains that although he was taught the technique, the power and transformation Granolah is experiencing is entirely Vegeta's. Vegeta further explains that their ongoing battle awakened the transformation, which Vegeta is grateful for. Adamant over the possibility of Vegeta surpassing him, Granolah fires an energy wave at Vegeta, only for the wave to disintegrate upon contact with Vegeta. He fires a barrage of blasts at Vegeta, again to no effect. Becoming pressured once again, Granolah forms an energy shield to protect himself. Insulted by Granolah suggesting Vegeta dodge like Goku's Ultra Instinct, Vegeta states his technique is derived by ego, not instinct, dubbing the form as Ultra Ego. Vegeta shatters through Granolah's barrier, kicking him in the face and sending him flying across the ruined city.

Granolah Bow or something

Granolah takes aim at Vegeta

Granolah refuses to lose to Vegeta, saying there's no way he's stronger than Frieza. Vegeta explains that the Saiyans were brought to near extinction by Frieza who had destroyed Planet Vegeta and not a meteor like everyone was told. Oatmeel then wonders if he and Granolah were lied to, however Granolah is still determined to get his revenge. After unsuccessfully attacking Vegeta again, Oatmeel pleads with him to stop, as Goku and Vegeta were unaware of his race's extinction. Granolah refuses, stating the Saiyans are responsible, removing his eye piece and abandoning Oatmeel's assistance. Granolah attacks Vegeta again, claiming he is in fact not used to his new power and abilities and thus he too will learn and evolve in his battle against Vegeta, picking up a castle with telekinesis and hurling it at Vegeta, who tears apart the entire structure. Granolah continues on to hurl even more pieces of the ruined city at Vegeta, then destroying it with his destructive powers, thereby destroying Vegeta's armor. Vegeta and Granolah begin to exchange blows, with Vegeta sustaining damage that causes him to bleed from his chest. The two continue to exchange attacks, with Vegeta narrowly dodging a sniping attack before sending a powerful energy wave at the Cerealian, knocking him away. Vegeta, realizing he is taking too much damage and becoming weaken, sees Granolah charging another bow and arrow-like energy attack at him. In retaliation, Vegeta forms a giant Sphere of Destruction with the intent to finish off Granolah and destroy the planet and launches at a defiant Granolah who charges his attack with both his hands now. Vegeta realizes his left eye has changed similar to his Cerealian right eye and shoots a precise attack at Vegeta's Destruction Sphere, destroying it and causing an explosion so massive it is felt by Goku and others around the planet. Vegeta, having been too close to the blast, is severely injured by the explosion of his Sphere. He is confused by how Granolah managed to destroy the attack, to which Granolah thanks him for drawing out more of his own power.

Off in the distance, the Heeters observe the battle at hand, hoping Goku, Vegeta and Granolah kill each other from their battle. They are revealed to also have a Dragon Radar and plan on finding the Cerealian Dragon Balls.

DBS Ch 76 07

Granolah's sacrificial act

Granolah damages Vegeta out of his Ultra Ego state and prepares to kill him before Goku intervenes and punches him away. To his further shock, Vegeta hits Goku away due to wanting to fight Granolah alone. After fighting them both, he realizes Goku can use the interval of his looking for their vitals and striking them to shift and avoid dangerous attacks from him. After Vegeta draws out his Ultra Ego form again and forces the battle to the city, Granolah begs him to move it elsewhere to avoid civilian casualties. He is angered when Vegeta points out his hypocrisy and unnaturally angry behavior considering his species were peaceful. The Cerealian forces the Saiyan prince out of the city with a Kiai attack. Nearing his limit, Granolah prepares to launch a full power energy blast that could kill Vegeta and himself. He is interrupted when Monaito arrives in a ship. Goku uses the opportunity to punch him, stopping his attack. To his shock, Monaito admits he lied about the Saiyans and that one actually saved him and their species from extinction was a Saiyan named Bardock.

Hearing Monaito's account of the Cerealian genocide, Granolah is shocked to learn that they were spared by a Saiyan. He witnesses Monaito say that Goku bears a striking resemblance to Bardock. Goku, is naturally confused, and admits he knows little about Saiyans, having grown up on Earth. Vegeta reveals to Goku that Bardock was his father, shocking everyone present. Granolah then angrily asks why his mother didn't survive.

DBS 78 05

Gas defeats Granolah

After Monaito reveals the rest of his story, Granolah is enraged by the revelation that Elec was the one who murdered his mother, due to him serving the Heeters for decades. He questions Monaito on not telling him this news, as the old Namekian states it was to protect him. Goku stops Granolah from hurting the Namekian while Vegeta inquired if Bardock won against Gas. Monaito confirms this and declares Gas was powerful but before he can finish, the sky turns dark. After the sky turns back, Granolah and the others sense a massive power, which he recognizes as Gas' power and panics. The Heeters appear and confirm their deception to both parties before Macki sarcastically thanks Granolah for his help. The Heeters then unveil Gas who has undergone a transformation and power up because of the dragon balls, which Granolah reveals was the source of his power. Gas proceeds to overwhelm Granolah while revealing his dislike of him and why he was recruited in the first place. Gas nearly kills Granolah but Goku intervenes, Gas easily brushed him aside and traps him, allowing Granolah to break free and demand to know why they spared him. Gas simply replies that his brother saw potential in Granolah while he did not because he believed he was more than enough to represent his family and defeats the Cerealian.

After Monaito heals Goku, he takes over the fight against Gas but is overwhelmed by the latter. Granolah lays unconscious before Vegeta wakes him and tells him to eat a Senzu Bean, which will replenish his power. Granolah is incredulous that Vegeta had this item and did not use it. The Saiyan Prince replies that he would not take the cowardly way out to win and tells Granolah that if he wants to take revenge against those who ruined his life, he should do it by eating the bean and take it with his own hands.

With his body rejuvenated, Granolah teleports to the battle and prevents Oil and Macki from assaulting Monaito. This alerts Gas, who was about to finish off Goku. Monaito gives Oatmeel back to Granolah, who apologizes deserting him and accepts its support. The Cerealian then powers up and activates his dual Evolved Eyes, impressing Vegeta and shocking everyone. Granolah demands Gas to come and fight again. The Heeter eagerly complies and tosses aside a beaten Goku, before creating shields for his arms.

DBS Ch 79 04

Granolah battles Gas

During their battle, Gas is able to keep Granolah on the defensive, blocking his finger beams with his shields and attempts to stab him with a javelin, however, Granolah catches it and hits him with it instead. The Heeter uses his projectile weapons to keep the Ceralian at bay. Oatmeel gives Granolah advice and warnings throughout the fight, allowing the Cerealian to counter all of Gas's attacks. Granolah pressures Gas in a hand-to-hand fight and is steadily overwhelming him. Goku and Vegeta theorize Gas is unable to make use of his full power, much like Granolah initially. Everyone wonders why Gas is solely using his arsenal of conjured weapons, however, Monaito reveals Gas always had this ability. Macki guesses that Gas wants to beat Granolah without relying on his new power. This is confirmed when Gas is forced to use a powerful blast to counter Granolah's assault.

The Heeter reveals that any abilities Granolah has, he can use as well. He proves this true by teleporting to Granolah and using Destruction on him, which sends him flying and destroying his coat. But Granolah flies back up and admits he never knew beating Gas would be this easy, and goads "the universe's strongest" to show him more. The Cerealian and Heeter battle each other using Instant Transmission, however, Gas can barely keep up with Granolah's superior use of the technique.

As the fight draws out, Gas soon blocks one of Granolah's moves, having become accustomed to his fighting. Despite Gas's confidence, he is caught off-guard when Granolah attacks with a clone. The Cerealian then creates a horde of clones to overwhelm Gas, but each would be defeated by the Heeter, who believes the act was foolish, as the clones split his power. However, he is left open for the real Granolah to deliver a devastating attack and is sent flying until he falls into the lake, forcing his siblings to rescue him. Granolah collapses to his knees, as Vegeta states his body is taking the toll for the damage of his clones. Monaito tries to help his adopted son, but Granolah orders him back because he feels the battle is not yet done.

Soon Elec arrives and questions the battered Gas on his poor performance, while Granolah is enraged by the Heeter's arrival. Elec suddenly arrives and takes off Gas' headpiece, having him unleash his instincts and transform into the Heeter's powerful berserk state, shocking Monaito who tells Granolah and the Saiyans that he had seen Gas in that form before. He reveals that when Gas first fought Bardock, the latter had him on the ropes and Gas resorted to using that form at the cost of losing himself. Granolah is shocked to hear this was a last resort before Gas proceeds to pummel Granolah who is unable to fend off his now larger and stronger opponent.

Elec shoots Granolah

Elec shoots Granolah at point-blank

After Gas is coached by Elec to regain his wits, Granolah is soon swiftly overpowered by the newly-in-control Gas. Though he attempts to attack Elec in an attempt to avenge his mother, Gas quickly teleports him out of range. Elec smirks at Granolah, calling his killing move bad manners and declaring that he only allowed Granolah to live up until now. Still rageful for the death of his race, Granolah prepares to blast at him, but Gas again intercepts him by breaking both of his arms with a kick and blasting his eyes, leaving him unable to pinpoint strikes, let alone see. This weakens him enough that he staggers back into Elec, who sarcastically thanks him for all the jobs he did for the Heeters and promises to execute him the same way he did Muezli, saying goodbye by blasting him in the back point-blank with his Ray Gun.

Severely damaged and on the brink of death, Granolah falls into the lake below, causing Gas and Elec to turn their attention to Super Saiyan Blue Goku, who received energy from Vegeta to keep fighting. While Gas is occupied brawling with Goku, Monaito retrieves Granolah and begins healing him, unwilling to allow Granolah to die like Muezli before him. Goku is ecstatic that Granolah is still alive, and quickly intercepts Gas's attempt to destroy Monaito by grabbing him and teleporting him to a different planet. Goku leaves Gas stranded far away and buying those back on Cereal twenty minutes before his return, the group including the injured Granolah head to Monaito's home.

DBS 86 08

Granolah launches a mighty energy blast at Gas

Granolah awakens later on and interrupts the battle between Goku and Gas. Granolah tells Goku that while he slept, he heard Bardock's recording on the scouter and asks Goku if he is willing to wager everything on his strength. Granolah begins to power up a blast as both Goku and soon thereafter Vegeta attempt to buy him time. After building up enough energy for the attack, Goku conjures up his giant spectral form and throws Gas to the edge of the planet's atmosphere. Due to his previous injuries, Granolah is not able to aim well enough to land a hit from so far out but with assistance from Oatmeel, he unleashes the attack and hits Gas head-on, creating an explosion that rocks the entire planet.

Gas falls to the ground defeated, but Granolah tells his siblings that he did not kill him as he is no longer after revenge. Saying that Gas will be unconscious for the next few days, he tells the Heeters to take him away and never return to the planet again before apologizing to Goku and Vegeta for all that he has done. Following his tremendous attack, Granolah falls to his knees and begins coughing up blood, believing that the attack shortened his lifespan further. Monaito approaches and uses his healing to restore Granolah's full strength before he is struck by a blast through the chest that came from the still conscious Gas.

Granolah rushes to his friends aid as Goku and Vegeta transform and enter the battle yet again. However shortly afterwards, he was horrified to witness Frieza make an unexpected visit and proceeds to promptly kill Gas and Elec before taking off along with Oil and Macki. Whis then appears and restores Monaito as a onetime special favor for Goku. Whis asks Goku and Vegeta to leave with him straight away and Goku asks Granolah if he would like to join them for training though he refuses, instead wanting to find the Dragon Balls to fix the damage on Cereal that he had caused before Monaito seals them away for good. To aid them, Vegeta gives them the Dragon Radar to locate the Dragon Balls.



Granolah is a superb sniper and bounty hunter, due to his right eye's prowess, which was noted by Oatmeel to be superior to that of other Cerealians and the extensive work he put into refining his skills over the years. This allowed him to take down Goichi's guards with his stun gun and his OG Soldiers (all possessing copies of Seven-Three's data, capabilities and newfound power) with pinpoint Finger Beams as well as easily taking down Soshiru, a fellow bounty hunter and his crew with his sniping capabilities.

However, he was no match to Gas, who managed to subdue him instantly, before Granolah could even realize what happened. Elec also believed that the likes of Oil would be able to defeat Granolah. Likewise, he is told by Elec that he would easily be killed by the present-day Frieza (though Elec later notes that Granolah's potential could lead to him becoming a dangerous factor in their plans, even potentially surpassing Gas). Monaito also believed Granolah did not have the power to tangle with Frieza (as he was before his revival).

After making a wish to Toronbo, Granolah gained power surpassing every other mortal in the universe as of the time the wish was made. With this power he was able to easily defeat Oil and Macki with little effort, however Elec believed that - based on Seven-Three's data of their fight with Moro - Goku and Vegeta working together would be able to defeat Granolah. This was proven to have merit as he was stated by Vegeta to be almost at his limit after facing them both separately.

When confronting Goku and Vegeta, even with his power split in two Granolah's new-found prowess proved more than enough to massively pressure both Saiyan warriors using a clone. His speed and sniping skills allowed him to force Super Saiyan Vegeta and base Goku utilizing Autonomous Ultra Instinct on the defensive and unable to track his location, as well as instantly knocking out base Goku with a sniper shot to a Vital Point. Against Super Saiyan God Goku, Granolah's speed was enough to force Goku to utilize Autonomous Ultra Instinct, and despite being caught off-guard by Goku's increased reflexes and evasive maneuvers, he was capable of injuring Goku and forcing him back to his base state with a Vital Point Attack. Upon powering up, Granolah became capable of fighting evenly with Super Saiyan Blue Goku and slowly gain the upper hand, forcing the Saiyan to use Autonomous Ultra Instinct in conjunction with the form's Perfected state, which initially catches him off-guard, but he eventually manages to knock him out of the form with another Vital Point Attack, though he did sustain damage from Goku's Instant Kamehameha. However, his Right Eye could not find any vital points while Goku used Perfected Ultra Instinct and was swiftly overpowered. After de-activating his clone and regaining his true power, Granolah was able to put Goku near death's door with a single Vital Point Attack to the chest, but he was only able to do so as easily as he did due to waiting for an opening in Goku's defenses to appear due to his Ultra Instinct's consistency dropping.

Against Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Vegeta, Granolah had a clear advantage in sheer power. However, due to Vegeta's prior knowledge of Granolah's abilities against Goku, plus his superior battle experience, the prince was able to hold his own against Granolah. At the same time, Vegeta noted that Granolah's lack of training with his newfound power inhibited his full efficiency in battle. This allowed Vegeta to gradually adjust and improve against Granolah via Saiyan Power. Ultimately however, once Granolah got serious, he overwhelmed Vegeta with a single strike, forcing him back to base form. This prompted Vegeta to use his newest form, Ultra Ego. Granolah was subsequently outmatched by Vegeta's sheer might and tenacity, forcing Granolah to respond in kind by evolving his left eye alongside his right, allowing him to pierce Vegeta's Beerus Ball with a two-handed sniping energy wave of his own and turn the tables back in his favor. During his second fight against Vegeta however, the Saiyan Prince's relentlessness pushed Granolah to exhaust himself and ultimately resort to a suicide attack to ensure he could put him down.

Granolah vs Gas

Granolah predicts Gas' movements

After Elec's wish to make Gas stronger, a weakened Granolah was capable of enduring several of his attacks, though Gas was still able to easily defeat Granolah. Upon eating a Senzu Bean given by Vegeta and recovering his strength, Granolah proved able to compete against Gas, forcing his foe to fight seriously and reluctantly rely on the extra techniques that he gained from the wish. Despite Gas being somewhat stronger and faster than Granolah, Vegeta noted Granolah uses all the powers acquired from the Dragon Balls more efficiently than Gas does, due to him being more accustomed to them at this stage, letting Granolah bridge the gap with superior skill and experience. However, as the Heeter begins to dabble further with his new skills, Granolah slowly loses the edge, and the fight reaches a stalemate,[7] with the Cerealian having to resort to a sacrificial gambit in an attempt to put Gas down. However, once Gas had transformed, he proceeded to violently pummel Granolah across the battlefield with ease.

During the climax against the battle against Gas, a partially healed Granolah returned to the battlefield and, with aid of from the Saiyans providing distraction, managed to severely injure and knock out the empowered Heeter with a single, heavly charged ki blast.

Statements by authors and guidebooks

During their battle during the Granolah the Survivor Saga, Toyotarou refers to Granolah, Vegeta and Goku as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strongest in the universe, though does not elaborate on the order aside from Granolah being 1st.[8]

Granolah did not draw out the full power granted to him by the wish until he unlocked his second evolved eye, which finally made him the true strongest in the universe.[9]

Prior to his wish to Toronbo, Granolah's strength surpassed the likes of Nappa and probably the Ginyu Force. His strength was about on par with Abo and Kado from Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!.[1]


Granolah defeats Seven-Two

Granolah hits OG-72i's weak point with pinpoint accuracy

  • Evolved Right Eye - As a Cerealian, Granolah possesses a special right eye which gives him enhanced sight and perception and thus advanced skills as a sniper. Granolah's skill with this was noted as being a cut above all others of his kind. After wishing to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, Granolah's perception grew even stronger. Granolah is capable of using his eye to observe the blood flow, muscle movements and even the movements of his enemy's cells, allowing him to determine his enemy's weak points and strike them effectively. He's also capable of detecting when an opponent is holding back their power, as shown during his fight with Goku. However, with one eye, it is unable to notice vital points of peak efficiency Perfected Ultra Instinct users. Granolah briefly lost this ability due to Gas destroying both of his eyes. Even after being healed by Monaito his enhanced eyesight remained compromised, meaning he required Oatmeel's assistance to aim.
    • Vital Point Attack - Using the enhanced vision of his right eye, Granolah is able to hit his opponents in their vital points with pinpoint accuracy.
    • Evolved Left Eye - Due to his Pure Progress and being pushed to his limit, Granolah awakened this power in his left eye, causing the accuracy and power of his attacks to greatly increase.
  • Ki Blast - Most basic form of energy wave. Granolah tends to use this by holding out his index and middle fingers, while keeping his thumb up, rather than his open hand, simulating the appearance of firing a gun.
    • Finger Beam - Granolah holds out his index and middle finger and releases an energy beam from his fingertips.
    • Finger Blitz Barrage - Granolah rapid-fires a volley of ki blasts from his fingertip. He is shown to possess perfect accuracy with this technique. During his fight against Ultra Ego Vegeta, Granolah's skill evolved the point where he can use these rapid-fire volleys from both hands simultaneously while retaining their accuracy.
    • Alteration-type ki manipulation technique - Granolah takes up a position akin to that of drawing out an arrow from its bow, generating a line of ki between the fingertips of his extended arms. He then releases the line, firing a large ki blast from his extended arm.
    • Self-sacrificing attack - Granolah unites both hands in a gun-like gesture and charges a massive ball of energy from his extended fingertips. Granolah attempted to use it twice to kill Vegeta and Elec on separate occasions but failed both times. This is seemingly Granolah's most powerful offensive move as he used it to take down the transformed and much stronger Gas in a single hit. It can also be used as a suicide move by pouring all his ki into a single blast.
    • Scatter Finger Beam - Granolah fires energy beams from all of his fingertips.
    • Granolah charged blast

      Granolah's charged finger beam

      Charged Finger Beam - Granolah charges up a great deal of power into his finger beam attack (in a similar vein to the Special Beam Cannon) and then unleashes it upon his foe.
  • Full Power Energy Wave - Granolah fires a powerful wave of energy.
  • Flight - After wishing to become the strongest warrior, Granolah gained the ability to fly using ki.
  • Telekinesis - A technique that allows the user to manipulate objects and other people with the power of one's mind. After wishing to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, Granolah levitates a boulder into the air before destroying it. Thanks to his Pure Progress, Granolah's control and might increases over the course of his fight against Ultra Ego Vegeta. He combines this with Hakai to create an omnidirectional explosion on the Saiyan Prince.
  • Hakai - After wishing to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, Granolah gains the ability to reduce things to dust, as he did to a rock thrown at him, or create explosions. The technique bears a heavy resemblance to Hakai, something that Vegeta noted when they first encountered him. Macki compares it to magic.
  • Ki Sense – The ability to sense the energy of other beings. Granolah gained this ability after wishing to become the strongest warrior in the Universe and was able to sense that Frieza's presence was not on any nearby planets.
  • Spirit Control - After wishing to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, Granolah gains Spirit Control at least on a level able to utilize Instant Transmission and create clones of himself.
    • Instant Transmission - After wishing to become the strongest warrior in the Universe, Granolah gains the ability to teleport, this ability is noted by Goku to be similar to Instant Transmission, only faster.
    • Cloning - After wishing to become the greatest warrior in the Universe, Granolah gains the ability to make clones of himself - splitting his power between them - as it is revealed after his fight with Goku that the latter fought his clone the whole time. Granolah can create multiple clones simultaneously but doing so splits his power among them, and any damage they take is returned to him when the clones are dissipated.
  • Magic - Upon becoming the strongest in the universe, Granolah gained the ability to perform feats of magic.
    • Life Energy Manipulation - After wishing to become the greatest warrior in the Universe, Granolah gained the magic ability to manipulate life energy.
    • Fire and Flames - Granolah is able to manipulate the life energy of the planet he is on for offensive and defense usage; such usage appears as a flaming pillar. He is capable of doing this until the planet he is utilizing runs out of energy.
    • Energy Shield - Granolah creates a barrier of energy around himself for protection.
  • Pure Progress - As Granolah gains battle experience from fighting powerful foes and being pushed to his limits, his moves become sharper and his strength grows, akin to how a Saiyan's battle prowess grows from fighting.

Dragon Ball Enhanced
Granolah in his Dragon Ball Enhanced state (Full Color Manga)

Granolah after wishing to be Universe 7's greatest warrior

By wishing to Toronbo to become a warrior with power surpassing all other mortal life-forms in the universe, all of the power Granolah could have possibly accumulated over his lifetime was condensed into him, and he learned all of the abilities he could have in that time, turning him into the greatest warrior in Universe 7 at the cost of most of his lifespan. Taking on this Dragon Ball Enhanced[10] state, Granolah's hair grew greatly in length, however he cut it not long after, returning to his prior appearance.

However, due to his inexperience, Granolah cannot initially draw out the full power gained from this.[9]

Full Power
Full Power Granolah

Granolah's full power state

Pushed to his limit and in a life-or-death situation, Granolah finally succeeds in drawing out the greatest power in the universe,[9] unlocking the power to transform his left eye into an evolved red eye, improving his abilities even further than before.

Dual Evolved Eyes

Granolah with both eyes evolved

This state is not a permanent change however, and Granolah will drop out of it eventually, though it can be taken on at will once attained.

This state is Granolah's full power, and with it he truly becomes the strongest in the universe, surpassing Ultra Ego Vegeta - who had gained the advantage over Granolah's base form,[11] and is able to match Gas' base form after the latter is wished to be the strongest.

As Granolah's eyes were destroyed by Gas, he lost the accuracy given by this form, as his vision remained blurry even after being healed by Monaito.

  • Oatmeel's Eye Piece - A goggle-like eye piece which Granolah can communicate to Oatmeel through.
    • Aim Assist - Oatmeel is able to enhance Granolah's already incredible aim.
  • Stun Gun - Granolah possess a non-lethal gun which fires a blast which stuns those hit by it.
  • Scarf - Granolah wears a white scarf which he can use as a weapon in battle, though it was later torn apart by a ki blast during his second fight with Goku.
    • Scarf Throw - Granolah uses his scarf to either tie up his opponent and throw them around or as a means of extra mobility.
  • Senzu Bean - Mystical beans with immense rejuvenation properties. Granolah was given one by Vegeta.
  • Dragon Radar - A tracking device that makes finding the Dragon Balls more efficient, compared to conventional methods. Vegeta gives Granolah the radar Macki had stolen in order to help him find them faster.


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  • Granolah and Goku (True Ultra Instinct) vs. Gas (Awakened Form; 1st Aged Form)
  • Granolah, Goku (True Ultra Instinct), and Vegeta vs. Gas (Awakened Form; 1st Aged Form)


  • Granolah shares many similarities with Toki, the main character from one of Akira Toriyama's previous works.
    • Granolah has some physical similarities with Toki, who also possesses spiked hair, wears a scarf and an outfit with a green-brown aesthetic.
    • Toki is a member of the Kinme, a clan who possess golden eyes which make them gifted marksmen, similar to Granolah being a Cerealian - who possess a special red eye that makes them good marksmen.
    • Like the Cerealians, the Kinme are almost extinct, with Granolah and Toki being amongst the last of their kind.
    • The Kinme have a short lifespan and Toki is on a quest due to this, Granolah is impatiently on a quest due to his short lifespan (albeit due to wishing for power rather than natural reasons).
    • Granolah is a bounty hunter who makes money by selling targets to the Heeters, similarly Toki is a hunter who kills Thundras and then sells them to make a living.
  • Granolah shares similarities with Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter.
    • Their eyes change color (Evolved Right Eye and Scarlet Eyes).
    • They both shorten their lifespans for their goals.
    • They both seek revenge against the people who killed their people (Frieza Force and Phantom Troupe).
    • They are both the last of their kind (Cerealians and Kurta Clan).



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