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Grandma Hakkake (歯っかけ婆さん Hakkake Bāsan) is an old woman who lives in the forest near the snowy Mount Frappe. She teaches Chi-Chi how to be a good wife for Goku by making her clean her whole house and backyard, and she also tells Goku and Chi-Chi the mysterious legend of Mount Frappe.


Grandma Hakkake is a very short woman who has a severe look on her face and wears a big purple witch's hat although she is not a witch. She has a single tooth inside her mouth and also lacks a nose.


Grandma Hakkake is a hardworking, old-fashion woman who, while strict and suspicious of strangers, shows her sweet side once she grows to know them a little bit. While's been shown to get enjoyment out of harmlessly messing with people for kicks as some elders typically do, she's not a bad person at all. She's also very generous as she taught Chi-Chi how to be a good wife for Goku and was impressed that she did such a good job despite a number of broken dishes. Hakkake also let Chi-Chi keep the Bancho Fan and gave her some of her special honey as a reward for her hard work. She is also an apiarist.


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Grandma Hakkake

Grandma Hakkake lives in a small house located in the forest near the snowy Mount Frappe. One day, she finds the Bansho Fan by chance on the beach near her house and, without knowing what it was, uses it as a dustpan. In Age 756, she meets Chi-Chi and Goku while the couple is looking for the Bansho Fan in the Mount Frappe region. Hakkake tells the mysterious legend of Mount Frapp, and decides to keep Chi-Chi at home and teaches her how to be a good wife for Goku. Hakkake makes Chi-Chi clean her whole house and backyard. When Chi-Chi finds the fan in the forest while cleaning Grandma Hakkake's garden, the old lady gives her the fan so that she and Goku can put out the flames surrounding the Ox-King's castle.

Grandma Hakkake also gives Chi-Chi a jar of honey from her beehives, an item that would be very helpful to block the hole at the bottom of the Furnace of Eight Divisions later on.[1]

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  • "Hakkake" means "chipped a tooth" in Japanese.


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