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Grand Kai's Planet (大界王星 Dai Kaiō-sei, lit. "Planet of the Great King of the Worlds")[1] is the planet home of the Grand Kai, the ruler of the galaxies. It was first introduced in an exclusive anime filler saga in Dragon Ball Z.


Dragon Ball Z

Other World Saga

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Grand Kai's planet as it was first seen in "Warriors of the Dead"

After Cell destroyed King Kai's Planet, King Kai, Bubbles, Gregory and Goku decided to take a trip to the Grand Kai's planet so that Goku could meet other powerful heroes. After doing so, Goku competes in the Other World Tournament, where he most notably fights against Pikkon. Goku ends the tournament with a draw against Pikkon as both of them touched the ceiling of the tournament stage which ended in a loss on both sides and continues to live and train on the planet for the next seven years.

Kid Buu Saga

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Buu appears on Grand Kai's planet

Kid Buu is shown to appear on the Grand Kai's planet in his search for Goku and Vegeta. King Kai is terrified at the sight of Kid Buu. Unaware of his identity, Pikkon and Olibu seem to enjoy the presence of the pink creature and taunt him.

It does not take long for Kid Buu to get into his destructive ways. The only people aware of his true strengths were King Kai, West Kai, Krillin and Yamcha, who were trembling with fear. When Kid Buu began to power up in order to destroy the planet, Goku and Vegeta powered up at the Supreme Kai's planet which Kid Buu sensed immediately and teleported to that planet, thus saving the planet and the inhabitants in the nick of time.

Dragon Ball GT

The planet is shown a few times in Dragon Ball GT, most often when King Kai appears in the series. At the end of Shadow Dragon Saga, when Goku asks King Kai to persuade people across the universe to give some of their energy to form a Universal Spirit Bomb, the four Kais are shown on the planet: North Kai is on the roof of Grand Kai's mansion, East Kai is gardening, West Kai is relaxing on a deck chair, and South Kai is training Torbie, Mijorin, Chapuchai, Maraikoh, and Froug.

Film Appearance

Fusion Reborn

Barrier affects

Goku vs Pikkon in the barrier affected match at Grand Kai's planet

The planet is again shown in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, with the tournament under way. But the tournament is brought to an abrupt end at the finals due to the barrier that was created by Janemba. So, Grand Kai sent for the battlers Goku and Pikkon to solve the problem.

Important landmarks


Grand Kai's residential palace

Known residents


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