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Gorilla[1] is an Other World fighter that appears in Dragon Ball Z.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Majin Buu Saga[]

Gorilla is beaten in the Other World Tournament preliminaries by a fighter from the Eastern Quadrant.

Gorilla later appears, where he and Olibu battle against Yamcha, who defeats them easily, on Grand Kai's Planet.[2]

He is later with numerous other fighters surrounding King Kai, Yamcha, and Krillin when the three are following Goku's battle against Kid Buu via King Kai's telepathy.[3]


Despite being very muscular and a trained fighter, Gorilla was beaten in the preliminary round by another fighter. Both him and Olibu were both easily defeated by Yamcha in a sparring match.

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Dragon Ball Z
  • Gorilla vs. Eastern Quadrant Fighter (anime only)
  • Gorilla and Olibu vs. Yamcha (anime only)


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