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Gomas (ゴマス Gomasu) is the EX-Fusion between Kid Goku and Zamasu.


Gomas retains Kid Goku's small stature, and sports a mischievous grin as a result of fusion with Zamasu. His spiky hair is a bit floaty (similar to the hairstyle of Ultra Instinct). Gomas wears an orange and purple variant of Zamasu's outfit, with black sleeves and a light-blue belt. Gomas wears his Metamo-Ring over his left sleeve, and dons the same red-orange Potara earrings worn by Zamasu.


Gomas possesses Young Goku's ultimate Saiyan potential and Zamasu's unrivaled strength which even tops Fused Zamasu's power. Like Fused Zamasu, Gomas is a G-Rank fusion.



  • Potara - Gomas wears red-orange potara earrings.
  • Metamo-Ring - As an EX-Fusion, Gomas wears a single Metamo-Ring on his left arm which was formed by Goku and Zamasu's two Metamo-Ring fusing along with them. Gomas can remain fused as long as he wears it and can defuse at will by removing it.
  • Power Pole - A magical length-changing staff originally used to travel from Korin Tower to The Lookout but used primarily by Kid Goku as a weapon which Gomas acquires as a result of Kid Goku's fusion with Zamasu .

Video Game Appearances

This fusion was introduced in Dragon Ball Fusions, as a part of a free update.


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