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Golden Supernova (ゴールデンスーパーノヴァ) is a powerful variation of the Supernova used by Cooler and Frieza in their Golden forms.


Like with the regular Supernova, the user raises his index finger and gathers energy in the form of a giant yellow-orange, sun-looking energy sphere. Once it is ready, the user launches the attack at the target.


During the Prison Planet Saga, in the manga after becoming Golden Cooler, Cooler uses this attack in an attempt to kill Super Saiyan: Berserk Goku, he knocks him out - freeing him from corruption but does not kill him. In the anime Cooler uses the attack against the restrained Cumber, but it fails to do anything to the Evil Saiyan.

Frieza and Meta-Cooler's combined Golden Supernova

During the Universal Conflict Saga, in both the anime and manga Golden Meta-Cooler uses a stronger variation to take down Cunber - in the anime he uses three while in the manga he uses four.

In the manga version of the New Space-Time War Saga, Golden Frieza and Golden Meta-Cooler use a combined Golden Supernova to finish off Goku and Hearts, however their attack is halted by the Warrior in Black.


Video Game Appearances

Golden Supernova first appears in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it was added in Universe Mission 2 as the Super Attack of Golden Cooler.


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